Wednesday, January 27, 2016

PLL 6x14 Promo: Liars Breaking & Entering

The Liars slip into their old law-breaking habits in this promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 6x14 “New Guys, New Lies”.

Things are heating up between Spencer and Caleb.  Emily is surprised that Hanna is okay with Spaleb.

The new Big Bad thinks the Liars know who killed Charlotte, so the Liars are dragged into the mystery.  It looks like the Liars are still convinced Ezra killed Charlotte.  They wonder if a golf club was the murder weapon.

The Liars are five years older, but they are still breaking laws.  In their defense, they aren’t stealing anything.  Where are they breaking into?  Looks like Emily is caught snooping at the Brew.

The stress is getting to the Liars.  “I miss yoga class, I miss Boston, I miss sanity, Emily” Aria says.

Spencer and Caleb are both super smart, so it’s a good thing they are investigating together.  They enter a storage unit that is empty except for a trash can.  They open the trash can and find black hoodies, black gloves and a cell phone.  They get a text from Uber A that says “I don't lurk in the shadows. I hide in plain sight.”  "It's happening again, isn't it?" Spencer asks Caleb.

How are you feeling about Spaleb?  Do you think the Liars are wrong to suspect that Ezra murdered Charlotte?

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