Thursday, February 5, 2015

Talia Keeping Secrets on PLL

The Liars are all about secrets, but Emily’s new crush Talia has a few secrets of her own.

Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Talia on PLL, told TVLine that “just like everyone in Rosewood, Talia definitely has some secrets, and those secrets may affect Emily”.

As a PLL fan, Miranda is rooting for Paily.  “Before Talia came along, I was a Paily fan; I really like Paige and Emily together.” 

Miranda isn’t sure Talia is going to replace Paige.  “I think it was sad to see Paige go, but we don’t really know how long she’s going to be gone for. It’s not necessarily 100 percent over. Everything in possible in Rosewood.”

Is Emily heading towards another heartbreak?  Seems like it won’t be happily ever after for Talia and Emily. 

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