Thursday, February 26, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x22: Aria and Andrew Dinner Date?

Are Aria and Andrew going to go out on a dinner date?  In this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “To Plea or Not to Plea”, Emily finds a note Andrew left Aria.

Emily wants Aria to come with her to talk to Ezra.  Aria can’t go because she has a history test.  She doesn’t want to lose her spot at Savannah. 

When Aria opens her locker, a note falls out.  Emily reads the note, which says “Good luck on your test.  Hope your ankle is better.  Dinner tonight? - Andrew”.

Emily is shocked when Aria tells her about the kiss with Andrew.  Emily asks about Ezra, but Aria has no idea what’s going on between her and Ezra.

Do you want Andrew and Aria to date?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x22: Spencer and Colin Hang Out

Spencer decides to stay in London a little while longer in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “To Plea or Not to Plea”. 

Colin is pleasantly surprised that Melissa convinced Spencer to stay in London.  Colin assures Spencer that St. Andrews is a great school.  Kate Middleton found her prince there, so maybe Spencer will too.  Spencer doesn’t mention that she already has a boyfriend.

Colin invites Spencer to the theater.  Spencer initially turns him down, since she has to prep for her interview.  However, Spencer changes her mind when she finds out the play is Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Seeing a Royal Shakespeare Company play has been on Spencer’s bucket list since she was six years old.  (Apparently, having bucket lists is a Hastings thing).

Spencer offers to pay for her ticket, but Colin tells her to buy him a pint instead.

Are you sensing any chemistry between Spencer and Colin?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x22: Emily Asks Ezra About Varjak

Emily tries to track down Varjak in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “To Plea or Not to Plea” episode 5x22.

Emily is desperate to find Varjak and help Hanna, but Ezra has never come across the name Varjak in his research.  Ezra wonders if Alison knew him, since Hanna found that Holly Varjak passport in Alison’s attic. 

Emily says that passport was planted there.  Everything the lawyer gave them was a setup.  It could have been set up by Mona or “A”.

Ezra asks Emily about Mona’s lawyer, James Neilan.  Mona was working for “A” at that time, so Ezra thinks Neilan was in on it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PLL 5x22 Trailer: Hanna Heads to Jail?

Caleb tells Hanna that the judge just issued a warrant for her arrest in the Pretty Little Liars trailer for “To Plea or Not to Plea”.  Hanna knows that they have too many secrets and lies.  If she tells, everything will unravel and “A” will retaliate.

Caleb points out that “A” has already retaliated over and over again.  It’s time to put a stop to “A”.

Alison gets scared when she thinks someone is in the laundry room with her.

Do you think the Liars should take Caleb’s advice and come clean about “A”?

Recap of PLL 5x21 “Bloody Hell”

In Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell” episode 5x21, the Liars visit Alison in jail, Aria and Andrew kiss, “A” terrorizes Spencer in London and Aria is on a desperate mission to protect her brother.

Aria, Emily and Spencer visit Alison in jail.  They don’t think Alison is a saint or a decent human being, but they still feel bad that she’s in jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

The Liars, minus Hanna, tell Alison what Mike said about Mona’s plan to frame Alison for her murder.  Mona had planned to come back after meeting “A” and the murder charges would be dropped.

Alison lets Aria know that she plans to tell her lawyers about Mike.  Mike’s testimony can save her.  Aria begs her hold off until she can find Cyrus Petrillo and “A”.  Alison agrees to wait. Alison isn’t trying to hurt Mike, but she might not have another choice.

At school, Hanna tells her friends that she didn't visit Alison because she chickened out.  She didn’t want to face Alison after calling her a liar and a murderer. 

Aria tells her friends about Alison’s plan to feed Mike to her defense team.  Aria feels pressured to figure out who “A” is before Alison’s trial.  Spencer says that Mike can be forced to testify in court as a hostile witness.  Aria is less concerned about the legal issues and more concerned about his safety.  If Mike is Alison’s get out of jail free card, that makes him “A”’s number one target. 

Spencer’s mom is upset when she finds out Spencer and her friends visited Alison in jail.  Determined to keep Spencer out of jail, Spencer’s mom reached out to Wren and asked about his Oxford contact.  Wren arranged for Spencer to have an interview with a professor at Oxford.  Spencer’s plane leaves that night and she’ll spend a few days with Melissa and Wren in London.

Claire, the Glass Slipper Collective pageant contestant coordinator, stops by The Brew to see Emily.  Emily forgot to include a parent signature on her pageant application.  Emily will have to fax her mom’s permission, since her mom is out of town.

Emily looks at the list of events for the pageant and is surprised that it is such a time commitment.  She’ll have to swap some shift at The Brew to make time for the pageant.

Claire seems impressed with Emily.  She thinks Emily could have already won some beauty pageants if she had started competing earlier.

Aria and Hanna stop by Spencer’s house and run into Spencer’s mom.  Aria decides to gets some legal advice from her.  Spencer’s mom is happy to answer her questions, but warns Aria that they don’t have attorney-client privilege.  She may not be able to keep Aria’s question confidential, even if she wants to.  Aria pays Spencer’s mom a dollar and asks if she will be her lawyer for the next hour.

Talia is quitting her job at The Brew.  Emily is shocked and thinks it is because of their fight.

Aria tells Spencer’s mom that someone withheld information that could have helped the police.  Spencer’s mom says that someone who knowingly impeded a police investigation will probably face charges, especially if it’s a serious crime and someone ended up getting killed.

Spencer’s friends don’t want her to leave town, but her mom isn’t giving her a choice.  Spencer hasn’t told Toby about the trip to London.  Lately, the only way to get Toby’s attention is over a police scanner. 

Hanna thinks Spencer should come clean about everything and ask her mom for help.  Emily agrees, but Aria doesn’t want them to do that.  Aria doesn’t want to rattle “A”’s cage by talking, since “A” will retaliate against her brother.

While waiting in the laundry room in jail, Alison writes “Mona” on the dusty table.  The guard comes in and Alison leaves Mona’s name on the table.

Spencer’s mom visits Alison in jail.  She wants to know why the Liars are suddenly visiting Alison, when Alison’s own brother won’t even visit her.

Alison says that she is telling the truth.  She shouldn’t be in jail for Mona’s murder.  Spencer’s mom doubts the jury will believe her, given all the lies Alison has told.

Alison wants to take the stand in court and tell her side of the story, but her lawyers won’t let her.  Spencer’s mom thinks the lawyers are right.  Alison might incriminate herself and jurors wouldn’t believe anything Alison says.

Alison says that her side of the story is the truth, for once.  She knows what people think of her and how hard it is to change someone’s mind, but she has to try.  Alison asks Spencer’s mom to coach her so that she can take the stand and testify.

Andrew is left waiting outside Aria’s house after she forgets about their tutoring session.  Aria feels bad about flaking, but she wants to hold off on their sessions for a while.  Andrew is fine with that and he invites her to the movies tomorrow to watch All the President’s Men.

Aria agrees, but makes it clear that she can’t date him.  She is sort of seeing Ezra.  Andrew says they can just see the movie as friends or study buddies.  Besides, the movie is about Watergate and it will be like a study session.  Andrew is sure Aria will like the movie.  It is a thriller about getting messages from a shadowy figure that knows everyone’s secrets.

Spencer arrives at Wren and Melissa’s flat in London, but she’s surprised when Colin answers the door.  Colin is their flatmate.  Wren and Melissa won’t be back until the next day.  Wren’s boss invited them to his country house in Kent.

Spencer asks Colin to help her with her phone, since she can’t get it to work.  Colin asks which college within the university Spencer is interested in.  When Spencer doesn’t seem to know much about Oxford, Colin suggests that Spencer put down her phone and pick up a course catalog. 

When Alison goes back to the laundry room, she sees that underneath the word “Mona”, someone has written “told everything”.

Talia tells Emily that she talked to her husband Eric.  The talk didn’t go well and they are separating.  Emily is sorry if she made Talia have a conversation that she wasn’t ready to have.  Talia booked a hotel room, but Emily says that Talia can crash at her house. 

Aria shows up at Hanna’s house.  She skipped school that day because Mike is on borrowed time.  Aria found Cyrus.  She went back to the diner and asked about “Hank Mahoney” (which was the fake name Cyrus was using).  Aria found out that Cyrus works at a garage near the diner.  He was injured while working on a car and is now at Taft Memorial Hospital.

Aria wants to talk to Cyrus before he disappears and she’s willing to pay him.  She wants to know who paid Cyrus to set Alison up.  Hanna doesn’t think this is a good idea, but Aria says Cyrus is the only link they have to “A”.

Aria and Hanna go to the hospital and are surprised that Cyrus is in the Burn Unit.  They pretend to be Cyrus’s cousins. 

Alison finds a can under her bed.  Inside of the can is a tiny doll that resembles Alison.  The doll is wearing an orange prison jumper.  There’s also a message from “A” that says “You’re already over a barrel, wanna be in one, too? - A”.

Spencer’s interview at Oxford is going great.  She’s hitting it off with the professor, until he notices blood leaking from her purse.  Spencer finds a broken blood vial in her purse.  Freaked out, Spencer runs out of the interview.

Emily practices her dance for the Glass Slipper Pageant.  She dances to Rihanna and Shakira’s song "Can't Remember to Forget You".

Talia stops by and watches Emily dance.  Talia doubts that Emily’s only intention is to help her friend with scholarship money.  Emily admits that she’s competing for herself, as well.  If she wins, she’ll know that she can take control of her life.

Hanna and Aria hadn’t realized how badly injured Cyrus is.  They ask him what happened.  Cyrus writes “CARJACK”.  The girls think “A” hurt Cyrus as retaliation for talking to Mike and made it look like a carjacking.  The nurse comes in and kicks Aria and Hanna out. 

Spencer calls Aria, freaked out over the blood in her purse.  Spencer is worried that “A” put Mona’s blood in her purse before she got to the airport.  If the blood was spotted at the airport, she would be interrogated by federal agents.  Spencer wants to come home, but she’s scared.  What if “A” put a pinky toe in her checked luggage?  Spencer gets a text that says “Keep calm, but watch your carry-on.  There’s more blood where that came from – A”.

Talia and Emily have fun dancing together, but Talia’s laughter quickly turns into tears.  Emily slow dances with Talia to comfort her.

Hanna and Aria think “A” is tying up loose ends, starting with Cyrus.  Mike might be next.  As they are leaving, Hanna notices that the “C” in Cyrus’s message is actually a “V”.  He didn’t write “carjack”.  Cyrus gave them the name “Varjack”.

Alison was obsessed with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, so using the character name Paul Varjak would be a way to taunt them. 

Hanna is happy that Cyrus spelled the name wrong.  This means that Cyrus has never seen the name written down, so he didn’t communicate with “A” through email or text.  Cyrus and “A” actually spoke to each other.

Someone covered in bandages gets out of a hospital bed and stands next to Cyrus.

Spencer frantically checks her luggage for any surprise “A” may have left her.  Colin comes in and asks if Spencer is looking for bed bugs.  Spencer asks if she can borrow his computer.  She needs to call a cab, change her flight and go home tonight.

Colin recognizes that Spencer is having a panic attack.  He’s a school teacher and he sees little kids have panic attacks.  He helps Spencer with a relaxation exercise, which actually works.  Spencer calms down and Colin offers to cook for her.

Claire stops by with bad news.  The pageant board doesn’t think Emily has good moral character.  They can’t force Emily to drop out, but they are strongly encouraging her to.  Emily and Talia immediately think this is because Emily dates girls. 

Claire says this is actually about Alison.  Emily has a close connection to the Alison DiLaurentis case.  Sponsors will drop out to avoid any negative association.

Talia threatens Claire and suggests that the sponsors make a donation towards Emily’s education.  Emily doesn’t think they will actually send her a check, but Talia is hopeful.

Hanna’s mom has good news.  Ted finally called and he still wants to marry her.  However, Hanna isn’t that happy.  She doesn’t think it was fair of Ted to leave her mom twisting in the wind for so long.

Hanna’s mom is glad that Ted took time before making his decision.  If he answered right away, it wouldn’t be honest.  Regardless of how things would turn out, Hanna’s mom is glad that she apologized.  She felt awful about cheating on Ted.  She needed to apologize to him in order to forgive herself.

Aria can’t find Mike.  She goes to his room to look for his schedule and sees something attached to his dartboard.  She has to stand on Mike’s exercise equipment to reach the dartboard and suddenly the weights come crashing down.  Andrew rushes upstairs when he hears Aria fall. 

Andrew notices that the nut and bolt don’t match.  If Mike had been lifting weights, the weights would have crushed his skull.

Andrew checks Aria’s ankle.  He thinks it might be sprained.  He’s worried about the swelling and recommends that she see a doctor.  He tells Aria, “for such a petite girl, you bring a lot of chaos”.  However, he doesn’t mind that.  He likes problems.  Complicated girls don’t scare him off.

Aria cries, shocked that “A” sabotaged Mike’s weights in an attempt to kill him.  (“A” messed with Mike’s weights at the end of “Pretty Isn’t the Point”).  Andrew tries to comfort Aria and ends up kissing her.

Spencer’s mom looks through Alison’s file and sees something that scares her.  She calls Spencer and tells her not to return home.

Hanna visits Alison in jail.  She starts to apologize to Alison, but Alison tells her not to.  When Alison was arrested, she kept wonder what she did to deserve it.  Alison honestly thought that she was helping the Liars by telling them what to wear, how to act and who to like.  When her friends stopped listening to her, Alison found new people who would do whatever she told them to do.

Alison doesn’t have any freedom in jail.  No one listens to her.  She isn’t allowed to decide what to eat, what to wear and when to shower.  Alison never realized how bad it felt to be on the other side of that.  Crying, Alison apologizes to Hanna and asks if they can start over.

Hanna doesn’t know if they can start over, but she’s willing to try.  However, Alison has to be honest with them about everything.  Hanna asks Alison who Varjak is.

“A” puts money in each Holy Bible at the Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility.

Monday, February 23, 2015

PLL 5x21 Canadian Promo: Andrew and Aria Date?

Are Andrew and Aria going to start dating?  In the Canadian promo of Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell”, Aria asks Andrew if they are on a date.

Alison is in tears as she asks if they can start over.  Alison wants to tell her side of the story.

Spencer freaks out in London.  She wants to go back to Rosewood.

The Liars visit someone in the Burn Unit at the hospital.

Who do you think the Liars are visiting in the Burn Unit?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

PLL 5x21 Australian Promo

In the Australian promo for Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell”, Alison is determined to make people change their minds about her.

Alison is on trial for a murder she didn’t commit, which is something Emily wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x21: Aria Gets Advice From Spencer’s Mom

Aria needs some legal advice in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell” 5x21.

Aria asks Spencer’s mom, Veronica Hastings, if she can ask her a legal question.  Veronica warns Aria that they don’t have attorney-client privilege.  Veronica may not be able to keep Aria’s question confidential, even if she wants to.

Aria hands Veronica a dollar bill.  It’s not Veronica’s usual rate, but she agrees to be Aria’s lawyer for the next hour.

Do you think Aria’s legal questions have something to do with Mike?

Friday, February 20, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x21: Spencer Heads to London

Spencer’s mom isn’t happy about Spencer’s jail visit, so she’s shipping Spencer off to Oxford in this Pretty Little Liars sneak peek of “Bloody Hell”.

Spencer’s mom found out that Spencer skipped school to visit Alison in jail.  Her mom is worried about the poor choices Spencer has been making.  She’s been doing everything she can to keep Spencer out of jail, yet Spencer voluntarily visited the jail.

Spencer’s mom wants Spencer to focus on her future and get out of Rosewood, so she actually called Wren and asked about his Oxford contact.  Wren got Spencer an interview with a professor at Oxford.  Spencer’s plane leaves that night and she's going stay with Wren and Melissa.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keegan Allen's Ride-Along With LAPD

Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) told Hallmark's Home & Family about the research he did when his character joined the Rosewood Police Department.

To prepare for Toby’s new police job, Keegan did a ride-along with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Observing the police officers in action helped him understand his character on Pretty Little Liars.

“It was great to see that and to understand for the layers of my character, what was going on and how this job can affect relationships in profound ways”.  Although Keegan is a photographer, he wasn’t allowed to take photos during the ride-along.

Keegan also talked about the photos in his photo book

PLL 5x21 Sneak Peek: Emily Meets Pageant Contestant Coordinator

In this PLL sneak peek for "Bloody Hell" 5x21, Emily meets Claire, the beauty pageant contestant coordinator for the Glass Slipper Collective.  Emily forgot a parent signature on her application form.

Emily asks if her mom can fax her permission, since her mom is out of town visiting Emily’s dad.

Emily is surprised by the calendar of events for the pageant.  She didn’t know the pageant would be such a huge time commitment.  She’ll have to swap some shifts at The Brew.

Claire thinks Emily is a promising contestant.  She thinks Emily could have already collected some Glass Slippers if she had started competing earlier.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PLL 5x21 Trailer: Is “A” Trying to Kill Mike?

Things are getting dangerous for Mike in the trailer for Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell”.

Aria visits Alison in jail.  Alison is going to tell her lawyers about Mike, so Aria begs her not to do that.

Hanna thinks “A” is tying up loose ends and Mike is one of them.

Aria and Hanna go see someone in the hospital.

One of the Liars finds a broken blood vial in her purse.

Alison finds a tiny Alison doll, complete with an orange prison jumpsuit, under her bed.

Did “A” tamper with Mike’s exercise equipment?  When Aria touches it, the weights come crashing down at her.

Do you think “A” is targeting Mike?

Shay Mitchell Talks PLL Dance With BFF Ashley Benson

Emily and Hanna had some awesome dance moves on Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point” last night.  Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) talked about that dance and working with her BFF Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL). 

Shay and Ashley, otherwise known as Buttah-Benzo, always have fun working together.  “Ashley is like my little sister and it's so much fun whenever we get to hang out”, Shay said.  “We just had so much fun rehearsing for it.”

In the episode, Emily and Hanna danced to Jessie J., Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj’s song “Bang Bang”.  Shay said the dance was choreographed by Charm.

Shay was full of praise for her co-star Ashley Benson.  "Ashley is spectacular in that episode, she is so funny. She's a great friend of mine, as are the rest of the girls too."

What’d you think of Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson’s dance moves on “Pretty Isn’t the Point” PLL episode 5x20?

Recap of PLL 5x20 “Pretty Isn’t the Point”

In Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point” episode 5x20, Hanna’s pageant plans are shattered, Toby arrests Johnny, and Aria finally learns Mike’s secret.

The Liars search Mike’s room to find out what he is hiding.  They think Mike gave Cyrus their blood, even though Aria thinks he may have just given cash.  Aria feels guilty going through Mike’s things.

The girls wonder why Mike is suddenly obsessed with working out.  Spencer is about to investigate Mike’s mini fridge, where the blood vial is hidden, but is distracted by the necklace Aria finds in Mike’s gym bag.

Spencer says the beads on the necklace spell out “I’m With You” in Morse code.  Aria’s friends are convinced the necklace is a gift for Alison, since Mike has been visiting her in jail.

Emily and Talia have decided to keep their relationship a secret.  Talia seems close to Emily's mom.  She chats on the phone with Pam Fields about recipes.

Mike stops by The Brew before they open and orders two coffees.  Emily asks what he’s been up to, but he isn’t interested in Emily trying to be another sister to him.

Johnny and Spencer hang out at Hollis and talk about Spencer’s interested in Oxford.  Johnny’s got some travel tips for Spencer.  He warns Spencer not to take pills until the plane is in the air.  When he flew overseas, he took some pills while the plane was still on the ground.  Everyone had to deplane due to faulty equipment, but Johnny was already asleep.  He had to be pushed on a luggage cart.

Toby sees them together and suspiciously asks what Spencer is doing with Johnny.  Spencer lies and says that Johnny has an Oxford contact.  Spencer tries to make plans with Toby for later, but Toby isn’t free.  Johnny irritates Toby by saying something in Italian.

Hanna tells Caleb about Mike’s “I’m With You” necklace.  She thinks it is a present for Alison.  Mike has visited Alison in jail, met up with Alison’s sketchy friends (Cyrus), left candygrams in the woods and withdrew money from “A”’s bank account.

Caleb isn’t thrilled when he finds out Hanna plans to participate in a beauty pageant.  He thinks Hanna will be judged like a heifer at a 4-H Fair. 

Caleb offers to ask his mom for a loan so Hanna can afford college tuition.  Hanna refuses.  After her dad slammed the door in her face, she isn’t comfortable asking anyone for help.

Caleb doesn’t think Hanna's image fits with the squeaky-clean pageant world.  It was only last week that Hanna was modeling a hazmat suit and pushing a barrel with a liquefied friend in it.

Johnny and Spencer talk about the awkward encounter with Toby.  Johnny stops listening when he sees a bunny painting in the window of an art gallery.  Turns out the art gallery is trying to sell the vandalism from Hollis College.

Andrew Campbell is still trying to help Aria with her grades.  Mike comes in and goes to his room without speaking to them.

Aria can’t focus on school because she’s too worried about Mike.  Aria asks Andrew to follow Mike to the gym and see if he’s meeting anyone there.  Andrew seems eager to help Aria out.

Furious, Mike realizes that Aria went through his stuff.  Aria lies and says she was just doing laundry, but Mike isn’t buying it.  He threatens Aria, telling her that she’ll live to regret it if she ever goes through his stuff again.  Mike violently knocks over a table.

Johnny confronts the art gallery owner and tells him that the artwork can’t be sold without his permission.  The gallery owner doesn’t care what Johnny says.  Someone from Hollis saved the graffiti from being hauled off in a garbage truck, so he considers the art his until someone buys it.

Hanna’s meeting with her pageant coach, Nan, is a disaster.  Her coach asks her a bunch of practice questions about endangered species, foreign policy and abortion.  Hanna can’t answer any of the questions.  Her coach explains that it isn’t enough to just be pretty.  Pretty isn’t the point.  Hanna needs to have an opinion about the world.

Under pressure, Hanna says that her talent is dancing.  Hanna texts Emily asking her teach her a dance over the weekend.

Talia’s husband, Eric, comes in looking for Talia.  Emily is uncomfortable around him, but he tells her that she doesn’t have to feel weird around him.  He knows about Emily and he understands.  He’s been with Talia for a long time.  He can live with Talia experimenting with girls.  He loves Talia and he will love her longer than anyone else.

Emily chats with Hanna’s mom while they wait for Hanna.  Emily explains that she took dance lessons since she was 3 years old, but she stopped in 7th grade. 

Hanna’s mom is concerned about the beauty pageant.  She’s having disturbing flashbacks to Hanna’s homecoming queen campaign. 

Needing advice about Talia, Emily asks if it is okay to date someone when part of you knows that it isn’t going to last.  It is amazing in the moment, but the relationship is ultimately doomed.  Hanna’s mom says that people get hurt and disappointed in relationships.  However, no one should jump into a relationship with that intention. 

Aria and Andrew meet up to discuss Mike.  Andrew followed Mike and saw him hide something in a tree in the woods behind Mona’s backyard.  He was going to check what it was, but he heard noises and thought Mike was coming back. 

Aria plans to go and check the tree later.  Andrew is worried about Aria’s safety.  He doesn’t even think Aria is safe in her house with Mike.  Andrew lets Aria know that he is there for her if she needs him.

Still upset about his stolen artwork, Johnny asks Spencer for her toolbox.  He wants to break into the art gallery and steal his work back.  Spencer suggests that Johnny talk to her mom, but he knows that her mom won’t represent a vandal. 

Spencer wants to help, but Johnny doesn’t want her to get involved.  It might ruin her chance to go to Oxford. 

Johnny tells her that the gallery already sold the corner rabbit piece.  Spencer is upset, since that’s the one she painted.  They both want to get the art back.

At school, Emily teaches Hanna a dance routine to Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s song “Bang Bang”.  They only have two hours to rehearse before the pageant coach arrives.  Hanna is discouraged.  She feels the way she did when she was at fat camp and was caught eating toothpaste.

Caleb brings the girls sandwiches and bad news.  He saw Kate Randall (Hanna’s mean stepsister)’s name on the sign up sheet for the beauty pageant. 

Hanna flips out when she hears that she has to compete against Kate.  Kate already stole her dad and her college tuition money.  Hanna isn’t going to let Kate take the crown away from her, too.

Johnny tries to break into the art gallery while Spencer sits in the getaway van.  Johnny doesn’t have any experience picking locks, so Spencer does it for him.  Johnny also needs Spencer’s help taking the art work off the wall.  While Spencer is loading the art into the van, Johnny accidentally trips the alarm as he’s taking the last piece.  They drive away before the police show up.

Toby pulls up in a police car while Spencer and Johnny are at a gas station.  Toby sees the paintings in the van.  Spencer tries to explain that they were just taking back Johnny’s work.  She tells Toby to question the creep who runs the gallery.  Johnny takes the blame and says that Spencer had nothing to do with the break-in.

Toby ignores Spencer and handcuffs Johnny.  Spencer accuses Toby of doing this because he’s mad at her.  Toby says that a business was burglarized and there are stolen goods in the vehicle.  Toby puts Johnny in the back of the squad car. 

Spencer begs Toby to stop being a cop for a minute and talk to her.  Toby says that he can’t talk to her.  She’s still on Lt. Tanner’s radar and Tanner wants to take advantage of their relationship.  He tells Spencer to walk away.

Hanna and Emily perform the dance in front of Hanna’s pageant coach.  The dance starts off fine, but Hanna’s dancing gets out of control as she thinks about Kate.  She puts all her anger and frustration in the dance.

Hanna’s pageant coach tells her that she needs to have allure and mystery, not anger.  She bluntly tells Hanna that she just isn’t pageant material.  Hanna leaves and cries outside the door.  She hears the pageant coach tell Emily that she should be a beauty pageant contestant.  Emily tells the pageant coach that Hanna needs the money.  The coach says that Hanna may need to win, but she doesn’t really want it.

Emily chases Hanna outside, but Hanna takes off.  Talia comes over and Emily tells her that she met Eric.  She knows Talia told Eric that her relationship with Emily is an experiment and a onetime thing.

Emily makes it clear that she isn’t into girl because it’s trendy.  There are three people in this relationship and Talia is lying to every one of them.

Aria finds the tree that Mike hid a package in.  She opens it and finds a vial of blood in it.  Mike comes up behind her and Aria asks why he is stashing her blood in the woods.  Mike tells her that it isn’t her blood or her friends’ blood.  It is a vial of Mona’s blood.

Scared, Aria drops the vial of blood.  It shatters and spills on a rock.  Aria runs away while Mike stares at the blood.

At home, Hanna eats left over pizza.  Emily stops by and tries to comfort Hanna.  Hanna’s mom says that Kate couldn’t have signed up for the pageant.  Hanna’s dad said Kate is in Pennsylvania and he knew nothing about a beauty pageant.

Hanna gets a text from “A” that says “Kate won’t win the pageant, but she’s already won your daddy’s heart - A”.

Hanna is giving up on the beauty pageant, so Emily decides to compete for her.  Hanna is worried that “A” will come after Emily, but Emily doesn’t care.  She isn’t going to let “A” stop her from helping someone she loves.

Johnny gets back to Spencer’s house, only to start packing up to leave.  Spencer’s mom posted his bail with his security deposit.  She kicked him out of the barn and he has no place to live.

Spencer feels horrible about Toby’s behavior.  If Toby had bothered to make one call to the art gallery, he would have known that the art gallery owner is the one who should be punished.  Toby was too busy being an overzealous cop/boyfriend.

Johnny kisses Spencer and Spencer doesn’t try to stop him.

Aria gets home and frantically calls out for her dad, who isn’t home.  Mike comes in and Aria tells him to stay away from her.  Scared, she threatens to call the police.  Mike swears that he didn’t kill Mona.

A few nights before Thanksgiving, Mike went to Mona’s house to surprise her.  She was talking on the phone to Leslie and drawing her own blood.  She had a fridge full of vials of her own blood. 

Mona had a plan to make things right for the Liars and expose “A”.  She planned to fake her own death by smearing her blood all over her house.  Alison would look responsible, since “A” wanted to see her locked up in jail.  “A” came up with this brilliant plan.

Mona planned to eventually talk to “A” face-to-face, but first she had to earn it.  Mona had to fully commit to this plan.  She was sure she could make “A” go away.  The Liars would finally be safe, Alison would get out of jail and Mona would be everyone’s hero.  Mona promised Mike that her “death” would just be temporary.

Crying, Mike tells Aria that they fought about the plan for days.  Mona finally convinced him that she had everything under control and she would be safe.  He doesn’t believe that anymore.  He was supposed to meet up with Mona a bunch of times, but she never showed up.  (Mike had been leaving the candy bags for Mona).  He is afraid that “A” double crossed Mona and actually killed her.

Mike is sure that Alison isn’t “A” because she wasn’t there when Mona was killed.  “A” had Cyrus get her out of town that day.

Mona gave Mike a vial of her blood as a promise that she would be coming back.  He hid it in the woods because he didn’t want Aria to find it and ask questions.  That vial of blood was all he had left of Mona.  Both crying, Mike and Aria hug.

Aria tells her friends that Mike’s necklace was for Mona.  He was holding out hope that she was still alive.

The Liars realize that they need to talk to Alison, but they aren’t sure how they can face her.  They destroyed a lot of evidence that could have proved her innocence and they accused her of being “A”.  They don’t know how they can take that back.

“A” sneaks into Mike’s room with a wrench and uses Mike's exercise equipment.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sasha Pieterse’s 19th Birthday

Happy Birthday Sasha Pieterse!  Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis on PLL, turns 19 today.

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL ) posted this photo and wrote “Happy birthday to this absolute sweetheart of a human! I met Sasha a few years before PLL and it's been so cool to see her evolve into the beautiful lady she is today. Love you girl!”.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) tweeted “Happy birthday angel @SashaaPieterse”.

PLL showrunner Marlene King posted this photo and captioned it “On the day we met, I knew this one was special. Happy Birthday @sashapieterse27. I'm so thrilled to be on this epic journey w you. Lots of love, Mar”.

A photo posted by @imarleneking on

Hope Sasha had a great 19th birthday!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Shay Mitchell Wants Bryan Cranston to Guest Star on PLL

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) answered some rapid fire questions backstage at The Meredith Vieira Show.  (Shay also took some time to answer questions from PLL fans).

Shay said that she would love to have Bryan Cranston (Walter White in Breaking Bad, Hal in Malcolm in the Middle) guest star on Pretty Little Liars.  He’d be really great playing a teacher and she would like to work with him.

Whose the best kisser on PLL?  Shay didn’t pick favorites.  Emily’s had a lot of girlfriends and she’s been lucky in all of them.

Shay also answered some beauty questions.  Her favorite hair product is hairspray and if she had to live with one makeup product it would be mascara.

If she could switch bodies with anyone, it would be Rihanna.

Janel Parrish and Brian Justin Crum Cover “Lay Me Down”

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) and Broadway’s Brian Justin Crum covered Sam Smith’s song “Lay Me Down”.

Here’s the music video:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Photo of the Week: Troian Bellisario and Fiance Watch ‘Suits’

Here’s a photo of Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) and her fiancé Patrick Adams watching the episode of Suits that Troian guest starred on.  (Suits is her fiance’s show).

Troian Bellisario and Patrick Adams
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Shay Mitchell Says PLL Season 5 Finale is Crazy

Shay Mitchell’s favorite PLL episode is the season 5 finale.

“It is so crazy it’s just, I don’t know, it made me question our writers’ mental stability.  And you find out who ‘A’ is possibly”, Shay said.

Can't wait!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Does Shay Mitchell Want Emily to End Up With?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Shay Mitchell took a trip down memory lane and talked about all of Emily’s relationships.

Shay shared what first comes to mind when she thinks of Emily’s previous girlfriends:

Maya – First.
Samara – Cute.  Blonde and bubbly.  Shay loved working with Claire Holt (Samara on PLL).
Alison – Seductive.  She knows how to play it off just the right amount.
Paige – Amazing.  She’s been with Emily through thick and thin. 
Talia – Interesting.  Shay’s waiting to see where the relationship heads.

Is Shay on Team Paily?  When asked who Shay Mitchell personally think Emily fits best with, her answer was Paige.

Shay loves working with Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL).  “She’s so great and we probably had the longest relationship, so that's probably one that I'm most attached to”.  Shay also said that she thinks Paige is really great with Emily.

Who do you want Emily to end up with?

Cody Christian Joins MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Get ready to see Cody Christian as a wolf!  Cody, who plays Mike on PLL, is joining MTV’s Teen Wolf in it’s fifth season.

Cody will play an athletic and charming senior named Theo, according to MTV.  Theo will be a lone wolf looking for a pack.  Although he may seem new in the town of Beacon Hills, it may turn out that he has a past there.

The show tweeted “It's our pleasure to welcome @ReallyCody to Beacon Hills for Season 5 of #TeenWolf!”

The fifth season of Teen Wolf premieres in June 2015 on MTV.  Can’t wait to see Cody Christian as a wolf!

Friday, February 13, 2015

PLL 5x20 Canadian Promo: Aria’s Scared of Mike

Is Aria scared of Mike in this Canadian promo of Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point”?

When Emily questions Mike, he tells her that he doesn’t need another big sister.

The Liars find a necklace that Mike has.

Mike threatens Aria after finding out she went through his stuff.

Hanna isn’t going to let “A” take the beauty pageant away from her.

Toby tells Spencer to walk away, but Spencer begs him to talk to her.

Scared, Aria tells Mike to stay away from her.

Keegan Allen Thinks Lucy Hale Knows Who “A” Is

Credit: Keegan Allen's Instagram
Does Lucy Hale know who “A” is?  Lucy has often said in interviews that she has no idea who “A” is (Late Night with Seth Meyers interview, Live! with Kelly and Michael interview ).  Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) thinks Lucy actually does know!

When asked if everybody except Lucy Hale knows who “A” is, Keegan said “That’s not true.  Lucy probably knows.  She’s just really charming and doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings when they ask her ’cause Lucy’s amazing like that.  She’ll be like ‘Oh no, darling, I don’t know.'” 

Keegan continued “She’s so charming; I think that’s why she’s shying away from it.  I think everyone knows, but we all have this pact where we don’t want to tell anybody because we love the collective mass of people freaking out”.

How did Keegan Allen find out who “A” is?  Keegan cornered PLL showrunner Marlene King and told her that she had to tell him the identity of “A”.

Get More: Music News

PLL Sneak Peek 5x20: Mike Buys Jewelry

Hanna thinks Mike is buying jewelry for Alison in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point”.

Hanna knows that Mike bought a necklace that said “I’m With You”.  She’s sure he must have bought it for Alison.  Mike’s been to her jail cell more than once, meeting up with Alison’s sketchy friends, leaving candygrams in the woods and withdrew a huge amount of money from “A”’s bank account last week.

Caleb isn’t supportive of Hanna’s plan to compete in a beauty pageant (Miss Teen, countywide).  He doesn’t want Hanna to parade around in a bikini and be judged like a heifer at a 4-H Fair. 

Caleb offers to call his mom in Santa Barbara.  The guy his mom is married to is loaded, so they can ask for a loan.  After Hanna’s dad slammed the door in her face, she doesn’t want to ask anyone else for help.

Caleb warns Hanna that the pageant world is squeaky-clean.  Last week, Hanna was modeling a hazmat suit and pushing around a barrel with a liquefied friend in it.

Hanna is still determined to compete in the pageant.  She doesn’t feel like she has any other choice.

Do you think Mike bought the necklace for Alison?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x20: Spencer-Toby-Johnny Love Triangle?

Johnny and Spencer discuss Spencer going to college overseas, or as Johnny calls it, being shipped off to Hogwarts.

Johnny has a fear of flying and he makes Spencer laugh when he describes his flight overseas.  He advices Spencer not to take a horse pill until the wheels are off the runway.  He took pills too soon and the plane had faulty equipment.  Everyone had to get off the plane, but Johnny was asleep.  He got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Ohio.

Toby sees them when he stops by Hollis to pick up some class schedules for Jenna.  Toby suspiciously asks what Spencer is doing with Johnny.  Spencer claims that Johnny has an old friend who’s a Oxford connection, but Johnny shakes his head.

Spencer wants to hang out with Toby later, but Toby says that he isn’t free.  Johnny says something to Toby in Italian, which annoys Toby.

Are you Team Toby or Team Johnny?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x20: Mike Flips Out at Aria

Aria’s brother Mike has a lot of pent up anger in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point”.

Aria’s got another study session with Andrew Campbell.  While they are studying, Mike comes home and takes two coffees to his room.

Andrew can tell that Aria is too distracted to study.  Aria asks Andrew to following her brother to the gym and see if he’s meeting anyone.  She’d go herself, but he might spot her.  Surprisingly, Andrew is quick to agree.

Mike storms out of his room and demands to know why Aria was in his room.  Aria claims that she was just doing laundry, but Mike can tell that someone went through his desk.

Again, Mike tells Aria that none of this is her business.  If Aria goes through his stuff again, he’s going to make sure she lives to regret it.  In anger, Mike flips a table over.

Do you think Mike is helping “A”?

PLL 5x20 Trailer: Spencer Breaks the Law Again?

Looks like Toby and Spencer will have more problems in “Pretty Isn't the Point”.  In the trailer of 5x20, Spencer commits a break-in.  We see Toby roll up in his police car and he asks what Spencer is doing.  Toby tells Spencer to walk away.

Hanna is determined to win the beauty pageant so she can get the scholarship money and get out of Rosewood.  She gets some dancing lessons from Emily.

Aria finds a blood vial and Mike lunges at her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Troian Bellisario Guest Stars on 'Suits'

Troian Bellisario tv show Suits
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) is guest starring on her fiancé Patrick J. Adams’s  show Suits tonight on USA.  The Suits episode she’s in is titled “Fork in the Road” episode 4x13.

Troian plays law student Claire, who Mike (Patrick Adams) meets “in a flashback to his days as a bike messenger. Ultimately they begin dating, but things get complicated when Mike tries to help with one of Claire’s cases”, according to Variety

Patrick Adams has actually guest starred on Pretty Little Liars as a romantic gesture to Troian.  Patrick played Hardy in “Reality Bites Me” 1x05.  Hardy was Ezra’s old college friend who warned Ezra to stay away from Aria by saying “when this is all over, she’s gonna get her diploma.  You’re gonna get a pink slip and an orange jumpsuit”.

Patrick wanted to win Troian back after she broke up with him.  The next day he got an audition for a small part on her show.  At that point in his career he wouldn’t have auditioned for the part, since it was only one day of filming on PLL.  He prepared for the audition more than he had for any job and he got the part.

His romantic gesture worked and he got back together with Troian.

Troian and Patrick also did a “Funny or Die” video together.

Last week Patrick has tweeted his support for Troian, tweeting “Next week @SleepintheGardn has her Suits debut. Everyone tune in to watch her act circles around me”.

Troian Bellisario’s episode of Suits airs tonight, February 11th at 10/9C on USA.  Who’s going to watch Troian on Suits tonight?

Recap of PLL 5x19 “Out, Damned Spot”

In Pretty Little Liars “Out, Damned Spot” 5x19, Talia has a secret, Hanna has a heartbreaking conversation with her dad, Mike starts to look more guilty and blood vials get “A” one step closer to taking the Liars down.

Rosewood has a blood drive and the Liars participate.  Emily isn’t able to give blood because of her summer trip to Haiti, so Spencer takes her cookie.  Hanna’s mom is grateful that the girls are donating.  She recruited people from church to give blood, but they all canceled at the last minute.  She hands Emily a brownie, but Aria takes it from her. 

Paula, a church member, stops by.  She claims that she can’t give blood because she is coming down with a cold.  She’s noticed that Hanna’s mom hasn’t been to church for a few weeks and Pastor Ted looks distracted.  Hanna’s mom says that she’s been busy and Paula says that the other church members were probably too busy to come to the blood drive.  She asks Hanna’s mom to distribute flyers for the Glass Slipper beauty pageant. 

Someone breaks a glass in the restricted zone.  The Liars look up and realize that Mike was standing near their blood vials.  He gets kicked out, but he clearly already hid something in his jacket.

Spencer and Hanna push Aria to ask Mike what he was doing at the blood drive.  Aria already knows he’ll just tell her to mind her own business.  Spencer thinks it is their business if Mike stole their blood and is helping Ali.

Aria’s angry that her friends are so quick to accuse Mike.  Emily tries to play peacemaker, but Hanna thinks they are being set up as accessories to murder.  And they know Mike had a falling out with Mona before she died.

Aria thinks her friends are desperate to find out who is helping Alison, since they know it isn’t Holbrook.  She knows it can’t be her brother.  He loved Mona.  He wouldn’t hurt her or team up with someone who would.

Aria freezes up during a math test and can’t answer the questions.  She ends up copying Andrew Campbell’s test answers.

Hanna is concerned about college, since she wasn’t offered any financial aid.  Her mom doesn’t have a job now, so she can’t afford the tuition.  She shows Spencer her Ballard College letter.  Spencer says that Hanna wasn’t offered financial aid because her dad can afford the tuition.

After class, Andrew tells Aria that he saw her cheating off of him.  Apologetic, Aria explains that she was given conditional acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  They can revoke her acceptance if she doesn’t make honor roll.

Andrew isn’t mad at Aria and he even offers to tutor her.  Aria is quick to say no.  Andrew thinks Aria will eventually get caught cheating.  Aria changes her mind and agrees to the tutoring session.

Emily and Talia go bike riding together.  Talia takes Emily to the site of her first kiss.  Right before the guy kissed her, he burped in her face.  She really wanted a do over after that. 

Talia wants Emily to share something next.  She asks what Emily’s biggest fear is.  Emily isn’t ready to tell, which is okay with Talia.  Emily kisses her, giving her a do over for her first kiss.

Hanna finds her mom sitting in the dark, staring at her engagement ring.  Hanna’s mom told Ted that she wants to marry him, but she also came clean about the one time she cheated on him with Jason.  Ted needed some time to think and said he would call her.  Ted couldn’t even look at her. 

Over the phone, Spencer again tells Aria her concerns about Mike.  Aria promises to keep an eye on her brother if Spencer promises not to jump to conclusions.  After all, at one point Spencer was convinced that Melissa was “A”.  Aria tells Spencer about her study session with Andrew.  Spencer warns her to be careful around Andrew and his dimples.

Spencer is microwaving a frozen dinner when Johnny comes in.  He is about to eat the same thing, but Spencer makes a comment about her food being included in his rental agreement.  He puts the frozen meal back in the freezer and asks where Toby is.  Spencer was going to hang out with him, but Toby cancelled.

Johnny is going to paint a mural at Hollis College and he wants Spencer’s help.  Spencer is busy.  Her mom wants her to email family members who have college contacts.  Johnny promises to buy Spencer a real dinner if she agrees to help him.

Aria answers Mike’s phone when he gets a call from the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility.  The call is supposedly from a Hank Mahoney.  Aria asks if it’s Alison on the other end of the line.  Whoever it is hangs up without answering.

Spencer and Johnny go to Hollis College at night to paint the building.  If Spencer hadn’t come, Johnny would have called his ex-girlfriend Sophie and asked her to come with him.  Johnny admits that he falls for women who are unavailable.  He’s bad at relationships.

Spencer’s parents used to take her and Melissa to Hollis College all the time for a summer concert series.  Back then, they thought Spencer would be a famous violinist.  In the Hastings family, if you don’t excel at something you just move on to the next thing.

Johnny asks if Spencer has ever done something just because she loved doing it.  Spencer wonders how you can love something that you’re bad at.  Johnny says that he usually manages.

Mike’s lifting weights and blasting loud music in his room.  Aria pounds on his door until he answers.  She asks why Alison is calling him.  She knows he visited her in jail.  Is Alison now sending secret messages from jail?  She asks who Hank Mahoney is.  Aria doesn’t understand why Mike is letting Alison manipulate him.  He knows what she is capable of. 

Aria demands to know what is going on, but Mike slams the door in her face without answering.

On the phone, Hanna says that no one wants to believe Mike is helping Alison.  However, Alison could take on a grown man and cop like Holbrook.  Who knows what Alison could do to Aria’s brother.

Hanna’s mom tells Hanna that her dad left a voicemail.  He’s going to be in the office all day, so they will have to catch up another time.  Hanna’s mom asks what Hanna is going to talk to her dad about.

Hanna admits that she wants to ask him about college tuition.  Her dad had a good year financially, so she wasn’t offered financial aid.  Hanna’s mom explains that her dad’s financial obligation was worked out in the divorce settlement years ago.  She doesn’t want Hanna to tell him that she no longer has a job.

Hanna thinks her dad should be the one to pay tuition, since he has money.  Hanna’s mom insists that she will figure something out.  Going to Hanna’s dad isn’t going to fix anything.

Ezra has noticed that Emily and Talia are getting along now.  Emily mentions Aria’s acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  She is surprised that he doesn’t already know about it.

Emily sees Talia’s last name on Ezra’s paperwork and thinks there is a mistake.  Talia’s last name is Sandoval, not Mendoza.  Ezra suggests that Talia is married, which Emily immediately denies.  Ezra checks his papers and notices that Talia’s husband is listed as her emergency contact.

Spencer climbs a ladder to look at Johnny’s mural, which he painted on the roof.  She doesn’t want to screw up his work, but he won’t leave until Spencer paints something.  As Spencer climbs down, she falls and Johnny catches her.

Mike exchanges messages with Hank on the computer.  Mike types “She told me what to bring.  I’ll have it tomorrow.  What time?”  Hank responds that he’ll be in touch.  Mike goes to his mini fridge.  Hidden inside an energy drink can is a vial of blood.

Spencer storms out of her house to confront Johnny.  Vandalism at Hollis College is first page news in the local newspaper.  Spencer is furious that Johnny tricked her into doing something illegal.  Johnny didn’t think she would come if he had told her that it was illegal.  With all the college stuff Spencer’s mom is pushing, Johnny thought Spencer might have fun coloring outside the lines for once.  Spencer tells him that she’s already been arrested for murder.  She can’t mess up and get arrested again.  Surprised, Johnny says that he didn’t know.

Andrew comes to Aria’s house to tutor her in math and science.  He guesses that math and science aren’t Fitz’s strong suit, since she could have asked him for help.  Aria doesn’t tell him that she and Ezra are taking a break.

Hanna texts Aria asking about Mike.  When Hanna text a second time, Andrew takes her phone and makes up a math question using her phone.  Then he notices Hanna’s texts about Aria's brother.

Talia offers Emily a taste of her food at The Brew, but Emily is angry.  She doesn’t understand how Talia could kiss her and not tell her that she has a husband.  Ezra comes in and Emily storms off.

Emily spots Mike at an ATM.  Mike leaves without his receipt, so Emily takes it.

Andrew only has an hour left to tutor Aria before baseball practice.  Emily stops by.  Outside, she shows Aria the ATM receipt.  Aria is shocked that Mike has 18 thousand dollars in his account.  Emily mentions that “A” has tons of money.  Alison had secret accounts.

Aria tells Emily about the call Mike got from the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility supposedly from Hank Mahoney.  As they are talking, Mike takes the car and drives off.  Emily wants to follow them, so they asks Andrew if they can borrow his car.  Neither of them can drive stick, so Andrew agrees to drive them.

Hanna visits her dad at work and tells him that she got into Ballard, Skidmore and Trinity.  She hasn’t figured out how to pay for school.  Hanna’s dad brings up the divorce agreement.  Hanna makes it clear that she is asking for help, not her mom.

Hanna’s dad claims that he is proud of her, but he didn’t even know that she wanted to go to those types of schools.  He’ll pay what was agreed on in the divorce agreement, which is ten thousand dollars a year.  Kate starts Dartmouth in the fall and he can’t afford to put two kids through private school.  It comes down to dollars and cents and he doesn’t have it.

Hanna is shocked that her dad is paying Kate’s tuition, but refuses to pay hers.  Hanna’s dad says that Kate worked really hard.  She got accepted early admission and he promised Isabel that he would take care of it.  He claims that Hanna was more interested in shopping than college the last time they talked about it.

Hurt, Hanna points out that the last time they discussed college was when she was twelve years old.  She was obsessed with donuts and he’d never even heard of Kate back then.  Hanna gets that her dad doesn’t want to disappoint the wrong daughter.

Worried about her future, Spencer emails her sister Melissa and asks if Wren still has a contact at Oxford.

Andrew, Aria and Emily follow Mike’s car.  Emily texts Spencer to meet up with them, but she can’t reach Hanna.  Andrew wonders if Aria usually follows her brother.  He wants to know what is going on, so Emily lies.  Emily says that Mike is into drugs.

Mike stops at a diner.  Aria and Emily tell Andrew not to wait for them.  They’ll catch a ride with Spencer.  Andrew looks concerned as he watches them leave.

Aria and Emily watch as Mike introduces himself to Hank.  Turns out “Hank” is actually Cyrus Petrillo (Alison’s fake kidnapper).  Mike gives Cyrus an envelope, which Aria and Emily assume is cash.

Hanna stops by The Brew to look for Emily.  Hanna left her phone at her dad’s office and can’t reach any of  her friends.  However, there is no way Hanna’s going back to get it.  Ezra can see Hanna is upset, so he offers to talk to her.

Hanna tells him that her dad doesn’t think she’s college material.  He thinks her stepsister Kate is, though.  More than the money, Hanna really wanted her dad to say that he knew she had it in her. 

Ezra can relate.  When he was in high school, his parents couldn’t agree on anything except that he wouldn’t amount to anything.  When his parents cut him off, he took out loans and got jobs to pay for college by himself.  He cheers Hanna up by telling her about his job where he had to dress up as a hot dog.  He knows it’s not the same as hearing it from her dad, but he used to be her teacher and he always knew she had it in her.

Spencer arrives and the girls watch Mike and Cyrus from outside.  Aria, scared for her brother’s safety, wants to get her brother away from Cyrus.  Spencer and Emily stop her.  They want to follow Cyrus and find out what he knows.  Aria gets a call from Ezra’s phone.  It’s actually Hanna, but Aria doesn’t pick up.

Hanna thanks Ezra for everything he said to her.  As she leaves The Brew, she sees a poster for the Glass Slipper Beauty Pageant.  The winner of the pageant gets a scholarship.

Emily asks if Aria and Ezra are fighting, since he didn’t know about her acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  Aria doesn’t know where their relationship stands.  Ezra thinks that he’s the reason she didn’t have a perfect high school experience.

Emily, Aria and Spencer all get a text from “A”.  It is a picture of Aria, Spencer and Hanna’s blood vials with the message “Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund. –A”.  The girls suspect Mike gave Cyrus their blood samples.

Emily, Aria and Spencer look up and see Mike and Cyrus have already left the diner.  Mike drives off.  Cyrus chases the girls on a motorcycle.  When the girls stop, he tells them that he doesn’t like being followed.  They say that he has something that belongs to them and they want it back.

Cyrus wants to make a trade with the Liars, but Andrew appears with a baseball bat and orders him to back away from the girls. 

Hanna’s mom gives Hanna her phone.  Her dad dropped it off.  Knowing Hanna’s father, Hanna’s mom already knows his answer was that it comes down to dollars and cents.  She knows he can be dismissive.

Pastor Ted still hasn’t called Hanna’s mom.  Hanna tells her mom to fight for Ted.  If Hanna can compete in a beauty pageant for scholarship money, then her mom can call the man she loves and tell him to take her back.  Hanna’s mom takes her advice and picks up the phone.

Talia shows up at Emily’s house and asks to talk.  Talia explains that she married her husband right after high school.  He knows that she likes girls and that she has to be true to herself.  They never divorced because they are best friends.  Her husband has been with her through everything.  She didn’t want to scare Emily away by telling her the truth and she’s sorry.

Emily admits that there are things she’s not ready to share with Talia yet, either.  There are things that would scare Talia away from her.  Emily seems to forgive Talia and holds her hand.

Spencer comes home to find Johnny loading up the freezer with frozen meals.  Spencer talked with her mom and realized that her mom would never buy frozen mac and cheese.  She apologizes for eating all of Johnny’s food.

Spencer acknowledges that Johnny was right.  She did have fun painting with him.  However, she has boundaries.  College may be her best chance to get out of Rosewood.  Johnny says that he’s trying to have boundaries, too.

Hanna and Aria have a sleepover at Spencer’s house.  It’s just a matter of time before “A” paints the town red with their DNA and they are all sharing a jail cell with Alison.  They don’t notice Mike standing outside Spencer’s house, peering through the window.

“A” takes Hanna’s blood and puts a few drops on a bloody shirt.  In the background “A” plays the video recording of Hanna and Caleb planning the storage break-in.  “A” also has the knife from Mona’s murder.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Keegan Allen’s Photography Tips

Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) loves photography.  His book "" features the photos he has taken both on the set of PLL and in his personal life. 

Keegan shared his top three tips on taking good photos. 

  1. Always have a camera with you, even if it’s an iPhone.
  2. Understand lighting because lighting is 90% photography.
  3. Have fun and love what you’re capturing.

Keegan said all of his PLL castmates are incredibly easy to photograph.  Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) collaborated on some photos that Keegan took of her.

Get More: Music News

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Janel Parrish Initially Auditioned for Spencer Hastings on PLL

Janel Parrish is the perfect Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars, so it's hard to imagine her as any other character.  However, Janel spilled to SheKnows that she originally auditioned for the part of Spencer Hastings.  However, she loves that she was cast as Mona.  She loves nerdy Mona more than fashionable Mona.

Janel also says that Brant Daugherty (Noel on PLL) auditioned for the part of Ezra and Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) was originally up for the part of Hanna.

Janel would love if “A” was a parent, like Aria’s dad Byron Montgomery.

Janel Parrish answers 18 fast random questions about books, food and dreams, among other things in this video.

Do you think Aria’s dad Byron Montgomery is “A”?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sneak Peek Photos of PLL 5x19

Here’s a video of some sneak peek photos from “Out, Damned Spot” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x19. 

Shay Mitchell Talks PLL Pranks and Answers Fan Questions

Shay Mitchell had some downtime when she was backstage for her Meredith Vieira Show appearance, so she answered some fan questions.
What was her first job?
Retail salesperson at a clothing store when she was 14.

What is her favorite sport?

Favorite prank that happened on the set of PLL?
Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) pretended that the hair stylist had burned her arm with a curling iron.  Ashley screamed and fell down on her chair.  The hair stylist was upset, thinking that she had actually burned Ashley.

Brand of Shay’s sunnies?
Miu Miu

Favorite snack food?
Chips.  Sliced apples with peanut butter if she wants a healthy snack.

Something she has in common with her PLL character Emily?
Both of them are competitive and active.  Shay works out and likes to try new things.

What superpower would she like to have?
She’d like to fly, so that she can save money on plane tickets and travel around the world.

Favorite TV shows?
Scandal, Homeland and House of Cards.

Why did she start boxing?
She liked watching it on TV and she wanted to try it.  It’s a good workout and therapeutic.  (Shay’s boxing routine does look like a great workout).

PLL 5x19 Canadian Promo

Emily doesn’t seem comfortable around Talia in the PLL Canadian promo of “Out, Damned Spot”.  Talia offers Emily a taste of her cooking, but Emily snaps at her.

Hanna is worried that Mike is helping Alison.  Emily and Aria catch Mike acting suspicious.  Emily sees Mike making a large cash withdrawal from an ATM.

Johnny catches Spencer when she falls during their late night painting session.

Someone on a motorcycle chases Aria, Spencer and Emily.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Can Mike be Trusted? Cody Christian Thinks So

Mike’s been acting shady lately on PLL.  He’s visiting Alison in jail, leaving packages for someone, and he refuses to confide in his sister Aria.  Is Mike on the “A” team?

Cody Christian, who plays Mike Montgomery on PLL, told ETonline that Mike is trustworthy.  "I think [Mike] can be trusted, but at this point he's seeking answers and I feel like to get those answers, maybe trust might go out the window," he said.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out what Mike is up to.  “"All will be revealed very very soon, and I don’t mean soon like it's going to happen next season, I mean very soon”.

As for theory on who “A” is, Cody thinks it’s crazy to think that “A” could be one of the main girls.  "We've seen [the liars] at these raw and emotional times and we've seen how much they're affected by ['A'] and if that was all fake, then those girls are sociopaths.  You need to run as far away as possible from those girls if they can pull something like that off.  I just feel like they have been affected so deeply and you see this effect on such a personal level that it's almost impossible to believe that could've been staged."

Do you think the Liars can trust Mike?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x19: Johnny Asks Spencer to Help Paint a Mural

Johnny’s still hanging around Spencer in this sneak peek of PLL “Out, Damned Spot”.

Spencer is microwaving a frozen meal.  She was going to hang out with Toby, but he cancelled. 

Johnny is going to paint a mural at Hollis College and he wants Spencer to help him with it.  Spencer is busy with college stuff.  Her mom wants her to email a bunch of family contacts.

Johnny promises Spencer a real dinner if she comes to help with the mural.

Do you like Johnny and Spencer together or are you a Spoby fan?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x19: Andrew Catches Aria Cheating

The Liars are always following clues and almost getting killed by “A”.  Do they ever have time to study?  Looks like Aria is having trouble keeping up in class.  In this sneak peek of “Out, Damned Spot”, Aria gets desperate and cheats off of Spencer’s friend Andrew Campbell.

After class, Andrew confronts Aria.  He saw her copying his answers in class.  Aria, under the pressure of conditional acceptance to Savannah College of Art and Design, panicked.  If she doesn’t make honor roll this semester, they could withdraw her acceptance.  Aria apologizes to Andrew. 

Andrew reassures Aria that he’s not mad at her.  He offers to tutor her, but Aria is quick to say no.

Maybe Aria should take Andrew up on his tutoring offer. Hope "A" doesn't blackmail Aria with this.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x19: Hanna Needs Money for College

Hanna asks Spencer for advice about paying for college in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars “Out, Damned Spot”.

Hanna hasn’t been offered any financial aid for college.  Her mom can’t afford to pay since she no longer has a job.

Spencer looks at Hanna’s Ballard College letter.  Since financial aid is based on income, Hanna wasn’t offered financial aid because her dad can afford to pay the college tuition.

Hanna and her dad have a strained relationship.  Do you think Hanna will ask him to help pay for college?

Talia Keeping Secrets on PLL

The Liars are all about secrets, but Emily’s new crush Talia has a few secrets of her own.

Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Talia on PLL, told TVLine that “just like everyone in Rosewood, Talia definitely has some secrets, and those secrets may affect Emily”.

As a PLL fan, Miranda is rooting for Paily.  “Before Talia came along, I was a Paily fan; I really like Paige and Emily together.” 

Miranda isn’t sure Talia is going to replace Paige.  “I think it was sad to see Paige go, but we don’t really know how long she’s going to be gone for. It’s not necessarily 100 percent over. Everything in possible in Rosewood.”

Is Emily heading towards another heartbreak?  Seems like it won’t be happily ever after for Talia and Emily. 

PLL 5x19 Trailer: "A" Has Get-Into-Jail Blood Donations

Will the Liars soon be sharing a jail cell with Alison?  In the preview of “Out, Damned Spot”, "A" texts a photo of blood vials labeled with Aria, Spencer and Hanna’s names.  (Does “A” not have Emily’s blood?)  The text message is “Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund.  – A”.

Aria is concerned Alison will destroy Mike.  She demands to know what is going on with Mike, but he refuses to talk and slams the door in her face.

Spencer sees a newspaper article about vandalism at Hollis College.  She immediately confronts Johnny and tells him that she can’t get arrested again.

And whose window is Mike peeking into?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cody Christian Answers Fan Questions On AfterBuzz TV

Cody Christian (Mike on PLL) was on AfterBuzz TV’s PLL after show to discuss episode 5x18 and answer fan questions.

Cody said his favorite scene to film on PLL season 5 was the intimate moment with Aria when Mike struggles with the loss of Mona.  He loves filming scenes with Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) because they connect easily.

Even though Aria and Mike are having issues now, Cody thinks eventually the brother-sister relationship will come back around.

Recap of PLL 5x18 “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”

In Pretty Little Liars “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me” Mike is keeping secrets, Holbrook is furious at Alison, and Mona’s old friend Leslie meets up with the Liars.

Spencer tells Aria and Emily that Toby doesn’t know if human remains were found in the barrel.  She doesn’t think he would tell her even if he did know.  Toby is an honorable person and Spencer feels like she is tearing him apart. 

Spencer’s mom is a paid consultant for Alison’s defense team.  She wants to know what the defense knows, particularly who is going to be called to testify in court.

Aria is keeping her breakup with Ezra a secret from her friends.  Ezra didn’t even tell Aria that he is out of town for the weekend.

Spencer wants to fix things with Hanna, since they had a fight about the storage unit.  Hanna realizes that Spencer was right.  It was a bad idea to go the storage unit, but she panicked.

The Liars see Detective Holbrook back in town.  He briefly chats with Spencer’s mom.  The Liars wonder why Holbrook is out in the open instead of secretly torturing them as Alison’s henchman.  They suspect that Alison wants inside information from the police station.  She is getting more dangerous as the trial date gets closer.

Johnny is building something for The Brew.  He won’t tell Spencer what he’s making, unless she helps him build it.

Emily tries to make small talk with Talia, but Talia doesn’t say much to her.

Hanna tells her friends that the police want to interview Caleb again.  They want to know if he saw anyone suspicious at the storage place.  Hanna is afraid that they will call her next.

A new girl, Leslie, comes to The Brew looking for Hanna.  She was a friend of Mona’s.

Leslie tells the Liars that she was supposed to see Mona on Thanksgiving.  She was with Mona’s mom when the police called about Mona’s death.  Leslie met Mona a couple summers ago at her grandmother’s place.  Leslie couldn’t make it to Mona’s memorial service because she had exams.  

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Leslie is staying with Mona’s mom for the weekend.  Mona’s mom needs support to get through Alison’s trial.

Leslie thanks the Liars for being there for Mona.  The Liars are silent and look uncomfortable.

Hanna and Caleb are at the police station.  Spencer calls and asks Hanna to stop by Mona’s house afterwards.  Spencer doesn’t trust Leslie and wants Hanna to keep an eye on her.

Spencer looks through her mom’s briefcase and takes a photo of the list of people who have visited Alison in jail.

Her mom comes in and Spencer asks about Holbrook.  Her mom is more interested in talking about the colleges that Spencer got accepted to.  Spencer admits that she isn’t sure she wants to go to college.  Her mom says that Spencer has to go to college.  She is doing everything she can to keep Spencer from getting dragged down in Alison’s trial. 

Caleb assures Hanna that they won’t be arrested.  The police don’t have evidence that they are the ones who broke into the storage unit.

Hanna and Caleb overhear Holbrook being yelled at.  Holbrook grabs a file box and throws his stuff in it.  He sees Hanna and Caleb as he’s storming out. 

Spencer tells Aria that Mike visited Alison in jail.  Aria immediately defends Mike, claiming that he must have a good reason.  Spencer wants Aria to find out why Mike visited Alison.

Hanna tells Emily that Holbrook was suspended for inappropriate behavior.  He was blamed for tampering with Alison’s lie detector test results.  Emily thinks that’s good news, but Hanna thinks Holbrook blames them for getting fired.

Aria approaches Mike, who is watching the 1954 movie “Them!”  Mona had a list of movies she wanted to show Mike.  At first, he couldn’t even look at the list.  Now he’s finally watching a couple.

Mona remembered little details from every movie she ever watched.  Mike says that Mona was too smart.

Hanna and Leslie talk in Mona’s room.  Leslie looks at Mona’s Edgar Allan Poe anthology.  Mona’s grandfather would read the book to her.

Hanna wants to know why Leslie wanted to meet her.  If Leslie really was Mona’s friend, then she would know that the Liars’ relationship with Mona was complicated.

Leslie is sure that Mona really cared about Hanna.  She thinks the Liars were all precious to Mona.

Hanna remembers a sleepover back when she was besties with Mona.  Mona read a story from the Poe book to Hanna.  Mona asked Hanna what she would wish for.  Hanna doesn’t like wishes because they remind you of what you don’t have.

Mona would wish for a stopwatch.  She’d want time to stop and everything to freeze.  Then Mona could spy on people and take whatever she wanted.  She would have all the control and people wouldn’t even know that they were being controlled.

Hanna tells Leslie that Mona was always thinking.  She just wasn’t thinking what they thought she was thinking.

Mike stops by The Brew and runs into Hanna and Leslie.  Mike is furious when he sees Leslie holding Mona’s Poe book.  He demands the book so that he can put it back in Mona’s room.  He tells Hanna that she can’t take everything apart like she wants Mona to disappear.  He continues to demand the book back, but Hanna promises that she’ll put the book back later.  Mike storms off.

Leslie doesn’t want to make trouble, but she thinks Mike and Mona had a fight the night before Mona was killed.  Mona was going to call her back, but she never did.

Emily and Caleb and they discuss Talia.  Emily doesn’t know what she wants.  Caleb understands how Emily feels.

Hanna tells Aria about the fight Mike and Mona had.  Things are looking bad for Mike, since they know he visited Alison in jail.  Aria tried talking to Mike earlier, but she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth.  Hanna pushes Aria to figure out what’s going on with her brother.

Spencer decides to help Johnny at The Brew.  Spencer looks at Johnny’s design sketches, which are on the back of an old Alison missing person flyer.  Johnny says the flyer came from Spencer’s barn.  He wonders how a pretty girl with a nice smile ends up sitting in jail for murder.  Spencer thinks it’s complicated.  Or maybe it’s simple and they just thought it was complicated.

Leslie wishes Hanna hadn’t told Aria about Mike and Mona’s fight.  Leslie doesn’t want Mike to get in trouble.  Leslie leaves the room and Hanna thinks about the sleepover again.

Hanna can’t sleep because of Mona’s stopwatch wish.  Mona would get older, but everyone else would stay the same age.  Mona would fix it.  She wouldn’t get old, while everyone else would age.

Hanna asks what would happen if Alison came back in a disguise to check on them.  Mona gets upset and says that Alison wouldn’t recognize them.  Everyone would have forgotten about Alison.  Alison would go crazy and get thrown into Radley.  Hanna is uncomfortable and Mona tells her that it’s just another scary story. 

Back in the present, Hanna shakes the Poe book.  She finds a tape hidden in the binding of the book.  Hanna leaves Mona’s house and a car follows her.

Johnny finishes his machine and shows it to Spencer.  Spencer sits at the machine and Johnny whispers into a microphone from across the room.  It basically turns Spencer into a human tuning fork and she can hear what he whispers.  The idea is that a stranger can listen to a random whisper.  Spencer is impressed by the genius creation, but she is a little disturbed when Johnny tells her that it was inspired by Rosewood.  Rosewood is a town that is strung together with whispers.

Hanna and Caleb listen to the tape that Mona hid in the Poe book.  It’s a recording of Bethany Young saying that someone is a bitch and evil.  This evil person can get anyone to do anything for her.  Bethany makes plans to defend herself against this evil person.  Hanna and Caleb think Bethany is talking about Alison.

Aria secretly follows Mike to a bridge.  Mike leaves a bag on the bridge and leaves.  Aria investigates and finds that the bag is filled with candy.  She turns around to see Mike behind her.

Aria asks him why he visited Alison in jail, but Mike refuses to tell her.  Concerned, Aria warns him that Alison is dangerous even in a cage.  She doesn’t want Mike to ever visit Alison again.

Mike says that no one will give him orders again.  Aria asks how many times he’s dropped things off at the bridge and who he’s leaving the bags for.  Mike doesn’t answer her questions.  He tells her to be careful going home through the woods.

When Spencer comes home, her mom asks about college again.  Her mom blames Johnny for Spencer’s lack of interest in college.  Spencer begs her mom to remember how she felt at Spencer’s age.  Her mom admits that she didn’t want to be a lawyer back then.

Spencer’s mom heard that the blood spots from the storage unit were a match for Alison’s DNA.

Hanna is pulled over by a cop.  When she gets out of her car to look into the empty police car behind her, Holbrook grabs her arm.  Angry, Holbrook blames Alison for destroying his career.  Hanna doesn’t have much sympathy for him.  He could have refused to do Alison’s dirty work.  She accuses him of trying to kill her friends and cleaning out the storage unit.

Holbrook says Hanna's got the wrong fall guy.  He hasn’t been doing Alison’s dirty work.  He’s been locked in a hotel room with internal affairs.  He tells her to ask Lt. Tanner, since she knows everything.

Holbrook asks if Alison told Hanna about the kiss.  Holbrook grabs Hanna’s face.  Hanna, a complete badass, hits Holbrook with a tire iron.  She thinks Holbrook should be grateful that Alison cut him off.  He doesn’t know how lucky he is.

Emily uses Johnny’s whisper machine to tell Talia how she truly feels.  She didn’t respond to Talia earlier because she was surprised that Talia was into her.  She’s been thinking about Talia ever since.  Talia doesn’t really know anything about her.  However, Emily thinks Talia is lonely.  Emily knows what it feels like to be alone.

It took all the courage Talia had to tell Emily that she liked her.  As she is leaving, Emily kisses her. 

Hanna tells Aria and Spencer that Holbrook isn’t the henchman helping Alison.  Hanna thinks it might be Mike.  Aria is upset that they are accusing her brother.  She is sure that Mike won’t visit Alison in jail again.  The girls think about Bethany’s tape.  They wonder if Alison’s backyard was a trap.

Mike decides to ignore Aria’s warning and he visits Alison in jail again. 

Someone in a black hoodie and gloves sneaks into Mona’s room and shakes the Poe book, only to find out the Bethany tape is missing.