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Recap of PLL 5x18 “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”

In Pretty Little Liars “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me” Mike is keeping secrets, Holbrook is furious at Alison, and Mona’s old friend Leslie meets up with the Liars.

Spencer tells Aria and Emily that Toby doesn’t know if human remains were found in the barrel.  She doesn’t think he would tell her even if he did know.  Toby is an honorable person and Spencer feels like she is tearing him apart. 

Spencer’s mom is a paid consultant for Alison’s defense team.  She wants to know what the defense knows, particularly who is going to be called to testify in court.

Aria is keeping her breakup with Ezra a secret from her friends.  Ezra didn’t even tell Aria that he is out of town for the weekend.

Spencer wants to fix things with Hanna, since they had a fight about the storage unit.  Hanna realizes that Spencer was right.  It was a bad idea to go the storage unit, but she panicked.

The Liars see Detective Holbrook back in town.  He briefly chats with Spencer’s mom.  The Liars wonder why Holbrook is out in the open instead of secretly torturing them as Alison’s henchman.  They suspect that Alison wants inside information from the police station.  She is getting more dangerous as the trial date gets closer.

Johnny is building something for The Brew.  He won’t tell Spencer what he’s making, unless she helps him build it.

Emily tries to make small talk with Talia, but Talia doesn’t say much to her.

Hanna tells her friends that the police want to interview Caleb again.  They want to know if he saw anyone suspicious at the storage place.  Hanna is afraid that they will call her next.

A new girl, Leslie, comes to The Brew looking for Hanna.  She was a friend of Mona’s.

Leslie tells the Liars that she was supposed to see Mona on Thanksgiving.  She was with Mona’s mom when the police called about Mona’s death.  Leslie met Mona a couple summers ago at her grandmother’s place.  Leslie couldn’t make it to Mona’s memorial service because she had exams.  

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Leslie is staying with Mona’s mom for the weekend.  Mona’s mom needs support to get through Alison’s trial.

Leslie thanks the Liars for being there for Mona.  The Liars are silent and look uncomfortable.

Hanna and Caleb are at the police station.  Spencer calls and asks Hanna to stop by Mona’s house afterwards.  Spencer doesn’t trust Leslie and wants Hanna to keep an eye on her.

Spencer looks through her mom’s briefcase and takes a photo of the list of people who have visited Alison in jail.

Her mom comes in and Spencer asks about Holbrook.  Her mom is more interested in talking about the colleges that Spencer got accepted to.  Spencer admits that she isn’t sure she wants to go to college.  Her mom says that Spencer has to go to college.  She is doing everything she can to keep Spencer from getting dragged down in Alison’s trial. 

Caleb assures Hanna that they won’t be arrested.  The police don’t have evidence that they are the ones who broke into the storage unit.

Hanna and Caleb overhear Holbrook being yelled at.  Holbrook grabs a file box and throws his stuff in it.  He sees Hanna and Caleb as he’s storming out. 

Spencer tells Aria that Mike visited Alison in jail.  Aria immediately defends Mike, claiming that he must have a good reason.  Spencer wants Aria to find out why Mike visited Alison.

Hanna tells Emily that Holbrook was suspended for inappropriate behavior.  He was blamed for tampering with Alison’s lie detector test results.  Emily thinks that’s good news, but Hanna thinks Holbrook blames them for getting fired.

Aria approaches Mike, who is watching the 1954 movie “Them!”  Mona had a list of movies she wanted to show Mike.  At first, he couldn’t even look at the list.  Now he’s finally watching a couple.

Mona remembered little details from every movie she ever watched.  Mike says that Mona was too smart.

Hanna and Leslie talk in Mona’s room.  Leslie looks at Mona’s Edgar Allan Poe anthology.  Mona’s grandfather would read the book to her.

Hanna wants to know why Leslie wanted to meet her.  If Leslie really was Mona’s friend, then she would know that the Liars’ relationship with Mona was complicated.

Leslie is sure that Mona really cared about Hanna.  She thinks the Liars were all precious to Mona.

Hanna remembers a sleepover back when she was besties with Mona.  Mona read a story from the Poe book to Hanna.  Mona asked Hanna what she would wish for.  Hanna doesn’t like wishes because they remind you of what you don’t have.

Mona would wish for a stopwatch.  She’d want time to stop and everything to freeze.  Then Mona could spy on people and take whatever she wanted.  She would have all the control and people wouldn’t even know that they were being controlled.

Hanna tells Leslie that Mona was always thinking.  She just wasn’t thinking what they thought she was thinking.

Mike stops by The Brew and runs into Hanna and Leslie.  Mike is furious when he sees Leslie holding Mona’s Poe book.  He demands the book so that he can put it back in Mona’s room.  He tells Hanna that she can’t take everything apart like she wants Mona to disappear.  He continues to demand the book back, but Hanna promises that she’ll put the book back later.  Mike storms off.

Leslie doesn’t want to make trouble, but she thinks Mike and Mona had a fight the night before Mona was killed.  Mona was going to call her back, but she never did.

Emily and Caleb and they discuss Talia.  Emily doesn’t know what she wants.  Caleb understands how Emily feels.

Hanna tells Aria about the fight Mike and Mona had.  Things are looking bad for Mike, since they know he visited Alison in jail.  Aria tried talking to Mike earlier, but she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth.  Hanna pushes Aria to figure out what’s going on with her brother.

Spencer decides to help Johnny at The Brew.  Spencer looks at Johnny’s design sketches, which are on the back of an old Alison missing person flyer.  Johnny says the flyer came from Spencer’s barn.  He wonders how a pretty girl with a nice smile ends up sitting in jail for murder.  Spencer thinks it’s complicated.  Or maybe it’s simple and they just thought it was complicated.

Leslie wishes Hanna hadn’t told Aria about Mike and Mona’s fight.  Leslie doesn’t want Mike to get in trouble.  Leslie leaves the room and Hanna thinks about the sleepover again.

Hanna can’t sleep because of Mona’s stopwatch wish.  Mona would get older, but everyone else would stay the same age.  Mona would fix it.  She wouldn’t get old, while everyone else would age.

Hanna asks what would happen if Alison came back in a disguise to check on them.  Mona gets upset and says that Alison wouldn’t recognize them.  Everyone would have forgotten about Alison.  Alison would go crazy and get thrown into Radley.  Hanna is uncomfortable and Mona tells her that it’s just another scary story. 

Back in the present, Hanna shakes the Poe book.  She finds a tape hidden in the binding of the book.  Hanna leaves Mona’s house and a car follows her.

Johnny finishes his machine and shows it to Spencer.  Spencer sits at the machine and Johnny whispers into a microphone from across the room.  It basically turns Spencer into a human tuning fork and she can hear what he whispers.  The idea is that a stranger can listen to a random whisper.  Spencer is impressed by the genius creation, but she is a little disturbed when Johnny tells her that it was inspired by Rosewood.  Rosewood is a town that is strung together with whispers.

Hanna and Caleb listen to the tape that Mona hid in the Poe book.  It’s a recording of Bethany Young saying that someone is a bitch and evil.  This evil person can get anyone to do anything for her.  Bethany makes plans to defend herself against this evil person.  Hanna and Caleb think Bethany is talking about Alison.

Aria secretly follows Mike to a bridge.  Mike leaves a bag on the bridge and leaves.  Aria investigates and finds that the bag is filled with candy.  She turns around to see Mike behind her.

Aria asks him why he visited Alison in jail, but Mike refuses to tell her.  Concerned, Aria warns him that Alison is dangerous even in a cage.  She doesn’t want Mike to ever visit Alison again.

Mike says that no one will give him orders again.  Aria asks how many times he’s dropped things off at the bridge and who he’s leaving the bags for.  Mike doesn’t answer her questions.  He tells her to be careful going home through the woods.

When Spencer comes home, her mom asks about college again.  Her mom blames Johnny for Spencer’s lack of interest in college.  Spencer begs her mom to remember how she felt at Spencer’s age.  Her mom admits that she didn’t want to be a lawyer back then.

Spencer’s mom heard that the blood spots from the storage unit were a match for Alison’s DNA.

Hanna is pulled over by a cop.  When she gets out of her car to look into the empty police car behind her, Holbrook grabs her arm.  Angry, Holbrook blames Alison for destroying his career.  Hanna doesn’t have much sympathy for him.  He could have refused to do Alison’s dirty work.  She accuses him of trying to kill her friends and cleaning out the storage unit.

Holbrook says Hanna's got the wrong fall guy.  He hasn’t been doing Alison’s dirty work.  He’s been locked in a hotel room with internal affairs.  He tells her to ask Lt. Tanner, since she knows everything.

Holbrook asks if Alison told Hanna about the kiss.  Holbrook grabs Hanna’s face.  Hanna, a complete badass, hits Holbrook with a tire iron.  She thinks Holbrook should be grateful that Alison cut him off.  He doesn’t know how lucky he is.

Emily uses Johnny’s whisper machine to tell Talia how she truly feels.  She didn’t respond to Talia earlier because she was surprised that Talia was into her.  She’s been thinking about Talia ever since.  Talia doesn’t really know anything about her.  However, Emily thinks Talia is lonely.  Emily knows what it feels like to be alone.

It took all the courage Talia had to tell Emily that she liked her.  As she is leaving, Emily kisses her. 

Hanna tells Aria and Spencer that Holbrook isn’t the henchman helping Alison.  Hanna thinks it might be Mike.  Aria is upset that they are accusing her brother.  She is sure that Mike won’t visit Alison in jail again.  The girls think about Bethany’s tape.  They wonder if Alison’s backyard was a trap.

Mike decides to ignore Aria’s warning and he visits Alison in jail again. 

Someone in a black hoodie and gloves sneaks into Mona’s room and shakes the Poe book, only to find out the Bethany tape is missing.

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