Thursday, February 12, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x20: Spencer-Toby-Johnny Love Triangle?

Johnny and Spencer discuss Spencer going to college overseas, or as Johnny calls it, being shipped off to Hogwarts.

Johnny has a fear of flying and he makes Spencer laugh when he describes his flight overseas.  He advices Spencer not to take a horse pill until the wheels are off the runway.  He took pills too soon and the plane had faulty equipment.  Everyone had to get off the plane, but Johnny was asleep.  He got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Ohio.

Toby sees them when he stops by Hollis to pick up some class schedules for Jenna.  Toby suspiciously asks what Spencer is doing with Johnny.  Spencer claims that Johnny has an old friend who’s a Oxford connection, but Johnny shakes his head.

Spencer wants to hang out with Toby later, but Toby says that he isn’t free.  Johnny says something to Toby in Italian, which annoys Toby.

Are you Team Toby or Team Johnny?

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