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Recap of PLL 5x21 “Bloody Hell”

In Pretty Little Liars “Bloody Hell” episode 5x21, the Liars visit Alison in jail, Aria and Andrew kiss, “A” terrorizes Spencer in London and Aria is on a desperate mission to protect her brother.

Aria, Emily and Spencer visit Alison in jail.  They don’t think Alison is a saint or a decent human being, but they still feel bad that she’s in jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

The Liars, minus Hanna, tell Alison what Mike said about Mona’s plan to frame Alison for her murder.  Mona had planned to come back after meeting “A” and the murder charges would be dropped.

Alison lets Aria know that she plans to tell her lawyers about Mike.  Mike’s testimony can save her.  Aria begs her hold off until she can find Cyrus Petrillo and “A”.  Alison agrees to wait. Alison isn’t trying to hurt Mike, but she might not have another choice.

At school, Hanna tells her friends that she didn't visit Alison because she chickened out.  She didn’t want to face Alison after calling her a liar and a murderer. 

Aria tells her friends about Alison’s plan to feed Mike to her defense team.  Aria feels pressured to figure out who “A” is before Alison’s trial.  Spencer says that Mike can be forced to testify in court as a hostile witness.  Aria is less concerned about the legal issues and more concerned about his safety.  If Mike is Alison’s get out of jail free card, that makes him “A”’s number one target. 

Spencer’s mom is upset when she finds out Spencer and her friends visited Alison in jail.  Determined to keep Spencer out of jail, Spencer’s mom reached out to Wren and asked about his Oxford contact.  Wren arranged for Spencer to have an interview with a professor at Oxford.  Spencer’s plane leaves that night and she’ll spend a few days with Melissa and Wren in London.

Claire, the Glass Slipper Collective pageant contestant coordinator, stops by The Brew to see Emily.  Emily forgot to include a parent signature on her pageant application.  Emily will have to fax her mom’s permission, since her mom is out of town.

Emily looks at the list of events for the pageant and is surprised that it is such a time commitment.  She’ll have to swap some shift at The Brew to make time for the pageant.

Claire seems impressed with Emily.  She thinks Emily could have already won some beauty pageants if she had started competing earlier.

Aria and Hanna stop by Spencer’s house and run into Spencer’s mom.  Aria decides to gets some legal advice from her.  Spencer’s mom is happy to answer her questions, but warns Aria that they don’t have attorney-client privilege.  She may not be able to keep Aria’s question confidential, even if she wants to.  Aria pays Spencer’s mom a dollar and asks if she will be her lawyer for the next hour.

Talia is quitting her job at The Brew.  Emily is shocked and thinks it is because of their fight.

Aria tells Spencer’s mom that someone withheld information that could have helped the police.  Spencer’s mom says that someone who knowingly impeded a police investigation will probably face charges, especially if it’s a serious crime and someone ended up getting killed.

Spencer’s friends don’t want her to leave town, but her mom isn’t giving her a choice.  Spencer hasn’t told Toby about the trip to London.  Lately, the only way to get Toby’s attention is over a police scanner. 

Hanna thinks Spencer should come clean about everything and ask her mom for help.  Emily agrees, but Aria doesn’t want them to do that.  Aria doesn’t want to rattle “A”’s cage by talking, since “A” will retaliate against her brother.

While waiting in the laundry room in jail, Alison writes “Mona” on the dusty table.  The guard comes in and Alison leaves Mona’s name on the table.

Spencer’s mom visits Alison in jail.  She wants to know why the Liars are suddenly visiting Alison, when Alison’s own brother won’t even visit her.

Alison says that she is telling the truth.  She shouldn’t be in jail for Mona’s murder.  Spencer’s mom doubts the jury will believe her, given all the lies Alison has told.

Alison wants to take the stand in court and tell her side of the story, but her lawyers won’t let her.  Spencer’s mom thinks the lawyers are right.  Alison might incriminate herself and jurors wouldn’t believe anything Alison says.

Alison says that her side of the story is the truth, for once.  She knows what people think of her and how hard it is to change someone’s mind, but she has to try.  Alison asks Spencer’s mom to coach her so that she can take the stand and testify.

Andrew is left waiting outside Aria’s house after she forgets about their tutoring session.  Aria feels bad about flaking, but she wants to hold off on their sessions for a while.  Andrew is fine with that and he invites her to the movies tomorrow to watch All the President’s Men.

Aria agrees, but makes it clear that she can’t date him.  She is sort of seeing Ezra.  Andrew says they can just see the movie as friends or study buddies.  Besides, the movie is about Watergate and it will be like a study session.  Andrew is sure Aria will like the movie.  It is a thriller about getting messages from a shadowy figure that knows everyone’s secrets.

Spencer arrives at Wren and Melissa’s flat in London, but she’s surprised when Colin answers the door.  Colin is their flatmate.  Wren and Melissa won’t be back until the next day.  Wren’s boss invited them to his country house in Kent.

Spencer asks Colin to help her with her phone, since she can’t get it to work.  Colin asks which college within the university Spencer is interested in.  When Spencer doesn’t seem to know much about Oxford, Colin suggests that Spencer put down her phone and pick up a course catalog. 

When Alison goes back to the laundry room, she sees that underneath the word “Mona”, someone has written “told everything”.

Talia tells Emily that she talked to her husband Eric.  The talk didn’t go well and they are separating.  Emily is sorry if she made Talia have a conversation that she wasn’t ready to have.  Talia booked a hotel room, but Emily says that Talia can crash at her house. 

Aria shows up at Hanna’s house.  She skipped school that day because Mike is on borrowed time.  Aria found Cyrus.  She went back to the diner and asked about “Hank Mahoney” (which was the fake name Cyrus was using).  Aria found out that Cyrus works at a garage near the diner.  He was injured while working on a car and is now at Taft Memorial Hospital.

Aria wants to talk to Cyrus before he disappears and she’s willing to pay him.  She wants to know who paid Cyrus to set Alison up.  Hanna doesn’t think this is a good idea, but Aria says Cyrus is the only link they have to “A”.

Aria and Hanna go to the hospital and are surprised that Cyrus is in the Burn Unit.  They pretend to be Cyrus’s cousins. 

Alison finds a can under her bed.  Inside of the can is a tiny doll that resembles Alison.  The doll is wearing an orange prison jumper.  There’s also a message from “A” that says “You’re already over a barrel, wanna be in one, too? - A”.

Spencer’s interview at Oxford is going great.  She’s hitting it off with the professor, until he notices blood leaking from her purse.  Spencer finds a broken blood vial in her purse.  Freaked out, Spencer runs out of the interview.

Emily practices her dance for the Glass Slipper Pageant.  She dances to Rihanna and Shakira’s song "Can't Remember to Forget You".

Talia stops by and watches Emily dance.  Talia doubts that Emily’s only intention is to help her friend with scholarship money.  Emily admits that she’s competing for herself, as well.  If she wins, she’ll know that she can take control of her life.

Hanna and Aria hadn’t realized how badly injured Cyrus is.  They ask him what happened.  Cyrus writes “CARJACK”.  The girls think “A” hurt Cyrus as retaliation for talking to Mike and made it look like a carjacking.  The nurse comes in and kicks Aria and Hanna out. 

Spencer calls Aria, freaked out over the blood in her purse.  Spencer is worried that “A” put Mona’s blood in her purse before she got to the airport.  If the blood was spotted at the airport, she would be interrogated by federal agents.  Spencer wants to come home, but she’s scared.  What if “A” put a pinky toe in her checked luggage?  Spencer gets a text that says “Keep calm, but watch your carry-on.  There’s more blood where that came from – A”.

Talia and Emily have fun dancing together, but Talia’s laughter quickly turns into tears.  Emily slow dances with Talia to comfort her.

Hanna and Aria think “A” is tying up loose ends, starting with Cyrus.  Mike might be next.  As they are leaving, Hanna notices that the “C” in Cyrus’s message is actually a “V”.  He didn’t write “carjack”.  Cyrus gave them the name “Varjack”.

Alison was obsessed with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, so using the character name Paul Varjak would be a way to taunt them. 

Hanna is happy that Cyrus spelled the name wrong.  This means that Cyrus has never seen the name written down, so he didn’t communicate with “A” through email or text.  Cyrus and “A” actually spoke to each other.

Someone covered in bandages gets out of a hospital bed and stands next to Cyrus.

Spencer frantically checks her luggage for any surprise “A” may have left her.  Colin comes in and asks if Spencer is looking for bed bugs.  Spencer asks if she can borrow his computer.  She needs to call a cab, change her flight and go home tonight.

Colin recognizes that Spencer is having a panic attack.  He’s a school teacher and he sees little kids have panic attacks.  He helps Spencer with a relaxation exercise, which actually works.  Spencer calms down and Colin offers to cook for her.

Claire stops by with bad news.  The pageant board doesn’t think Emily has good moral character.  They can’t force Emily to drop out, but they are strongly encouraging her to.  Emily and Talia immediately think this is because Emily dates girls. 

Claire says this is actually about Alison.  Emily has a close connection to the Alison DiLaurentis case.  Sponsors will drop out to avoid any negative association.

Talia threatens Claire and suggests that the sponsors make a donation towards Emily’s education.  Emily doesn’t think they will actually send her a check, but Talia is hopeful.

Hanna’s mom has good news.  Ted finally called and he still wants to marry her.  However, Hanna isn’t that happy.  She doesn’t think it was fair of Ted to leave her mom twisting in the wind for so long.

Hanna’s mom is glad that Ted took time before making his decision.  If he answered right away, it wouldn’t be honest.  Regardless of how things would turn out, Hanna’s mom is glad that she apologized.  She felt awful about cheating on Ted.  She needed to apologize to him in order to forgive herself.

Aria can’t find Mike.  She goes to his room to look for his schedule and sees something attached to his dartboard.  She has to stand on Mike’s exercise equipment to reach the dartboard and suddenly the weights come crashing down.  Andrew rushes upstairs when he hears Aria fall. 

Andrew notices that the nut and bolt don’t match.  If Mike had been lifting weights, the weights would have crushed his skull.

Andrew checks Aria’s ankle.  He thinks it might be sprained.  He’s worried about the swelling and recommends that she see a doctor.  He tells Aria, “for such a petite girl, you bring a lot of chaos”.  However, he doesn’t mind that.  He likes problems.  Complicated girls don’t scare him off.

Aria cries, shocked that “A” sabotaged Mike’s weights in an attempt to kill him.  (“A” messed with Mike’s weights at the end of “Pretty Isn’t the Point”).  Andrew tries to comfort Aria and ends up kissing her.

Spencer’s mom looks through Alison’s file and sees something that scares her.  She calls Spencer and tells her not to return home.

Hanna visits Alison in jail.  She starts to apologize to Alison, but Alison tells her not to.  When Alison was arrested, she kept wonder what she did to deserve it.  Alison honestly thought that she was helping the Liars by telling them what to wear, how to act and who to like.  When her friends stopped listening to her, Alison found new people who would do whatever she told them to do.

Alison doesn’t have any freedom in jail.  No one listens to her.  She isn’t allowed to decide what to eat, what to wear and when to shower.  Alison never realized how bad it felt to be on the other side of that.  Crying, Alison apologizes to Hanna and asks if they can start over.

Hanna doesn’t know if they can start over, but she’s willing to try.  However, Alison has to be honest with them about everything.  Hanna asks Alison who Varjak is.

“A” puts money in each Holy Bible at the Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility.

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