Pretty Dirty Secrets

Eight Pretty Little Liars webisodes that take place between seasons 3 and 4.

A ReservAtion

We see the inside of the Rosewood Halloween Spectacular Store, a costume shop. The phone rings, but the store is closed and no one answers the phone. “A” leaves a message, wanting to check on a costume. The machine cuts off before we can hear the name that the costume is under.

A Reunion

Jason DiLaurentis is at the costume shop talking on his phone. He’s upset because his check was cashed, but he is not getting the proof that he needs. He threatens to call the cops, but CeCe Drake interrupts his call.

CeCe is wearing a mask. She tells Jason that he’s been avoiding her. CeCe claims that she’s been worried about him, but he’s not buying it. He thinks she wants an apology from him. She denies wanting an apology and tells him that she understands he was grieving.

CeCe knows that she was always getting in trouble with Alison, so she understands Jason’s suspicious that CeCe may have helped Ali run away.

Jason is also annoyed that CeCe broke up with him the day after Ali went missing. CeCe says she had her reasons for doing that, but she won’t explain what those reasons are.

Jason tells CeCe that she and Ali deserved each other. They were always playing people and didn’t care who they hurt.

Jason blames CeCe for Ali’s actions. Jason thinks Ali was a kid playing childish games until CeCe came and helped her take it to the next level.

CeCe won’t let him put the blame on her. She says that she knows what Jason and his friends were up to. He wasn’t an innocent victim and he was set a bad example for Ali.

As Jason leaves, CeCe taunts him and tells him to stop by the liquor store and grab a drink.

Shana Fring, a new character we haven’t seen on Pretty Little Liars before, is working at the store and listening to CeCe and Jason’s argument.

A VoicemAil

We hear the messages on the answering machine at Garret Reynolds mom’s house. One message is from Garret, telling his mom that he got the tickets and she should start packing. That message is deleted. Another message is left from the dry cleaners, saying that the dry cleaning hasn’t been picked up for three weeks. There is also a message from “A”. “A” breathes heavily on the phone, but doesn’t say anything.

I’m A Free MAn

Noel Kahn comes into the costume shop and flirts with Shana. He is cryptic when she asks if he is there with anyone.

Shana tells Noel that she came to Rosewood from New York, but she grew up in South Carolina.

Noel normally throws Halloween parties, but he tells Shana that this year he is skipping the party. He’s got bigger plans. Shana tells Noel that her friend told her about him. Noel excuses himself when he sees Garrett at the costume shop.

Garrett asks Noel where Jenna is. Garrett says someone keeps calling his house and hanging up when his mom picks up. He wants it to stop. As Garrett and Noel are arguing, someone in a Queen of Hearts costume watches them.

Garrett warns Noel that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Noel tells Garrett that Jenna’s moved on and to get over it. Garrett warns Noel that Jenna will use him, just like she uses everyone.

Shana, who was listening to their conversation, calls someone on the phone to tell them about the Noel and Garret argument.

TrAde Off

Shana is reading a comic book.  Lucas comes into the costume shop and notices what she’s reading.  Lucas tells her that he went to Comi-Con and Shana is impressed.  Her parents would never let her go.  She’s staying with her aunt now, so maybe she’ll be able to go to the next Comi-Con. 

Lucas is looking at costumes when his phone rings.  He is annoyed at the caller, but he says he got his ticket and he has what he needs.  He says he’ll be there.

While Lucas is talking, someone in a zombie baby doll mask listens to him.  Once Lucas hangs up, zombie baby doll stalker whispers something to him and they move into the dressing room area.

Lucas asks the zombie baby doll if he/she has it.  Zombie baby doll nods and hands Lucas a slip of paper.  Lucas tells him to put it in an envelope next time.  Lucas pulls out an envelope and gives it to zombie baby doll stalker. 

Lucas leaves. Shana, watching Lucas leave, says that there’s never a dull moment.


Shana texts someone.  We see a list of her contacts.  Paige’s name is on the list.  We also see that “Blocked ID” has called Shana’s phone.  We see costumes and a flyer for the Halloween Ghost Train Party on Shana’s phone, as well.

“Blocked ID” calls Shana’s phone.  We don’t see if Shana picks up or not.

CAll Security

Shana is leaving the costume shop when she receives a call.  She tells the caller to stop hounding her.  She needs more time and pressuring her isn’t going to help.  She says that she’s sure they will all be in the store before Halloween and she’ll meet them all.

She tells the caller not to worry.  She was there and was the caller’s friend, too.  She says the caller was right about Rosewood.  Shana’s going to like it there. 

(Note:  Although it was not clear at the time, we now know that Shana was talking to Ali on the phone).

After Shana leaves, a person in a black hoodie comes and takes a police badge from the store’s display case. 

He/She watches security footage from the costume shop.  He/she strokes the screen when CeCe appears on the video and zooms in on the Queen of Hearts.  He/she also pauses the footage when someone in a red coat is in the store.  He/she then copies the footage to a USB and deletes the footage from the computer.

The A Train

A person in a black hoodie looks at railway plans and studies the layout of the Halloween train.  He/she also examines a map of the route the Halloween Ghost Train will take.