Friday, February 6, 2015

Can Mike be Trusted? Cody Christian Thinks So

Mike’s been acting shady lately on PLL.  He’s visiting Alison in jail, leaving packages for someone, and he refuses to confide in his sister Aria.  Is Mike on the “A” team?

Cody Christian, who plays Mike Montgomery on PLL, told ETonline that Mike is trustworthy.  "I think [Mike] can be trusted, but at this point he's seeking answers and I feel like to get those answers, maybe trust might go out the window," he said.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out what Mike is up to.  “"All will be revealed very very soon, and I don’t mean soon like it's going to happen next season, I mean very soon”.

As for theory on who “A” is, Cody thinks it’s crazy to think that “A” could be one of the main girls.  "We've seen [the liars] at these raw and emotional times and we've seen how much they're affected by ['A'] and if that was all fake, then those girls are sociopaths.  You need to run as far away as possible from those girls if they can pull something like that off.  I just feel like they have been affected so deeply and you see this effect on such a personal level that it's almost impossible to believe that could've been staged."

Do you think the Liars can trust Mike?

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