Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lucy Hale on Live! with Kelly and Michael

Lucy Hale chatted with Kelly and Michael for the second time on Live! with Kelly and Michael.

Lucy had a fun New Year.  She partied in Big Bear to ring in the New Year, but was worried she wouldn’t make it to New York to film Live! with Kelly and Michael because of the snow.

Lucy spends her downtime on the PLL set watching Netflix, sleeping and doing lots of online shopping.  Lucy loves weird things that you can buy online, like a remote controlled mermaid tail that helps you swim like a mermaid in the pool.

They had a throwback video to 2003 when Lucy auditioned for American Juniors.  Lucy was fourteen at the time.  She had a pinkie cast that day because she accidentally shut her finger in the car door.

Lucy talked a little about season 5B of Pretty Little Liars.  The Liars are seventeen and getting ready for college.  However, she wasn’t accepted at any colleges that she applied to.

We will find out who “A” is next season, but she would love it if Aria turned out to be “A”.

How gorgeous does Lucy Hale look with her new hair style?

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