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PLL Recap of 6x14 "New Guys, New Lies": Aria’s Dad a Suspect in Charlotte’s Murder?

Pretty Little Liars moves through murder suspects fast.  Last week, the Liars suspected Aria’s ex-boyfriend Ezra had murdered Charlotte to protect Aria.  This week on PLL episode 6x14 “New Guys, New Lies”, the Liars suspect Aria’s dad murdered Charlotte.  Who will they suspect next week?  Meanwhile, it is awkward for everyone to be back in Rosewood now that they have moved on with new boyfriends and girlfriends.  And we finally meet Toby’s new girlfriend, Yvonne Phillips.

Caleb and Spencer spent the night together, so when she wakes up she finally sees the threatening text Uber “A” sent, as well as all the missed texts from her freaked out friends.  Spencer rushes to The Radley to meet up with the girls.

So who is this new “A”?  Emily thinks Sara Harvey is the new cyberstalker harassing them.  She doesn’t believe Sara had Stockholm syndrome.  They wonder if Charlotte was Sara’s mentor, rather than her tormenter. 

Hanna decides to respond to the text.  “Do I know you?” Hanna texts to the cyberstalker.  Surprisingly, she gets a response.  “YES”.

Emily calls Alison, who is supposedly at the Rollins’s family farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Alison says she’s on a dairy tour, but the Liars don’t know if she’s telling the truth.  What if Alison is the person cyberstalking them?

Detective Lorenzo Calderon gives a televised press conference.  The Rosewood police know what murder weapon was used to kill Charlotte.

The Liars see Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery, getting in the elevator at The Radley.  Aria is surprised, but they are distracted by another text from Uber “A”.  They get a text of a 9-iron golf club, which is supposedly the murder weapon.  “A” wants to know who it belongs to.   

Aria goes on a mission to find out if Ezra really murdered Charlotte with his golf club.  Ezra is out of town, which isn’t a surprise.  He often disappears when he’s dark and depressed.  He usually shows up a few days.

Aria talks to Sabrina at The Brew and tries to lie her way into Ezra’s apartment.  She asks if Sabrina can let her into Ezra’s loft, so Aria can proofread his book pages before sending them to the publisher.  Of course, Sabrina immediately says no.  She doesn’t want to get fired.

Emily and Hanna hang out at Lucas’s loft.  Emily wonders why Hanna has been engaged for almost year, yet she hasn’t set wedding date.  Is she still into Caleb?

Hanna tells Emily about Spencer and Caleb's new relationship.  Hanna may not be thrilled with it, but she’s moved on.  Hanna has been spinning and twirling in Rosewood, but she doesn’t do that when Jordan is around.  He keeps her grounded.  She still wants to marry him. 

Hanna is ready to come clean about the hotel security footage she erased.  She wants to tell both her mom and Jordan about it.  Will Jordan still want to marry her after he finds out about Hanna’s lies?

Caleb visits Toby, who is busy building a house for his girlfriend.  When Caleb wants to impress a girl, he cooks dinner.  When Toby wants to impress a girl, he builds her a house.  Who is this girl Toby is trying to impress?  Turns out Toby’s new girlfriend is Yvonne Phillips, the daughter of the opposing candidate in the run for Senate.  Rosewood really is a small town.

Caleb tells Toby that he’s interested in Spencer.  He connected with Spencer a few years ago, but the timing wasn’t right back then.  Caleb knows the situation is complicated, so he’ll back off if Toby isn’t okay with it.  Toby says that he’s fine with Spaleb if that’s what they both want.  Despite what Toby says, he doesn’t look like he’s okay with his friend dating his ex-girlfriend.

Aria can’t reach Ezra and she’s worried about him.  She wants Emily to distract Sabrina at The Brew.  Then Aria can sneak into Ezra’s apartment to see if he is missing a golf club.

Emily doesn’t want to help with Aria’s plan.  Emily doesn’t want to lie to Sabrina.  She also isn’t interested in helping Aria commit a crime.  Even if they aren’t stealing anything, they will still be breaking and entering.  Aria is desperate to find out the truth, so Emily reluctantly agrees to help.

Outside The Brew, Spencer looks at the huge file on the Phillips family that her mom’s campaign gave her to study.  They need to know everything about the opposing candidate.  The file says that Toby Cavanaugh bought an engagement ring.  Toby plans to propose to Yvonne at lunch that day.  While Spencer is looking at the file, someone in a black car snaps photos of her.

Hanna finally tells her mom that she erased the hotel’s video footage from the night Charlotte was murdered.  The Liars had nothing to do with Charlotte’s death, but now they look guilty.

Hanna’s mom doesn’t understand why Hanna would erase the footage.  Hanna isn’t in high school anymore.  She doesn’t owe the Liars anything.  Hanna doesn’t see it that way.  The Liars are still her friends. 

Hanna's mom says there is a backup copy of the hotel’s security footage.  If the police see the footage, they will figure out that Hanna erased the footage to protect Aria.  Hanna asks if they can erase the backup footage before the police see it, but Hanna’s mom says it isn’t possible.

Spencer is at The Radley lobby, preparing for a media appearance that will take place with Yvonne.  Spencer spots Toby in the lobby, pacing back and forth with an engagement ring.  Spencer gets a text from the new “A” that says “I guess she is better than you.  He will never put a ring on your finger.”  Ouch.

At The Brew, Emily and Sabrina bond over cappuccinos.  Aria steals Ezra’s keys from the box behind the counter and sneaks into Ezra’s loft.  She’s relieved that all his golf clubs are still in his closet.  Now the Liars no longer suspect Ezra murdered Charlotte.

Unfortunately, the Liars immediately have a new suspect to look into.  Aria listens to Ezra’s voicemails and is shocked to hear a message from her dad.  Doesn’t Byron hate Ezra?  Her dad wants to talk to Ezra about what he saw “that night”.

Panicking, Aria races back to Emily and interrupts her conversation with Sabrina.  Emily and Sabrina both think Aria is rude, but she’s got bigger things to worry about.  Aria is now afraid her dad had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.

Jordan’s back in Rosewood and Hanna apologizes for lying to him.  Jordan is quick to forgive Hanna.  He would never let something like this ruin their relationship.  Hanna screwed up, but she was protecting her friend.  That’s one of the many things he loves about her.  Hanna is the most loyal person he’s ever met.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  She’s not “Hannibal Hanna”.  She’s just someone who made a mistake.  Jordan doesn’t want her to keep anymore secrets from him.

Hanna agrees, but she gets a text from the new “A” warning her not to squeal to the police or else she’ll get blown up.  That text is enough to make Hanna keep her mouth shut.

The Liars clearly need help, so Spencer tells Caleb about the threatening texts.  If anyone can track down “A”, it’s Caleb.  Before showing him her phone, she deletes the text about Toby’s engagement ring. 

Spencer has moved on from Toby and is really into Caleb, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy to run into Toby around town.  Spencer spots Toby and Yvonne heading her way.  Spencer quickly rehearses “congratulations on the engagement”, but she doesn’t need to say it.  Yvonne isn’t wearing an engagement ring.  Turns out Toby decided not to propose to Yvonne at lunch.  Did he reconsider because of Spencer?

An old man in a postal uniform watches Aria’s house.  A second later, he’s gone.  Creepy.  Inside the house, Aria calls her dad.  Her dad can’t talk and hangs up on her.

We see Byron talking to someone in a car.  “I think she knows” he says.

In a flashback, we see Aria eavesdropping on an argument between her parents.  Byron is furious that Ella went to see Charlotte.  Ella wanted to know why Charlotte tortured the Liars.  Ella feels bad for Charlotte because Charlotte’s parents locked her in Radley for years.  Byron doesn’t care why Charlotte tortured and kidnapped the Liars.  He just wants to know that she’s locked up and will never be able to hurt their daughter again.

Byron is furious when Ella says that Charlotte might be let out of the hospital.  Charlotte will walk the streets of Rosewood over his dead body, he tells Ella.

Back in the present, Aria wants to check her dad’s golf clubs.  He keeps them in his car.  While looking for the extra set of keys, she realizes that she forgot to put Ezra’s keys back at The Brew.

While Aria investigates her dad, Emily goes back to The Brew to put Ezra’s keys back.  Of course, Sabrina catches her.  Sabrina is furious that Emily pretended to be friends just to help Aria get the keys.  Sabrina isn’t interested in hearing Emily’s lies.

Aria finds the extra key and looks in the trunk of her dad’s car.  His golf clubs are there, but not the 9-iron.

Jordan is well connected and wealthy, so he is able to get Hanna a good lawyer.  Her lawyer can protect her from the charges of tampering with evidence and lying about her alibi, but only Hanna is telling her everything.  Hanna decides not to say anything about the threats she’s been getting.

At the police station, Hanna’s lawyer preps her.  It doesn’t matter if Detective Lorenzo knows Hanna is lying, as long as he can’t prove it.  Turns out Hanna didn’t need a lawyer, after all.  The security company lost The Radley backup drive.

Spencer drives up to see Toby.  Toby is packing up, ready to flee Rosewood.  Spencer calls him out on “pulling a Toby”.  Toby says it was easier to be friends with Spencer when she lived in Washington, D.C.

Spencer gets it, but she can’t leave Rosewood now.  The cops are asking questions about Charlotte’s murder.  And Spencer wants to help her mom win the Senate seat.  Spencer apologizes to Toby, but he tells her not to.  Nobody did anything wrong.

Spencer offers Toby a bit of advice and suggests that he stay in Rosewood for the upcoming campaign event.  His girlfriend, Yvonne, will be counting on Toby for support.

Caleb easily tracks down the location where the texts have been sent from.  He and Spencer head to the location for some sleuthing.  Caleb asks why Spencer deleted the text about Toby and the engagement ring.  Spencer didn’t want to complicate their relationship. She wanted things to stay new and easy. 

Spencer and Caleb arrive at an unlocked storage unit.  Inside the unit is a trash can filled with black hoodies, black gloves and a phone.  The phone gets a text that says “I don’t lurk in the shadows.  I hide in plain sight”.  This Uber “A” is making it clear that he/she is different from the old “A”s.

Hanna’s mom has some experience breaking the law.  So it’s not really surprising to find out that she was the one who took the hotel’s security data backup drive.  She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her daughter.  Clearly Hanna takes after her mom.

Spencer and Yvonne both do a great job encouraging young people to vote at the campaign event.  During the event, Hanna sneaks into her mom’s office.  With Caleb’s help in an awkward phone conversation, Hanna figures out her mom’s password.  She checks the hotel records, but Aria’s dad isn’t staying at The Radley.  Neither is Ezra.

After the event, Spencer promises to stay out of Toby’s way.  Yvonne seems really nice.  Spencer doesn’t want to interfere in his relationship with Yvonne.  Toby seems eager for Spencer to leave Rosewood.  Clearly he doesn’t want to keep  having uncomfortable run-ins with her around town.  Toby asks if her stay in Rosewood is temporary and if she’ll go back to Washington, D.C.  Spencer says she’s leaving Rosewood as soon as the election is over.

Spencer rejoins her friends.  They all realize that, based on the carpet in the photo “A” sent, the photo of the golf club was taken in The Radley.  The cyberbully must have a room in the hotel.

Aria’s dad calls Aria with an urgent message.  He needs to see her alone, right away.  There’s something he has to tell her.

The same old man who was wearing the postal uniform outside Aria’s house is now at The Radley wearing a bellhop uniform.  He gets in a black car.  Now we know why the new Uber “A” was interested in uniforms last episode.  “A” takes off the glasses, hat and the old man mask.  We still don’t get to see who is stalking the Liars.

Any thoughts on PLL “New Guys, New Lies” episode 6x14?  What do you think Aria’s dad is hiding?  Did Ezra meet up with Aria’s dad?  Do you like Toby’s new girlfriend Yvonne?

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