Monday, February 29, 2016

PLL 6x18 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x18 “Burn This”:

“After the stalker nearly killed Emily, the Liars begin to take the threats more seriously and attempt to keep their mouths shut to prevent any further harm. Caleb must deal with the collateral damage of taking the blame for the leak about Yvonne; Spencer tries to comfort him and get him to tell the truth. Emily goes on a mission to track down who came after her. Aria and Ezra move forward with the novel.

Meanwhile, Hanna avoids dealing with her personal life.”

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lucy Hale on PLL Ending After 7th Season: “All Good Things Must Come To An End”

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) seems ready for the end of Pretty Little Liars.  Lucy talked about PLL ending after season 7 during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Credit: Instagram

Lucy Hale's interview seemed to confirm that Pretty Little Liars is ending.  Looks like the PLL actresses are ready to move on.  They have spent six years working on the show.  Lucy has basically spent her twenties on the show.  Lucy Hale loves the show and the people she works with, but she thinks all good things must come to end.

So how does Lucy Hale want PLL to end?  Lucy used to want a happy ending.  She wanted the Liars to walk off into the sunset and have “A”-free lives.  However, Lucy now wants Pretty Little Liars to end in tragedy.

Lucy’s answer to whether PLL will end after the seventh season is pretty much the same answer that we’ve heard in the past.  In a previous interview, Lucy said PLL would definitely end after the seventh season, although Freeform has not announced an official decision yet.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Keegan Allen Designed Minin Cat Shirt

Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) loves his cat Minin.  (Check out Keegan's adorable Vine videos with his cat Minin).  So Keegan designed a limited edition Minin shirt to sell at  Proceeds from the shirts will support “A Race To Erase MS”.

Keegan Allen filmed this video encouraging fans to buy “The Best Ship” t-shirts that feature Ezra and Aria.  Keegan ended the video by whipping off the Ezria t-shirt to reveal his Minin shirt.

A video posted by Keegan Allen (@keeoone) on

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sasha Pieterse Opens Organic Frozen Yogurt Store Brew-Lé

Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis on PLL) is a successful actress and singer, but now she’s also an organic frozen yogurt store owner.  Sasha’s new frozen yogurt shop, Brew-Lé, is located in Valencia, California.

PLL Star Sasha Pieterse
Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Thursday, February 25, 2016

PLL Cast at Convention in Germany (Photos)

PLL stars Janel Parrish (Mona), Keegan Allen (Toby), Ian Harding (Ezra) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) visited Germany for a PLL convention.

Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse got some sightseeing in.  Janel captioned this photo “Night walks on lovers bridge @sashapieterse27”.

Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse on Lovers Bridge in Germany for PLL Convention

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

PLL 6x18 Promo: Aria in Police Lineup

The Pretty Little Liars promo for 6x18 “Burn This” shows that things really start heating up.  Aria is in a police lineup, Toby punches Caleb, Mona acts shady and there’s an explosion.

What is Aria doing in a police lineup?

Toby punches Caleb in front of Spencer.  Toby already knows about Spaleb, so why would he punch Caleb?  Maybe he thinks Caleb leaked the story about Yvonne’s abortion?

Emily tries to figure out who attacked her.  She confronts Mona and asks “was it you?”  Mona can’t give Emily any answers, though.

Mona shows up at Hanna’s bridal shower with a present.  There’s an explosion at the party and it looks like Aria may have gotten hurt.

Hope Aria is okay!

PLL Recap of 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”: Wedding, Proposal & Murder Weapon

Pretty Little Liars episode 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage” focused on the PLL relationships.  Aria’s parents got remarried, Liam found out about Aria’s history with Ezra, Hanna was uncertain about her future with fiancé Jordan and Alison got a marriage proposal from Dr. Elliot Rollins.  For Emily, though, it was all about Charlotte’s murder.  Emily may have found the murder weapon, only to accidentally hand it off to someone else.  And is there more than one person after the Liars?

Emily and Hanna take Alison to Sara Harvey’s hotel room to show her the hole in the closet and the secret space.  Sara’s hotel room is a mess and Sara checked out in a hurry.  The girls are shocked that the hole in the closet is gone.  They hide when a maid comes in to clean the room.  After the girls slip out of the room, the maid takes off her glasses and a face mask.  The Liars were in the same room as Uber “A” and they didn’t even know it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spoiler: Identical Twin on Upcoming PLL Episode

Expect to see an identical twin on Pretty Little Liars within the next few episodes.

There have been rumors of a twin on PLL for a while.  A couple years ago, actress Tammin Sursok (Jenna Marshall on PLL), talked about someone having a twin sister on PLL.  Looks like the twin storyline is going to play out soon.

PLL showrunner Marlene King was asked about a twin on PLL and she promised we will see an identical twin soon.

“There is a twin. You will meet this person soon. Within a few episodes” Marlene tweeted.

When asked if it a fraternal or identical twin, Marlene answered “identical”.

Any theories on who this identical twin on PLL might be?

Monday, February 22, 2016

PLL 6x17 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”:

“Love is in the air in Rosewood.

As romantic relationships move forward, the Liars investigate a new suspect in the murder case. With Ezra back in Rosewood, Aria must tell him the truth about her involvement with his book. Spencer and Caleb deal with a media leak that affects the campaign. Hanna takes a look at her life after an incident at work. Emily gets harassed by the stalker while she continues the search for Sara.

Meanwhile, two lovers finally tie the knot with the help of a special officiant.”

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lucy Hale & Ian Harding Promote “The Best Ship” Ezria Shirts

PLL stars Lucy Hale and Ian Harding worked with designers to create these Ezria shirts and sweatshirts so that PLL fans of Aria and Ezra can show their love of the ship.  The proceeds from the sales will benefit Smile Train and Lupus Foundation of America.

Lucy Hale posted a couple photos to promote the t-shirts.  Lucy posted this photo with the caption “It's here !! Ian and I are so excited for you to wear our faces. All proceeds go to charities near to our heart( the Lupus foundation of America and @smiletrain ) Be sure to get yours at @represent @ianmharding (link in bio)”.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

PLL 6x17 Sneak Peek: Emily Goes Back to School

Emily uses the money from her egg donation to go back to school in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”.

Emily meets Damian (played by Blake Berris), a guy who will be in her Intro to Psych class.  Damian invites Emily to a lecture given by their professor.  Emily decides to go with him.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

PLL 6x17 Sneak Peek: Aria & Liam Discuss Ezra

Liam offers Aria advice on dealing with Ezra’s book in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”.

Now that Ezra is back in Rosewood with the next few chapters of his book ready to be submitted, Aria needs to tell Ezra that she already submitted her own writing and passed it off as his book chapters.  She’s worried that she’ll get fired.

Aria’s boyfriend Liam is optimistic about the situation.  Maybe their boss will give Aria a book contract.  She loved Aria’s writing.

Liam encourages Aria to tell Ezra everything.  Maybe he’ll be flattered.  This problem can be solved if Ezra calls the publisher and says that he wants to take the book in another direction.  Aria doesn’t see it that way.  Ezra will feel betrayed.

Liam still doesn’t know that Aria and Ezra used to date.  He thinks Ezra is lucky that a former student would care enough to save his reputation.  After all, two weeks ago Ezra was pouring rum on his corn flakes.

Lucy Hale Does her Makeup Artist’s Makeup (Video)

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, could have a second career as a makeup artist.  Lucy is usually the one sitting in the chair while her makeup artist works her magic, but the roles were reversed in this “Trading Places with Lucy Hale” Glamour video.  Watch Lucy Hale apply makeup on her friend and makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

Lucy had to go back and blend some more, but Kelsey thought Lucy didn’t do too bad.  She’d probably hire Lucy if she ever needed her makeup done.  (At least Lucy didn't apply nail polish instead of lipgloss, like one makeup artist accidentally did to Lucy).

To see more of Lucy Hale’s makeup skills, watch her beauty hack for creating a custom lip colorLucy also has a cool method for applying false eyelashes.  And Lucy is pretty much an expert at applying lipstick while blindfolded.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PLL Cast Wish Sasha Pieterese Happy 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sasha Pieterse!  Sasha, who plays Alison DiLaurentis on PLL, turned twenty today.  Her fellow PLL cast members sent some birthday love her way on social media.

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, posted this photo with the message “Happy Birthday Sasha. You are in a league of your own when it comes to class, talent and kindness. I love you to pieces 👯 @sashapieterse27”.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

PLL 6x17 Promo: Emily is Attacked

Emily gets attacked after getting closer to answers in this promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”.

Spencer’s older sister Melissa is back in town.  Spencer will probably have a lot of questions for her, since Spencer now thinks a broken piece of Melissa’s suitcase was used as the murder weapon to kill Charlotte.

Melissa and Hanna have a chat.  “We all have a past, Hanna.  Aren’t you curious what she plans to use against you?” Melissa asks.  Who is this “she” Melissa is referring to?

Caleb and Spencer know something that Emily doesn’t.  What are they hiding?

Caleb asks Spencer if Alison is hiding something about the murder.

Hanna asks Emily if she was attacked.  Emily may have found the murder weapon and the new “A” was willing to kill her to get it.

PLL Recap of 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”: Melissa Looks Suspicious

More is revealed about the murder weapon in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”.  “A” takes things to the next level by stealing Emily’s eggs, Ezra finally comes back to Rosewood and Alison learns about the new “A”.  And it looks like the murder weapon may have come from Melissa’s suitcase.

Hanna and her fiancé Jordan are avoiding Rosewood, so they have some budget champagne and make love in a tacky love hotel.  Hanna learns that she can’t escape Rosewood even for one night.  She wakes up to find dozens of texts from the other Liars.  And the new “A”, Evil Emoji, left a breakfast tray at the door.  It comes with a note that says “THE HONEYMOON IS OVER”.  The breakfast is a sad face made out of two eggs and a piece of bacon.  “Poor Jordie” is written in ketchup on the plate.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

PLL Cast Takes Lie Detector Test

The PLL cast took a lie detector test to see if they are pretty little liars in real life.  Watch this Vanity Fair ‘Pretty Little Lie Detector’ video to see how Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Shay Mitchell (Emily), Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) handled tough questions while hooked up to a lie detector. 

Lucy Hale got hit with some hard questions, but she answered honestly.  Which Liar told the most lies?  Shay Mitchell told one lie, but Troian Bellisario told the most lies out of all the girls. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

PLL 6x16 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits for Me”:

“While new discoveries are made in the investigation of Charlotte’s murder, the truth begins to emerge about the Liars’ personal lives. Spencer is concerned to learn her mother is keeping a secret of her own. Aria confesses to Liam how deeply she’s involved with Ezra’s book. Ali admits that she and Elliott are more than just friends. Mona reveals where her true allegiances lie. Caleb, Spencer and Hanna deal with the complications of new relationships.

Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna each receive shocking threats that elevate the seriousness of the situation.”

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PLL 6x16 Canadian Promo

Here is the Canadian promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits for Me”:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

PLL Cast Play Makeout Quiz Game (Who is Kissing Who?)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a funny video of the PLL cast playing the Vanity Fair Pretty Little Liars quiz game “Who is Kissing Who?”.  There have been a lot of hookups and kisses over the years on Pretty Little Liars.  Actresses Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Sasha Pieterse (Alison) and Shay Mitchell (Emily) watched close-up clips of PLL kissing scenes.  They had to guess which cast members were making out.

The girls were pretty good at the game.  They were able to guess all the kissing couples.

“I always know Ian’s cause his tongue’s always out,” Lucy Hale said, making the rest of the girls laugh.  Lucy felt uncomfortable watching herself making out with Ian Harding (Ezra).

Lucy Hale wasn’t the only Liar to feel uncomfortable watching the kissing clips.  “Ew, that’s really gross to look at now,” Ashley Benson said after watching a clip of herself making out with Tyler Blackburn (Caleb).  Troian called her out on that, since Ashley said that she loves watching people kiss.  Ashley didn’t like watching up-close kissing, though.

When watching a clip of a Spencer and Toby kiss, Troian Bellisario said “I’m not even actually involved in this kiss.  It’s all Keegan”.

Did you guess all the kissing PLL couples correctly? 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

PLL 6x16 Sneak Peek: Haleb Talk About New “A”

Hanna and Caleb talk about the new “A” in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits for Me”.

Hanna and Caleb haven’t spent much one-on-one time together since coming back to Rosewood, but the two of them finally talk.

Caleb is dating Spencer now, but he’s still the same supportive guy who always had Hanna’s back.  This new “A” wants to make Hanna and the other Liars miserable, but Caleb is sure Hanna can beat “A”.  Hanna is stronger and smarter than she was five years ago.  She knows that she can beat “A” because she’s done it before.

And Caleb isn’t just a hacker anymore.  He's also into making beer.  Toby and Caleb were thinking of opening a brewery together, but things have changed now that Caleb is dating Spencer.

Does this sneak peek video of PLL 6x16 make you miss Haleb or are you already supporting Spaleb?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Lucy Hale's Fake Eyelash Hack

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) has a cool fake eyelash hack that she shared with Cosmopolitan.  Lucy shows an easy way to apply fake individual lashes using a bobby pin.  (The PLL actresses always wear fake eyelashes on Pretty Little Liars, even if it is a "no makeup" scene.)
Here are Lucy’s four steps to apply fake individual lashes:

1. Separate a bobby pin and dab some glue onto one end.
2. Apply lash glue at the base of a false lash cluster.
3. Position the false lash bundle using tweezers, applying them at the outer corners and working your way inward.
4. Wait until the glue dries and then bat your lashes.

Lucy Hale demonstrates this beauty hack using Ardell Individual Knot-Free Flares (Medium Length), Ardell Duo Eyelash Glue (Clear) and Tweezerman Tweezers.

Have you ever tried this beauty trick before? 

Want more beauty advice from Lucy Hale?  Check out Lucy’s trick to create a custom lip color.  Lucy's an expert at applying lipstick.  She showed that she can apply her lipstick blindfolded.  She does have a lipstick related horror story, though.  One time a makeup artist accidentally put nail polish on Lucy Hale's lips.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shay Mitchell Plays ‘Either Or’

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) answers some ‘Either Or’ questions in this OTF/“On The Fly” video.

Musical or play? 
Shay Mitchell would rather go to a play.

Theater or movie?
She’d rather see a movie.

Margarita or Pina Colada?

Night out evening in?
Evening in.

Watch TV or read a book?
Read a book.

PLL Cast in more OTF/“On The Fly” Videos:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PLL 6x16 Sneak Peek: Spencer & Her Mom

Spencer’s mom is busy with the race for the Senate seat in this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”.

Spencer tells Gil, a guy who works for her mom's campaign, that she wants to talk to mom alone for a second.  Gil wants Spencer to tell Melissa that he can’t reimburse her without a flight number.  If she can’t find the boarding pass, then she needs to show a luggage tag.

The election isn’t exactly going well for the Hastings.  Gil is worried that the poll numbers are going to be soft.

Spencer looks as if she wants to tell her mom something important, but she doesn’t get the chance to.  Her mom has a radio interview in a couple minutes.

What do you think Spencer wanted to talk to her mom about?

PLL 6x16 Promo: Lieutenant Tanner is Back!

Lt. Linda Tanner is back in this promo for Pretty Little Liars 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”.

Lt. Tanner finds it odd that bad things happen when all the Liars are back in Rosewood.  There were no murders in Rosewood while the Liars were away.

Spencer and Aria uncovered a secret in The Radley hotel.

Things are heating up between Alison and Dr. Rollins.

“A”, or “Evil Emoji”, was lying about the murder weapon.  Alison seems sure that a golf club wasn’t the murder weapon.

Ezra is finally back in town and Aria gets a chance to confront him.

Hanna is worried that more than one person is after them.  Spencer promises to hunt them down, one at a time.

PLL Recap of 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”: Team Sparia Break Into Sara Harvey’s Room

In Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”, Mona has a run-in with Spencer, Alison is back in Rosewood, Team Sparia breaks into Sara Harvey’s hotel room and Caleb strikes back against the new “A” (Evil Emoji).

The Liars can cross Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery, off the suspect list.  Aria comes home and finally learns what her dad has been hiding.  Aria’s dad and mom are back together.  Aria’s mom is wearing her wedding ring again.  They’ve been sneaking around town, which explains why Aria’s dad was at The Radley.  Aria realizes her dad couldn’t have killed Charlotte.  Her dad spent all night at Ella’s apartment on the night of the murder.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PLL 6x15 Sneak Peek: Yvonne Late for Lunch With Spencer

You’d think Spencer would want to avoid hanging out with Yvonne, since Yvonne is dating Toby and is the daughter of the opposing candidate running for the Senate seat.  However, Spencer reaches out to Yvonne and sets up a lunch in this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”.

Spencer waits at the Apple Rose Grille for Yvonne, who is late for the lunch.  It’s an awkward situation.  The person Spencer calls to ask if the lunch was rescheduled doesn’t know anything about the lunch.  It isn’t scheduled on the calendar.

Yvonne finally arrives, apologetic about being late.  She says she couldn’t call and let Spencer know she was late.  Whoever updated her calendar didn’t include Spencer’s contact information.

Spencer’s surprised that someone updates Yvonne’s calendar for her.  Yvonne apparently has a campaign aid who coordinates all her activities.

Yvonne was surprised Spencer reached out to her.  She thought they'd stay away from each other, despite the success of their joint effort to get youth to vote.

Spencer wants to get some advice from Yvonne about being the daughter of a campaign candidate.

Monday, February 8, 2016

PLL 6x15 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”:

“Convinced that Sara Harvey is behind the new threats, the Liars work together to get answers.

In order to prove Sara Harvey is behind the threats, Team Sparia reunites to find evidence of Sara’s involvement before they go to the cops. Caleb puts together a plan with Hanna to fight back against the new stalker by using the security footage tapes.

Meanwhile, Aria gets unexpected news from her family, and Ali comforts Emily in her time of need.”

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Sneak peek of Yvonne and Spencer

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Throwback Photo of Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale at Age 16

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) has shared another throwback photo of herself with Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) when they were sixteen years old.  They were friends way before Pretty Little Liars.  (Ashley Benson previously shared another throwback photo of herself and Lucy Hale taken at Ashley’s sweet sixteen birthday party).

Ashley Benson tweeted this adorable photo with the caption “#tbt 16 yr old Benz and goose”.

How cool is it to see photos of Lucy Hale and Ashely Benson back when they hung out ten years ago?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

PLL Sneak Peek 6x15: Cyberstalker Threatens Hanna’s Relationship with Jordan

Uber “A” threatens to break up Hanna and Jordan in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”.

Despite Hanna’s promise to be honest to her fiancé (Jordan), she is forced to tell more lies when the new “A” sends another threatening text.  “A” demands the hard drive with the hotel’s security camera footage on it.  If Hanna doesn’t hand it over, she’ll end up with a broken heart.  Hanna ends up lying to Jordan as she tries to explain why she can’t spend more time with him.

Jordan seemed sweet last episode when he was quick to forgive Hanna’s lie.  Do you want Jordan to stick around or are you hoping for Haleb?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tyler Blackburn Detoxes with Bootea Daytime Detox Tea

Are you into detoxes? Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn detoxes with Bootea Daytime Detox Tea. (His PLL on-screen love Ashley Benson took the Teami Blends 30 Day Detox).

Tyler Blackburn shared this photo of himself in the kitchen enjoying a cup of Bootea Daytime Detox Tea (14 Days).

PLL actor Tyler Blackburn detoxing with Bootea Daytime Detox Tea (14 Days)

"Detoxing on this sunny LA morning with @booteauk to kick off the #PLL hiatus. Nothing better to set my body back on track. #BooTea #BooTeaUK," Tyler Blackburn wrote.

You can buy Bootea Daytime Detox Tea (14 Days) on Amazon here.

Bootea Daytime Detox Tea (14 Days):

Lucy Hale Gets Makeover & Advice from 3 Little Girls

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) got her makeup, nails and hair done by three little girls who haven’t even heard of the show Pretty Little Liars.  Two of the girls were 6 years old and one girl was five years old, so they were a bit too young to be familiar with PLL.  The result of the makeover was pretty funny, but Lucy was sweet throughout the whole video.

Lucy was impressed with the hairstyle the six-year-old gave her.

Check out how Lucy Hale looked after the makeover in the Cosmopolitan video below:

Lucy Hale recently shared her beauty hack for creating a custom lip color.  She’s also pretty good at applying lipstick blindfolded.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ashley Benson Plays “Let's Go Fishin’”

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) played “Let's Go Fishin’” in this OTF/”On The Fly” video.  

Ashley Benson thought she’d do awesome, but it was harder than she thought it would be.  She hated the game, calling it “the worst game ever invented”.  She only got one fish.

Lucy Hale (Aria) did pretty well when she played, perhaps because she used to go fishing with her dad.  Sasha Pieterse (Alison) also played the game in a different video.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

PLL 6x15 Sneak Peek: Dr. Rollins & Emily Talk About Alison

Emily hasn’t been taking Alison’s calls, so Dr. Rollin tries to convince Emily to meet with Alison in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”.

Dr. Rollins says Alison wants to apologize for her alienating behavior.  He doesn’t want Alison to be alone.  Dr. Rollins asks Emily to stop by Alison’s place, but Emily isn’t interested in having pizza and a movie with Alison.

As Dr. Rollins is leaving, he sees Emily’s fertility clinic paper with post-procedure instructions.  He realizes that it was a bad time to ask Emily for a favor.

PLL 6x15 Promo: Team Sparia Breaking & Entering

Here’s the promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”.  The stakes are raised now that the new “A” is hiding in plain sight.

What is Hanna up to?  She drops off a package in a trash can.

Sara Harvey visits Alison.  Sara says “we never really knew Charlotte”.  Sara was there for Charlotte when no one else was.

There’s a cute Team Sparia moment in the promo.  Aria uses a selfie stick and Team Sparia does a bit of breaking and entering.  Are they breaking into Sara Harvey’s hotel room?  They find a map with Charlotte’s name and room 214 circled.

Mona’s back and Spencer has some questions for her.

And Emily screams while being held down in a hospital room.

PLL Recap of 6x14 "New Guys, New Lies": Aria’s Dad a Suspect in Charlotte’s Murder?

Pretty Little Liars moves through murder suspects fast.  Last week, the Liars suspected Aria’s ex-boyfriend Ezra had murdered Charlotte to protect Aria.  This week on PLL episode 6x14 “New Guys, New Lies”, the Liars suspect Aria’s dad murdered Charlotte.  Who will they suspect next week?  Meanwhile, it is awkward for everyone to be back in Rosewood now that they have moved on with new boyfriends and girlfriends.  And we finally meet Toby’s new girlfriend, Yvonne Phillips.

Caleb and Spencer spent the night together, so when she wakes up she finally sees the threatening text Uber “A” sent, as well as all the missed texts from her freaked out friends.  Spencer rushes to The Radley to meet up with the girls.

So who is this new “A”?  Emily thinks Sara Harvey is the new cyberstalker harassing them.  She doesn’t believe Sara had Stockholm syndrome.  They wonder if Charlotte was Sara’s mentor, rather than her tormenter. 

Hanna decides to respond to the text.  “Do I know you?” Hanna texts to the cyberstalker.  Surprisingly, she gets a response.  “YES”.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PLL 6x14 Sneak Peek: Hanna Ready to Tell Mom & Jordan the Truth

Hanna doesn’t want to keep secrets from her fiancé, so she’s ready to tell him that she erased The Radley’s surveillance camera footage.  Here’s Hanna talking to Emily about Jordan in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 6x14 “New Guys, New Lies”.

Hanna and Caleb may have had an epic relationship, but it seems like Hanna really is happy with Jordan.  “Ever since I’ve been back here, all I’ve done is spin and twirl.  And with Jordan, I don’t spin and I don’t twirl” Hanna tells Emily.  “He keeps me grounded and I really like how that feels.”

Hanna has been honest with Jordan about her past, so she regrets lying to him about the hotel’s security tapes.  Hanna is ready to tell both her mom and Jordan that she was responsible for deleting the footage.  She just hopes Jordan will still want to marry her after she comes clean.

Other PLL 6x14 Sneak Peeks:

Monday, February 1, 2016

PLL 6x14 Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x14 “New Guys, New Lies”:

“As the Liars’ love lives start to get messy, Hanna decides to come clean.

With the Rosewood P.D. breathing down Hanna’s neck about The Radley security footage, she opts to confess the truth to those closest to her in hopes they can help. Aria continues to search for answers, with help from Emily, on whether Ezra is as guilty as he seems. Spencer works together with Caleb to track down the new threat.

Meanwhile, there is awkwardness all around when new love interests emerge and old ones resurface.”

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