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PLL Recap of 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”: Melissa Looks Suspicious

More is revealed about the murder weapon in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”.  “A” takes things to the next level by stealing Emily’s eggs, Ezra finally comes back to Rosewood and Alison learns about the new “A”.  And it looks like the murder weapon may have come from Melissa’s suitcase.

Hanna and her fiancé Jordan are avoiding Rosewood, so they have some budget champagne and make love in a tacky love hotel.  Hanna learns that she can’t escape Rosewood even for one night.  She wakes up to find dozens of texts from the other Liars.  And the new “A”, Evil Emoji, left a breakfast tray at the door.  It comes with a note that says “THE HONEYMOON IS OVER”.  The breakfast is a sad face made out of two eggs and a piece of bacon.  “Poor Jordie” is written in ketchup on the plate.

Last episode Team Sparia broke into Sara Harvey’s hotel room at The Radley and found a huge hole in the closet.  Spencer climbs down the ladder to catch up with Aria in a narrow hallway.  The girls find a torture device like the one Charlotte used on the Liars in the dollhouse.  It looks like this section was walled up by Radley Sanitarium.  Clearly, Radley Sanitarium wanted to keep their experiments a secret. 

Aria and Spencer end up at a door that leads them outside behind The Radley.  So someone, perhaps Sara Harvey, has been using the hallway to sneak in and out of the hotel without being seen on the hotel’s surveillance cameras.

Spencer rushes back to the barn to tell Caleb about the secret passage leading from Sara’s hotel room, but Caleb has more pressing news to tell her.  While Caleb was looking through Yvonne Phillips’ phone, he found a research file on Veronica Hastings.  The opposition has photos of Veronica’s medical files.  Spencer’s mom is sick and the Phillips campaign intends to leak the information.  They want the public to think Spencer’s mom is not healthy enough to be a Senator.

The news comes as a shock to Spencer.  She didn’t know her mom was still sick, but the breast cancer medical report was dated eight months ago.  Clearly, her mom was keeping the extent of her health issues a secret.

Lt. Linda Tanner is back and she meets up with Alison and Dr. Rollins.  Turns out “A” was lying about the murder weapon being a golf club.  The murder weapon was actually a hollow, metal rod that is rectangular at the end.  Charlotte was struck with this object on her cervical spine.

Lt. Tanner has some more news.  Someone called Alison’s house the night Charlotte was killed.  The call was from someone at the restaurant Two Crows.  Alison and Dr. Rollins insist that no one called the house that night, but the police know the call lasted three minutes.  So maybe Charlotte picked up the phone?  Or Dr. Rollins might have been lying when he denied spending the night at the DiLaurentis house?

Emily finds out that the new “A” doesn’t care how many people he/she hurts.  The Hollis Medical Center is closed because of a “malfunction”.  The freezer units that contained Emily’s eggs failed.  Emily is horrified to learn that 30 other clients also lost their eggs.  This new “A” was willing to destroy a freezer full of potential babies just to threaten Emily and steal her eggs.

Emily and Spencer tell Alison about the new “A”.  This new “A” wants revenge for Charlotte’s murder and is holding Emily’s eggs hostage.  They also tell her about the golf club photo from “A”.  Alison tells them that a golf club wasn’t the murder weapon.

Spencer tracks down Mona.  She asks if Mona told Yvonne to leave her phone behind to prove that Spencer wasn’t trustworthy.  Mona admits that she orchestrated the whole thing.  Yet Mona never told Yvonne that Spencer actually took the phone.

Mona wanted to warn Spencer that the Phillips campaign was going to leak Veronica Hastings medical records (Yvonne didn’t know about it).  It couldn't look like Mona was passing campaign information.  Mona thought leaking the medical information was wrong and she wanted to help Spencer.

Spencer asks Caleb to delete the file on her mom, but he can’t.  He broke the law just by looking at the file.  The Phillips campaign will know they were hacked if Caleb deletes anything.  Caleb thinks Spencer has to tell her mom about the file.  Veronica Hastings needs to go public with the information before the opposition leaks it.

Aria’s  boyfriend Liam makes a surprise visit to Rosewood, but his visit is business-related.  Their boss, Jillian, likes the new chapters of Ezra’s book, which Aria secretly wrote.  Jillian did have some concerns, so Liam came down to read the next chapter. 

Liam loves what he reads, but he knows Aria wrote it.  She even added a character based on a person they both saw at Logan International Airport.  Liam isn’t upset, though.  He thinks Aria should continue writing.  They’ll figure something out when Ezra gets back to town.

Hanna feels responsible for “A” stealing Emily’s eggs, so she picks a fight with Jordan and ends up calling Caleb.  Caleb assures her that she isn’t responsible for what “A” did.  This isn’t retaliation for the virus they put on “A”’s computer.  Bullies don’t need an excuse.  “A” is determined to make the Liars miserable.

Caleb is so sweet and supportive that it’s hard not to miss Haleb.  Caleb is sure Hanna will win this fight against “A”.  Hanna is stronger and smarter than she was five years ago.  Hanna knows she can beat “A” because she’s done it before.

Caleb leaves and we see a flashback of Caleb and Hanna’s relationship falling apart.  While Hanna was at a party for work, Caleb sat in the alley feeding a stray cat.  Caleb and Hanna aren’t as close as they used to be.  They want to know what the other person wants.  They don’t want to have to ask each other what they want.  And Caleb doesn’t seem to like Hanna’s new life.  He sees all Hanna’s bosses as “Cybils”.  When Caleb goes home alone, he tells Hanna not to become a Cybil. 

Lt. Tanner has a chat with Emily at The Brew.  Charlotte’s murder was Rosewood’s first homicide in five years.  No murders occurred when the Liars were gone.  Yet a murder suddenly occurs when the Liars are all back together.  Lt. Tanner finds that an interesting statistic.  Lt. Tanner plans to take steps to ensure all the Liars are forced to stay in Rosewood until Charlotte’s murder investigation is resolved.

Caleb and Mona have a complicated history, so it isn’t surprising that Caleb doesn’t believe Mona has the best intentions.  Remember when Caleb and Paige put a cow brain in Mona’s locker at Rosewood High? 

Caleb decides to confront Mona.  He warns her that he will personally take her apart if she messes with Spencer in any way.  Mona, never one to back down, asks Caleb “Who kisses better?  Hanna, Spencer or me?”  (Almost forget the time Mona and Caleb kissed as part of Hanna’s plan to catch “A”.  Little did she know that Mona was actually “A”).

Alison has some news of her own to share with Spencer.  Alison confesses that she and Dr. Elliot Rollins are in love.  Their relationship was inappropriate because Dr. Rollins was her sister’s doctor, so they kept it a secret.  Alison is sick of hiding the relationship.  Spencer advises her to stop wasting time.  There is never enough time.

Alison decides to take Spencer’s advice.  Alison tells Dr. Rollins that she wants to go public with their relationship.  She wants him to take her to a movie and to hold her hand in a restaurant.  We finally see Alison and Dr. Rollins kiss.

Spencer decides not to tell her mom about the Phillips campaign plan to leak the medical records.  Her mom is happy and Spencer doesn’t want to ruin that.  She hopes that the Phillips campaign will take the high road and change their minds.

Spencer makes a horrifying discovery in the barn.  Melissa’s suitcase is broken.  There is a missing hollow, metal piece with a rectangle at the end.  Was that the murder weapon used to kill Charlotte?

Ezra comes back to Rosewood and Aria finally gets some answers.  The night Charlotte was killed, Ezra saw Aria’s mom and dad.  They asked him not to tell Aria, since she didn’t know her parents were back together.  Ezra ended up going to House of Pies for three hours.

So why didn’t Ezra say all this the night the Liars accused him of murder?  He was too angry at Aria.  He probably should have just told the truth earlier, though.  Aria’s parents are getting remarried, so it wasn’t really worth keeping that secret for Byron and Ella.

Ezra spent the last few days crashing at a friend’s house and he wrote the next three chapters of his book.  He wants Aria to read it before sending the pages to the publisher.  Little does he know that Aria already sent her version of the chapters to the publishing company.  Will Aria confess what she did?

New “A”, or Evil Emoji, cleans the Radley Sanitarium torture device while listening to the song “Whistle While You Work” from the movie Snow White.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”?  Do you believe Mona really wants to help Spencer?  Do you think Melissa murdered Charlotte?

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