Saturday, February 13, 2016

PLL 6x16 Sneak Peek: Haleb Talk About New “A”

Hanna and Caleb talk about the new “A” in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars 6x16 “Where Somebody Waits for Me”.

Hanna and Caleb haven’t spent much one-on-one time together since coming back to Rosewood, but the two of them finally talk.

Caleb is dating Spencer now, but he’s still the same supportive guy who always had Hanna’s back.  This new “A” wants to make Hanna and the other Liars miserable, but Caleb is sure Hanna can beat “A”.  Hanna is stronger and smarter than she was five years ago.  She knows that she can beat “A” because she’s done it before.

And Caleb isn’t just a hacker anymore.  He's also into making beer.  Toby and Caleb were thinking of opening a brewery together, but things have changed now that Caleb is dating Spencer.

Does this sneak peek video of PLL 6x16 make you miss Haleb or are you already supporting Spaleb?

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