Pretty Little Liars
Credit: ABC FAMILY/ANDREW ECCLES, Creative Commons
Four pretty girls with deadly secrets in the town of Rosewood. Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali used to be best friends. When Ali ends up dead, the girls drift apart. They are brought back together when a mysterious “A” threatens to expose their secrets and ruin their lives.

Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family television show that airs on Tuesday nights at 8 P.M. It is based on the popular book series Pretty Little Liars, written by Sara Shepard. The pilot episode first aired in 2011. The show is currently in its seventh season.

Between seasons three and four, there was a mini series of webisodes titled Pretty Dirty Secrets. These webisodes introduced Shana, who worked at a Halloween costume shop in Rosewood. It was in these webisodes that we learned that Shana knew Paige. At the costume shop, she saw Noel, Jason, Lucas and CeCe, who all acted suspicious and had their own secrets to hide.

Ravenswood was a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars. The show featured Hanna’s boyfriend Caleb, who leaves Rosewood to discover the secrets of the town of Ravenswood. The show’s pilot aired in 2013. It was canceled after the first season.

Interesting Facts:

Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars book series, made a cameo appearance on the show. She was in "The Homecoming Hangover" episode 1x06, playing a substitute teacher filling in for Ezra.

Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson were friends before the show. Ashley Benson was Lucy Hale’s first friend in Los Angeles. They met on MySpace.

Ashley Benson and Janel Parish had worked with each other before being cast in Pretty Little Liars. They both had small parts on an episode of The O.C.

Lucy Hale, who plays Aria on the show, was given the Pretty Little Liars pilot script and told she could have any of the roles. Lucy auditioned for both Hanna and Aria, but Aria was a better fit for her. The part of Hanna eventually went to Ashley Benson.