Friday, February 13, 2015

Keegan Allen Thinks Lucy Hale Knows Who “A” Is

Credit: Keegan Allen's Instagram
Does Lucy Hale know who “A” is?  Lucy has often said in interviews that she has no idea who “A” is (Late Night with Seth Meyers interview, Live! with Kelly and Michael interview ).  Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) thinks Lucy actually does know!

When asked if everybody except Lucy Hale knows who “A” is, Keegan said “That’s not true.  Lucy probably knows.  She’s just really charming and doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings when they ask her ’cause Lucy’s amazing like that.  She’ll be like ‘Oh no, darling, I don’t know.'” 

Keegan continued “She’s so charming; I think that’s why she’s shying away from it.  I think everyone knows, but we all have this pact where we don’t want to tell anybody because we love the collective mass of people freaking out”.

How did Keegan Allen find out who “A” is?  Keegan cornered PLL showrunner Marlene King and told her that she had to tell him the identity of “A”.

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