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Recap of PLL 5x20 “Pretty Isn’t the Point”

In Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point” episode 5x20, Hanna’s pageant plans are shattered, Toby arrests Johnny, and Aria finally learns Mike’s secret.

The Liars search Mike’s room to find out what he is hiding.  They think Mike gave Cyrus their blood, even though Aria thinks he may have just given cash.  Aria feels guilty going through Mike’s things.

The girls wonder why Mike is suddenly obsessed with working out.  Spencer is about to investigate Mike’s mini fridge, where the blood vial is hidden, but is distracted by the necklace Aria finds in Mike’s gym bag.

Spencer says the beads on the necklace spell out “I’m With You” in Morse code.  Aria’s friends are convinced the necklace is a gift for Alison, since Mike has been visiting her in jail.

Emily and Talia have decided to keep their relationship a secret.  Talia seems close to Emily's mom.  She chats on the phone with Pam Fields about recipes.

Mike stops by The Brew before they open and orders two coffees.  Emily asks what he’s been up to, but he isn’t interested in Emily trying to be another sister to him.

Johnny and Spencer hang out at Hollis and talk about Spencer’s interested in Oxford.  Johnny’s got some travel tips for Spencer.  He warns Spencer not to take pills until the plane is in the air.  When he flew overseas, he took some pills while the plane was still on the ground.  Everyone had to deplane due to faulty equipment, but Johnny was already asleep.  He had to be pushed on a luggage cart.

Toby sees them together and suspiciously asks what Spencer is doing with Johnny.  Spencer lies and says that Johnny has an Oxford contact.  Spencer tries to make plans with Toby for later, but Toby isn’t free.  Johnny irritates Toby by saying something in Italian.

Hanna tells Caleb about Mike’s “I’m With You” necklace.  She thinks it is a present for Alison.  Mike has visited Alison in jail, met up with Alison’s sketchy friends (Cyrus), left candygrams in the woods and withdrew money from “A”’s bank account.

Caleb isn’t thrilled when he finds out Hanna plans to participate in a beauty pageant.  He thinks Hanna will be judged like a heifer at a 4-H Fair. 

Caleb offers to ask his mom for a loan so Hanna can afford college tuition.  Hanna refuses.  After her dad slammed the door in her face, she isn’t comfortable asking anyone for help.

Caleb doesn’t think Hanna's image fits with the squeaky-clean pageant world.  It was only last week that Hanna was modeling a hazmat suit and pushing a barrel with a liquefied friend in it.

Johnny and Spencer talk about the awkward encounter with Toby.  Johnny stops listening when he sees a bunny painting in the window of an art gallery.  Turns out the art gallery is trying to sell the vandalism from Hollis College.

Andrew Campbell is still trying to help Aria with her grades.  Mike comes in and goes to his room without speaking to them.

Aria can’t focus on school because she’s too worried about Mike.  Aria asks Andrew to follow Mike to the gym and see if he’s meeting anyone there.  Andrew seems eager to help Aria out.

Furious, Mike realizes that Aria went through his stuff.  Aria lies and says she was just doing laundry, but Mike isn’t buying it.  He threatens Aria, telling her that she’ll live to regret it if she ever goes through his stuff again.  Mike violently knocks over a table.

Johnny confronts the art gallery owner and tells him that the artwork can’t be sold without his permission.  The gallery owner doesn’t care what Johnny says.  Someone from Hollis saved the graffiti from being hauled off in a garbage truck, so he considers the art his until someone buys it.

Hanna’s meeting with her pageant coach, Nan, is a disaster.  Her coach asks her a bunch of practice questions about endangered species, foreign policy and abortion.  Hanna can’t answer any of the questions.  Her coach explains that it isn’t enough to just be pretty.  Pretty isn’t the point.  Hanna needs to have an opinion about the world.

Under pressure, Hanna says that her talent is dancing.  Hanna texts Emily asking her teach her a dance over the weekend.

Talia’s husband, Eric, comes in looking for Talia.  Emily is uncomfortable around him, but he tells her that she doesn’t have to feel weird around him.  He knows about Emily and he understands.  He’s been with Talia for a long time.  He can live with Talia experimenting with girls.  He loves Talia and he will love her longer than anyone else.

Emily chats with Hanna’s mom while they wait for Hanna.  Emily explains that she took dance lessons since she was 3 years old, but she stopped in 7th grade. 

Hanna’s mom is concerned about the beauty pageant.  She’s having disturbing flashbacks to Hanna’s homecoming queen campaign. 

Needing advice about Talia, Emily asks if it is okay to date someone when part of you knows that it isn’t going to last.  It is amazing in the moment, but the relationship is ultimately doomed.  Hanna’s mom says that people get hurt and disappointed in relationships.  However, no one should jump into a relationship with that intention. 

Aria and Andrew meet up to discuss Mike.  Andrew followed Mike and saw him hide something in a tree in the woods behind Mona’s backyard.  He was going to check what it was, but he heard noises and thought Mike was coming back. 

Aria plans to go and check the tree later.  Andrew is worried about Aria’s safety.  He doesn’t even think Aria is safe in her house with Mike.  Andrew lets Aria know that he is there for her if she needs him.

Still upset about his stolen artwork, Johnny asks Spencer for her toolbox.  He wants to break into the art gallery and steal his work back.  Spencer suggests that Johnny talk to her mom, but he knows that her mom won’t represent a vandal. 

Spencer wants to help, but Johnny doesn’t want her to get involved.  It might ruin her chance to go to Oxford. 

Johnny tells her that the gallery already sold the corner rabbit piece.  Spencer is upset, since that’s the one she painted.  They both want to get the art back.

At school, Emily teaches Hanna a dance routine to Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s song “Bang Bang”.  They only have two hours to rehearse before the pageant coach arrives.  Hanna is discouraged.  She feels the way she did when she was at fat camp and was caught eating toothpaste.

Caleb brings the girls sandwiches and bad news.  He saw Kate Randall (Hanna’s mean stepsister)’s name on the sign up sheet for the beauty pageant. 

Hanna flips out when she hears that she has to compete against Kate.  Kate already stole her dad and her college tuition money.  Hanna isn’t going to let Kate take the crown away from her, too.

Johnny tries to break into the art gallery while Spencer sits in the getaway van.  Johnny doesn’t have any experience picking locks, so Spencer does it for him.  Johnny also needs Spencer’s help taking the art work off the wall.  While Spencer is loading the art into the van, Johnny accidentally trips the alarm as he’s taking the last piece.  They drive away before the police show up.

Toby pulls up in a police car while Spencer and Johnny are at a gas station.  Toby sees the paintings in the van.  Spencer tries to explain that they were just taking back Johnny’s work.  She tells Toby to question the creep who runs the gallery.  Johnny takes the blame and says that Spencer had nothing to do with the break-in.

Toby ignores Spencer and handcuffs Johnny.  Spencer accuses Toby of doing this because he’s mad at her.  Toby says that a business was burglarized and there are stolen goods in the vehicle.  Toby puts Johnny in the back of the squad car. 

Spencer begs Toby to stop being a cop for a minute and talk to her.  Toby says that he can’t talk to her.  She’s still on Lt. Tanner’s radar and Tanner wants to take advantage of their relationship.  He tells Spencer to walk away.

Hanna and Emily perform the dance in front of Hanna’s pageant coach.  The dance starts off fine, but Hanna’s dancing gets out of control as she thinks about Kate.  She puts all her anger and frustration in the dance.

Hanna’s pageant coach tells her that she needs to have allure and mystery, not anger.  She bluntly tells Hanna that she just isn’t pageant material.  Hanna leaves and cries outside the door.  She hears the pageant coach tell Emily that she should be a beauty pageant contestant.  Emily tells the pageant coach that Hanna needs the money.  The coach says that Hanna may need to win, but she doesn’t really want it.

Emily chases Hanna outside, but Hanna takes off.  Talia comes over and Emily tells her that she met Eric.  She knows Talia told Eric that her relationship with Emily is an experiment and a onetime thing.

Emily makes it clear that she isn’t into girl because it’s trendy.  There are three people in this relationship and Talia is lying to every one of them.

Aria finds the tree that Mike hid a package in.  She opens it and finds a vial of blood in it.  Mike comes up behind her and Aria asks why he is stashing her blood in the woods.  Mike tells her that it isn’t her blood or her friends’ blood.  It is a vial of Mona’s blood.

Scared, Aria drops the vial of blood.  It shatters and spills on a rock.  Aria runs away while Mike stares at the blood.

At home, Hanna eats left over pizza.  Emily stops by and tries to comfort Hanna.  Hanna’s mom says that Kate couldn’t have signed up for the pageant.  Hanna’s dad said Kate is in Pennsylvania and he knew nothing about a beauty pageant.

Hanna gets a text from “A” that says “Kate won’t win the pageant, but she’s already won your daddy’s heart - A”.

Hanna is giving up on the beauty pageant, so Emily decides to compete for her.  Hanna is worried that “A” will come after Emily, but Emily doesn’t care.  She isn’t going to let “A” stop her from helping someone she loves.

Johnny gets back to Spencer’s house, only to start packing up to leave.  Spencer’s mom posted his bail with his security deposit.  She kicked him out of the barn and he has no place to live.

Spencer feels horrible about Toby’s behavior.  If Toby had bothered to make one call to the art gallery, he would have known that the art gallery owner is the one who should be punished.  Toby was too busy being an overzealous cop/boyfriend.

Johnny kisses Spencer and Spencer doesn’t try to stop him.

Aria gets home and frantically calls out for her dad, who isn’t home.  Mike comes in and Aria tells him to stay away from her.  Scared, she threatens to call the police.  Mike swears that he didn’t kill Mona.

A few nights before Thanksgiving, Mike went to Mona’s house to surprise her.  She was talking on the phone to Leslie and drawing her own blood.  She had a fridge full of vials of her own blood. 

Mona had a plan to make things right for the Liars and expose “A”.  She planned to fake her own death by smearing her blood all over her house.  Alison would look responsible, since “A” wanted to see her locked up in jail.  “A” came up with this brilliant plan.

Mona planned to eventually talk to “A” face-to-face, but first she had to earn it.  Mona had to fully commit to this plan.  She was sure she could make “A” go away.  The Liars would finally be safe, Alison would get out of jail and Mona would be everyone’s hero.  Mona promised Mike that her “death” would just be temporary.

Crying, Mike tells Aria that they fought about the plan for days.  Mona finally convinced him that she had everything under control and she would be safe.  He doesn’t believe that anymore.  He was supposed to meet up with Mona a bunch of times, but she never showed up.  (Mike had been leaving the candy bags for Mona).  He is afraid that “A” double crossed Mona and actually killed her.

Mike is sure that Alison isn’t “A” because she wasn’t there when Mona was killed.  “A” had Cyrus get her out of town that day.

Mona gave Mike a vial of her blood as a promise that she would be coming back.  He hid it in the woods because he didn’t want Aria to find it and ask questions.  That vial of blood was all he had left of Mona.  Both crying, Mike and Aria hug.

Aria tells her friends that Mike’s necklace was for Mona.  He was holding out hope that she was still alive.

The Liars realize that they need to talk to Alison, but they aren’t sure how they can face her.  They destroyed a lot of evidence that could have proved her innocence and they accused her of being “A”.  They don’t know how they can take that back.

“A” sneaks into Mike’s room with a wrench and uses Mike's exercise equipment.

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