Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PLL 5x21 Trailer: Is “A” Trying to Kill Mike?

Things are getting dangerous for Mike in the trailer for Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell”.

Aria visits Alison in jail.  Alison is going to tell her lawyers about Mike, so Aria begs her not to do that.

Hanna thinks “A” is tying up loose ends and Mike is one of them.

Aria and Hanna go see someone in the hospital.

One of the Liars finds a broken blood vial in her purse.

Alison finds a tiny Alison doll, complete with an orange prison jumpsuit, under her bed.

Did “A” tamper with Mike’s exercise equipment?  When Aria touches it, the weights come crashing down at her.

Do you think “A” is targeting Mike?

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