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PLL Recap of 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”: Wedding, Proposal & Murder Weapon

Pretty Little Liars episode 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage” focused on the PLL relationships.  Aria’s parents got remarried, Liam found out about Aria’s history with Ezra, Hanna was uncertain about her future with fiancé Jordan and Alison got a marriage proposal from Dr. Elliot Rollins.  For Emily, though, it was all about Charlotte’s murder.  Emily may have found the murder weapon, only to accidentally hand it off to someone else.  And is there more than one person after the Liars?

Emily and Hanna take Alison to Sara Harvey’s hotel room to show her the hole in the closet and the secret space.  Sara’s hotel room is a mess and Sara checked out in a hurry.  The girls are shocked that the hole in the closet is gone.  They hide when a maid comes in to clean the room.  After the girls slip out of the room, the maid takes off her glasses and a face mask.  The Liars were in the same room as Uber “A” and they didn’t even know it.

Caleb successfully corrupted the medical file the Phillips campaign had on Veronica Hastings.  He also made sure they wouldn’t be able to trace the hack back to him.

Hanna jumps at the chance to plan Ella’s wedding now that she is unemployed and stuck in Rosewood.  Hanna brought tons of dresses back from New York for Aria’s mom (Ella) to try on.  Unfortunately, all the wedding talk reminds Hanna of her own wedding, which she hasn’t even set a date for.  Hanna spends the day ignoring calls from Jordan.

Ella’s first marriage to Byron was cowboy themed.  Ella wants this second marriage to be more traditional and elegant.  She asks to see Hanna’s wedding dress, but Hanna hasn’t even thought about what she will wear.  Ella is surprised that Hanna hasn’t done any wedding planning for herself.  Hanna seems to be having some doubts about marrying Jordan.

Spencer finally talks to her mom about the breast cancer.  Veronica Hastings assures Spencer that she is fine.  Spencer gives her mom the courage that she needs and Veronica agrees to tell the public the truth.  In a sweet mother-daughter moment, Veronica Hastings says that having kids was a chance to make people better than herself.

Alison DiLaurentis finally gets her first threatening text from Evil Emoji.  “Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night?  I do” it says.

Byron has a special request for Aria.  He wants her to get a license online and officiate the wedding.  Aria is initially reluctant, since she has to figure out a way to tell Ezra that she has been ghostwriting his book. 

Byron tells Aria that Mike isn’t even coming to the wedding.  Mike still hasn’t forgiven him for cheating on Ella with Meredith.  Mike doesn’t want his mom to get hurt again.  Aria feels bad for her dad, so she agrees to officiate the wedding.

Spencer's older sister Melissa is back in town.  The Liars think Melissa killed Charlotte, since the broken piece of her suitcase seems to match the murder weapon.  When Caleb and Spencer ask how the suitcase broke, Melissa tells some lies about a cab driver and a Phillies game.  Caleb knows his baseball.  He immediately catches Melissa’s lie, since the Phillies were in Baltimore that weekend. 

Aria finally comes clean to Ezra and tells him that she already submitted six chapters of his book.  Aria offers to tell her boss the truth, but Ezra doesn’t want her to get fired.  Aria shouldn’t have worried that Ezra would feel betrayed.  He isn’t angry with her at all. 

Ezra knows Aria was trying to protect him.  She didn’t go behind his back as a way to advance her writing career.  She did it as an act of love.  Ezra asks if he can read what she wrote.

Alison tells Dr. Rollins what really happened the night Charlotte was murdered.  Alison finally told Charlotte about her relationship with Dr. Rollins.  Charlotte felt betrayed.  She stared at Alison like a cat and went upstairs.  Alison worries that it is her fault Charlotte ran out in the middle of the night.  Dr. Rollins assures Alison that she didn’t fail Charlotte.  He was Charlotte’s doctor, so he was the one who betrayed her by getting involved with Alison.

Emily gets a package from Evil Emoji.  Evil Emoji sent Emily baby books with the message “You need to start talking before our baby does”.

Caleb and Spencer hang out at The Brew watching Veronica Hastings talk about her illness on the news.  Hanna comes in looking for Spencer.  Hanna looks incredibly uncomfortable when she sees Caleb’s arm around Spencer.  Does Hanna still have feelings for Caleb?

Hanna tells Spencer that she thinks Melissa had motive for killing Charlotte.  She wants Spencer to find out if Melissa was the one who called Charlotte from the diner.  In a flashback, we see Hanna at a fashion party in London.  She runs into a drunk Melissa in the bathroom.  Melissa spent the whole night sobbing and drinking.  Wren left her after Charlotte called him.  Did Charlotte tell Wren about Melissa burying Bethany Young alive?  Who else will Charlotte tell?

Hanna claims to have forgiven Charlotte, but Melissa warns her that Charlotte can still use Hanna’s secrets against her.  Melissa grabs Hanna’s phone and calls the hospital pretending to be Alison.  She tells the receptionist that Hanna wants to say hi to Charlotte.  Hanna grabs the phone and throws it at the mirror, telling Melissa “I don’t want to hear her voice”.  It’s clear to Melissa that Hanna hasn’t forgiven Charlotte.

Back in the present, Caleb asks why Hanna never told him this story.  Spencer already knows the answer.  Hanna didn’t want anyone else telling her that she wasn’t over what Charlotte did to her.

Emily meets Damian at Hollis College, where she’s registered to take Intro to Psych.  Emily and Damian go out for coffee, but Hanna texts her to ditch him.  Damian is same reporter who freaked out Spencer and Melissa with his questions about Charlotte.  Rather than ditch Damian, Emily decides to have dinner with him and gets some information out of him.  Emily finds out that Melissa was in Rosewood before Charlotte was released from the hospital.  So Melissa could have made the call from the diner.

Liam meets Ezra at The Radley bar.  Ezra assures Liam that the protagonist in his book was inspired by Nicole, not Aria.  Ezra wouldn’t want Liam to think he was still in love with Aria.  Unfortunately, Liam had no idea Aria and Ezra used to date. 

Aria shows up too late to stop Ezra from spilling the truth.  Liam is upset to learn that Ezra was more than Aria’s favorite teacher.  Did Aria stay in Rosewood for Ezra?  He leaves before Aria can respond.  Aria leaves numerous apologetic voicemails to Liam.

While Hanna makes adjustments to Ella’s wedding dress, they have a deep conversation about love.  Hanna thinks Ella and Byron’s second marriage is fate.  People that are meant to be together take a break and find their way back to their first love.  Is Hanna hoping to get back together with Caleb?

However, Byron wasn’t Ella’s first love.  Ella’s first love was a sexy drummer.  Ella thought she would be with that guy forever.  She has no idea what happened to him, though.  They grew up and moved on.  That story makes Hanna reconsider her relationship with Jordan. 

Alison spends the day avoiding Dr. Rollins, but he eventually tracks her down.  He’s willing to give her space, but he doesn’t want her to push him away because of unnecessary guilt.  Dr. Rollins loves Alison and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  He’s not down on one knee and he doesn’t have a ring, but he’s clearly proposing to Alison.

Spencer comes home to bad news.  Yvonne Phillips had an abortion when she was in high school and someone leaked the medical report.  And it doesn't look good, since Yvonne’s mom is running her campaign on a pro-life platform. 

Gil tracked the source of the leak to Spencer’s IP address.  Clearly, Spencer is being set up.  She hasn’t even touched her laptop all day.  Caleb takes the fall and confesses to a crime he didn’t commit.  He takes responsibility for the leak.  Furious, Veronica Hastings kicks Caleb out of the barn and demands that he resign from the campaign.

Emily goes to the diner to do some investigating.  The diner is closed and no one is around.  A car suddenly swerves towards Emily, who runs for her life.  The car runs over Emily’s phone.  Emily climbs up to escape the car and accidentally finds what looks like the murder weapon.  Unfortunately, Emily drops it and whoever tried to run her over ends up with the weapon.

Aria was the perfect person to officiate her parents’ wedding.  She gives a beautiful speech about love.  Liam comes to the wedding and Aria decides that Liam is the guy for her.  They kiss, so it doesn’t look like Ezra and Aria are going to get back together anytime soon.

After the wedding, Hanna decides to commit to her relationship with Jordan.  She tries on a wedding veil, calls Jordan and sets May 17th as their wedding date.  Looks like her conversation with Ella convinced her to let go of her first love.

Emily decides that there are two people after them.  Sara Harvey wants the murder solved.  Someone else wants to cover the murder up and was willing to kill Emily to get back the murder weapon.

Aria and Liam are kissing on couch when Alison and Dr. Rollins bang on the door.  They want to get married right away and they want Aria to officiate.  Aria, taken off guard, is reluctant.  Alison and Dr. Rollins continue to beg Aria.  They have the wedding rings and the twinkle lights are still on in the backyard.

Uber “A” reads a manual for some type of universal remote.  A piece of wedding cake is on the desk.  Was “A” at Byron and Ella’s wedding?

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars 6x17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”?  Do you think Aria will agree to marry Alison and Dr. Rollins?  Do you think there are two different people after the Liars?

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