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Recap of PLL 5x19 “Out, Damned Spot”

In Pretty Little Liars “Out, Damned Spot” 5x19, Talia has a secret, Hanna has a heartbreaking conversation with her dad, Mike starts to look more guilty and blood vials get “A” one step closer to taking the Liars down.

Rosewood has a blood drive and the Liars participate.  Emily isn’t able to give blood because of her summer trip to Haiti, so Spencer takes her cookie.  Hanna’s mom is grateful that the girls are donating.  She recruited people from church to give blood, but they all canceled at the last minute.  She hands Emily a brownie, but Aria takes it from her. 

Paula, a church member, stops by.  She claims that she can’t give blood because she is coming down with a cold.  She’s noticed that Hanna’s mom hasn’t been to church for a few weeks and Pastor Ted looks distracted.  Hanna’s mom says that she’s been busy and Paula says that the other church members were probably too busy to come to the blood drive.  She asks Hanna’s mom to distribute flyers for the Glass Slipper beauty pageant. 

Someone breaks a glass in the restricted zone.  The Liars look up and realize that Mike was standing near their blood vials.  He gets kicked out, but he clearly already hid something in his jacket.

Spencer and Hanna push Aria to ask Mike what he was doing at the blood drive.  Aria already knows he’ll just tell her to mind her own business.  Spencer thinks it is their business if Mike stole their blood and is helping Ali.

Aria’s angry that her friends are so quick to accuse Mike.  Emily tries to play peacemaker, but Hanna thinks they are being set up as accessories to murder.  And they know Mike had a falling out with Mona before she died.

Aria thinks her friends are desperate to find out who is helping Alison, since they know it isn’t Holbrook.  She knows it can’t be her brother.  He loved Mona.  He wouldn’t hurt her or team up with someone who would.

Aria freezes up during a math test and can’t answer the questions.  She ends up copying Andrew Campbell’s test answers.

Hanna is concerned about college, since she wasn’t offered any financial aid.  Her mom doesn’t have a job now, so she can’t afford the tuition.  She shows Spencer her Ballard College letter.  Spencer says that Hanna wasn’t offered financial aid because her dad can afford the tuition.

After class, Andrew tells Aria that he saw her cheating off of him.  Apologetic, Aria explains that she was given conditional acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  They can revoke her acceptance if she doesn’t make honor roll.

Andrew isn’t mad at Aria and he even offers to tutor her.  Aria is quick to say no.  Andrew thinks Aria will eventually get caught cheating.  Aria changes her mind and agrees to the tutoring session.

Emily and Talia go bike riding together.  Talia takes Emily to the site of her first kiss.  Right before the guy kissed her, he burped in her face.  She really wanted a do over after that. 

Talia wants Emily to share something next.  She asks what Emily’s biggest fear is.  Emily isn’t ready to tell, which is okay with Talia.  Emily kisses her, giving her a do over for her first kiss.

Hanna finds her mom sitting in the dark, staring at her engagement ring.  Hanna’s mom told Ted that she wants to marry him, but she also came clean about the one time she cheated on him with Jason.  Ted needed some time to think and said he would call her.  Ted couldn’t even look at her. 

Over the phone, Spencer again tells Aria her concerns about Mike.  Aria promises to keep an eye on her brother if Spencer promises not to jump to conclusions.  After all, at one point Spencer was convinced that Melissa was “A”.  Aria tells Spencer about her study session with Andrew.  Spencer warns her to be careful around Andrew and his dimples.

Spencer is microwaving a frozen dinner when Johnny comes in.  He is about to eat the same thing, but Spencer makes a comment about her food being included in his rental agreement.  He puts the frozen meal back in the freezer and asks where Toby is.  Spencer was going to hang out with him, but Toby cancelled.

Johnny is going to paint a mural at Hollis College and he wants Spencer’s help.  Spencer is busy.  Her mom wants her to email family members who have college contacts.  Johnny promises to buy Spencer a real dinner if she agrees to help him.

Aria answers Mike’s phone when he gets a call from the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility.  The call is supposedly from a Hank Mahoney.  Aria asks if it’s Alison on the other end of the line.  Whoever it is hangs up without answering.

Spencer and Johnny go to Hollis College at night to paint the building.  If Spencer hadn’t come, Johnny would have called his ex-girlfriend Sophie and asked her to come with him.  Johnny admits that he falls for women who are unavailable.  He’s bad at relationships.

Spencer’s parents used to take her and Melissa to Hollis College all the time for a summer concert series.  Back then, they thought Spencer would be a famous violinist.  In the Hastings family, if you don’t excel at something you just move on to the next thing.

Johnny asks if Spencer has ever done something just because she loved doing it.  Spencer wonders how you can love something that you’re bad at.  Johnny says that he usually manages.

Mike’s lifting weights and blasting loud music in his room.  Aria pounds on his door until he answers.  She asks why Alison is calling him.  She knows he visited her in jail.  Is Alison now sending secret messages from jail?  She asks who Hank Mahoney is.  Aria doesn’t understand why Mike is letting Alison manipulate him.  He knows what she is capable of. 

Aria demands to know what is going on, but Mike slams the door in her face without answering.

On the phone, Hanna says that no one wants to believe Mike is helping Alison.  However, Alison could take on a grown man and cop like Holbrook.  Who knows what Alison could do to Aria’s brother.

Hanna’s mom tells Hanna that her dad left a voicemail.  He’s going to be in the office all day, so they will have to catch up another time.  Hanna’s mom asks what Hanna is going to talk to her dad about.

Hanna admits that she wants to ask him about college tuition.  Her dad had a good year financially, so she wasn’t offered financial aid.  Hanna’s mom explains that her dad’s financial obligation was worked out in the divorce settlement years ago.  She doesn’t want Hanna to tell him that she no longer has a job.

Hanna thinks her dad should be the one to pay tuition, since he has money.  Hanna’s mom insists that she will figure something out.  Going to Hanna’s dad isn’t going to fix anything.

Ezra has noticed that Emily and Talia are getting along now.  Emily mentions Aria’s acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  She is surprised that he doesn’t already know about it.

Emily sees Talia’s last name on Ezra’s paperwork and thinks there is a mistake.  Talia’s last name is Sandoval, not Mendoza.  Ezra suggests that Talia is married, which Emily immediately denies.  Ezra checks his papers and notices that Talia’s husband is listed as her emergency contact.

Spencer climbs a ladder to look at Johnny’s mural, which he painted on the roof.  She doesn’t want to screw up his work, but he won’t leave until Spencer paints something.  As Spencer climbs down, she falls and Johnny catches her.

Mike exchanges messages with Hank on the computer.  Mike types “She told me what to bring.  I’ll have it tomorrow.  What time?”  Hank responds that he’ll be in touch.  Mike goes to his mini fridge.  Hidden inside an energy drink can is a vial of blood.

Spencer storms out of her house to confront Johnny.  Vandalism at Hollis College is first page news in the local newspaper.  Spencer is furious that Johnny tricked her into doing something illegal.  Johnny didn’t think she would come if he had told her that it was illegal.  With all the college stuff Spencer’s mom is pushing, Johnny thought Spencer might have fun coloring outside the lines for once.  Spencer tells him that she’s already been arrested for murder.  She can’t mess up and get arrested again.  Surprised, Johnny says that he didn’t know.

Andrew comes to Aria’s house to tutor her in math and science.  He guesses that math and science aren’t Fitz’s strong suit, since she could have asked him for help.  Aria doesn’t tell him that she and Ezra are taking a break.

Hanna texts Aria asking about Mike.  When Hanna text a second time, Andrew takes her phone and makes up a math question using her phone.  Then he notices Hanna’s texts about Aria's brother.

Talia offers Emily a taste of her food at The Brew, but Emily is angry.  She doesn’t understand how Talia could kiss her and not tell her that she has a husband.  Ezra comes in and Emily storms off.

Emily spots Mike at an ATM.  Mike leaves without his receipt, so Emily takes it.

Andrew only has an hour left to tutor Aria before baseball practice.  Emily stops by.  Outside, she shows Aria the ATM receipt.  Aria is shocked that Mike has 18 thousand dollars in his account.  Emily mentions that “A” has tons of money.  Alison had secret accounts.

Aria tells Emily about the call Mike got from the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility supposedly from Hank Mahoney.  As they are talking, Mike takes the car and drives off.  Emily wants to follow them, so they asks Andrew if they can borrow his car.  Neither of them can drive stick, so Andrew agrees to drive them.

Hanna visits her dad at work and tells him that she got into Ballard, Skidmore and Trinity.  She hasn’t figured out how to pay for school.  Hanna’s dad brings up the divorce agreement.  Hanna makes it clear that she is asking for help, not her mom.

Hanna’s dad claims that he is proud of her, but he didn’t even know that she wanted to go to those types of schools.  He’ll pay what was agreed on in the divorce agreement, which is ten thousand dollars a year.  Kate starts Dartmouth in the fall and he can’t afford to put two kids through private school.  It comes down to dollars and cents and he doesn’t have it.

Hanna is shocked that her dad is paying Kate’s tuition, but refuses to pay hers.  Hanna’s dad says that Kate worked really hard.  She got accepted early admission and he promised Isabel that he would take care of it.  He claims that Hanna was more interested in shopping than college the last time they talked about it.

Hurt, Hanna points out that the last time they discussed college was when she was twelve years old.  She was obsessed with donuts and he’d never even heard of Kate back then.  Hanna gets that her dad doesn’t want to disappoint the wrong daughter.

Worried about her future, Spencer emails her sister Melissa and asks if Wren still has a contact at Oxford.

Andrew, Aria and Emily follow Mike’s car.  Emily texts Spencer to meet up with them, but she can’t reach Hanna.  Andrew wonders if Aria usually follows her brother.  He wants to know what is going on, so Emily lies.  Emily says that Mike is into drugs.

Mike stops at a diner.  Aria and Emily tell Andrew not to wait for them.  They’ll catch a ride with Spencer.  Andrew looks concerned as he watches them leave.

Aria and Emily watch as Mike introduces himself to Hank.  Turns out “Hank” is actually Cyrus Petrillo (Alison’s fake kidnapper).  Mike gives Cyrus an envelope, which Aria and Emily assume is cash.

Hanna stops by The Brew to look for Emily.  Hanna left her phone at her dad’s office and can’t reach any of  her friends.  However, there is no way Hanna’s going back to get it.  Ezra can see Hanna is upset, so he offers to talk to her.

Hanna tells him that her dad doesn’t think she’s college material.  He thinks her stepsister Kate is, though.  More than the money, Hanna really wanted her dad to say that he knew she had it in her. 

Ezra can relate.  When he was in high school, his parents couldn’t agree on anything except that he wouldn’t amount to anything.  When his parents cut him off, he took out loans and got jobs to pay for college by himself.  He cheers Hanna up by telling her about his job where he had to dress up as a hot dog.  He knows it’s not the same as hearing it from her dad, but he used to be her teacher and he always knew she had it in her.

Spencer arrives and the girls watch Mike and Cyrus from outside.  Aria, scared for her brother’s safety, wants to get her brother away from Cyrus.  Spencer and Emily stop her.  They want to follow Cyrus and find out what he knows.  Aria gets a call from Ezra’s phone.  It’s actually Hanna, but Aria doesn’t pick up.

Hanna thanks Ezra for everything he said to her.  As she leaves The Brew, she sees a poster for the Glass Slipper Beauty Pageant.  The winner of the pageant gets a scholarship.

Emily asks if Aria and Ezra are fighting, since he didn’t know about her acceptance to Savanna College of Art and Design.  Aria doesn’t know where their relationship stands.  Ezra thinks that he’s the reason she didn’t have a perfect high school experience.

Emily, Aria and Spencer all get a text from “A”.  It is a picture of Aria, Spencer and Hanna’s blood vials with the message “Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund. –A”.  The girls suspect Mike gave Cyrus their blood samples.

Emily, Aria and Spencer look up and see Mike and Cyrus have already left the diner.  Mike drives off.  Cyrus chases the girls on a motorcycle.  When the girls stop, he tells them that he doesn’t like being followed.  They say that he has something that belongs to them and they want it back.

Cyrus wants to make a trade with the Liars, but Andrew appears with a baseball bat and orders him to back away from the girls. 

Hanna’s mom gives Hanna her phone.  Her dad dropped it off.  Knowing Hanna’s father, Hanna’s mom already knows his answer was that it comes down to dollars and cents.  She knows he can be dismissive.

Pastor Ted still hasn’t called Hanna’s mom.  Hanna tells her mom to fight for Ted.  If Hanna can compete in a beauty pageant for scholarship money, then her mom can call the man she loves and tell him to take her back.  Hanna’s mom takes her advice and picks up the phone.

Talia shows up at Emily’s house and asks to talk.  Talia explains that she married her husband right after high school.  He knows that she likes girls and that she has to be true to herself.  They never divorced because they are best friends.  Her husband has been with her through everything.  She didn’t want to scare Emily away by telling her the truth and she’s sorry.

Emily admits that there are things she’s not ready to share with Talia yet, either.  There are things that would scare Talia away from her.  Emily seems to forgive Talia and holds her hand.

Spencer comes home to find Johnny loading up the freezer with frozen meals.  Spencer talked with her mom and realized that her mom would never buy frozen mac and cheese.  She apologizes for eating all of Johnny’s food.

Spencer acknowledges that Johnny was right.  She did have fun painting with him.  However, she has boundaries.  College may be her best chance to get out of Rosewood.  Johnny says that he’s trying to have boundaries, too.

Hanna and Aria have a sleepover at Spencer’s house.  It’s just a matter of time before “A” paints the town red with their DNA and they are all sharing a jail cell with Alison.  They don’t notice Mike standing outside Spencer’s house, peering through the window.

“A” takes Hanna’s blood and puts a few drops on a bloody shirt.  In the background “A” plays the video recording of Hanna and Caleb planning the storage break-in.  “A” also has the knife from Mona’s murder.

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