Wednesday, February 24, 2016

PLL 6x18 Promo: Aria in Police Lineup

The Pretty Little Liars promo for 6x18 “Burn This” shows that things really start heating up.  Aria is in a police lineup, Toby punches Caleb, Mona acts shady and there’s an explosion.

What is Aria doing in a police lineup?

Toby punches Caleb in front of Spencer.  Toby already knows about Spaleb, so why would he punch Caleb?  Maybe he thinks Caleb leaked the story about Yvonne’s abortion?

Emily tries to figure out who attacked her.  She confronts Mona and asks “was it you?”  Mona can’t give Emily any answers, though.

Mona shows up at Hanna’s bridal shower with a present.  There’s an explosion at the party and it looks like Aria may have gotten hurt.

Hope Aria is okay!

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