Monday, January 12, 2015

Toby Obsessed with “A”

Toby’s going to become obsessed with finding out who “A” is and it’s going to cause major problems for Spoby.

PLL showrunner Marlene told E! News that Toby’s investigation into “A” strains his relationship with Spencer because “she finds him so dedicated to that that he's often unavailable to her."”.

Is Aria heading to Savannah?  “Aria is trying to get into a college in Savannah, so her dilemma is does Ezra come with me or not?” Marlene says.  Ezra’s role as the new owner of The Brew will also cause some problems for Ezria.

“A” is going to cause problems for Haleb, as well.  ““A' really goes after Aria in the beginning of 5B, but then 'A' focuses on Hanna and Hanna and Caleb have a lot to deal with in 5B."

Expect to see interactions that we haven’t seen before, like "Caleb sleuthing with a lot of different people. We get to see him with people we haven't seen him with before."

In fact, all the bed buddies will be sleuthing together.  “"They finally join forces and attempt to overpower 'A,' all the man power."

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