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PLL Recap of 6x13 “The Gloves Are On”: Spaleb, Lucas is Back & Ezra Snaps

Lots of old faces return to Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x13 “The Gloves Are On”.  Lucas Gottesman is back in town and is still the sweet and loyal guy we love.  Melissa is also back in town and she still has a complicated relationship with Spencer.  We even catch a glimpse of Pigtunia in Aria’s bedroom.  We find out why Emily is getting treatments, Spaleb is officially a thing and the Liars accuse Ezra of murdering Charlotte. 

There are definitely perks to having a mom who manages a luxury hotel.  Hanna’s mom gave her spa passes for the hotel spa.  Hanna, Spencer and Emily all relax with cucumbers slices over their eyes.  Aria wasn't invited?  The girls can’t stop talking about Ezra and Aria.  They still think Ezra murdered Charlotte to protect Aria.

Hanna mentions that she erased the hotel surveillance footage from the night Charlotte was murdered, which shocks Spencer and Emily.  Unable to relax anymore, they bolt before getting their salt rubs. 

On her way out, Emily sees Sara Harvey in the other spa room.  Emily demands to know why Sara is following her.  Sara says that she hasn’t been following Emily.  She was at the cemetery the other night to say goodbye to someone.

Hanna’s boss Claudia is in Tokyo and Hanna is in Rosewood, but that doesn’t mean Hanna is off the clock.  Hanna’s still running tons of errands for work, including the task of picking out a Munchkin cat for her boss.

Hanna runs into Lucas at The Brew.  Lucas is doing pretty well for himself.  He sold his company in Seattle and now he does game apps.  He’s driving a silver Jaguar.  He has a condo in Palo Alto, a townhouse in Hong Kong and a loft above The Grill in Rosewood.  Lucas is surprised that Caleb and Hanna split up.  Hanna tells Lucas about her fiancé, Jordan, before running off.

Spencer’s older sister Melissa is back in town to help with their mom’s campaign.  She and Spencer have a photo opp at Hollis College.  Melissa is in the barn when Caleb offers to make Spencer eggs and burnt toast. 

Melissa immediately notices Spencer’s attraction to Caleb.  Spencer denies that anything is going on, but Melissa doesn’t believe her.  She knows Spencer likes to shop out of other people’s carts.  (Clearly, Melissa still resents Spencer’s involvement with both Ian and Wren).  Melissa suggests that Spencer is more comfortable with lying than she thinks.

Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin, suspects that Hanna or one of her friends tampered with The Radley surveillance camera footage.  Hanna denies doing that, but her mom doesn’t believe her.  Detective Lorenzo Caldron has confirmed that the hotel’s security camera footage was erased.  Hanna’s mom has to go down to the precinct for further questioning.  The police are suspicious of her because Hanna was tortured by Charlotte.  That's enough motive for revenge.

Aria’s boss at the publishing company is about to give up on Ezra’s book, so Aria doubles her efforts to get Ezra to commit to finishing it.  Aria and Ezra meet at The Radley hotel to discuss Ezra’s book.  The thumb drive Ezra gave Aria only had research on it.  Ezra reluctantly gives Aria the first chapter of his book.  He never finished the second chapter after Nicole got kidnapped in South America.

Hanna’s mom is The Radley’s manager.  She refuses to serve Ezra alcohol after ‘an incident’.  Looks like Ezra has a bit of a drinking problem now.  Aria’s boss even mentioned Ezra sounded drunk when she called him in the morning.

At Hollis College, Spencer has an interview with a reporter.  The reporter’s questions soon turn to Charlotte DiLaurentis’s death.  Spencer says it was an “upsetting event”.  The reporter assumed Spencer would be happy Charlotte died.

Hanna rushes to Spencer and interrupts her interview.  Hanna is freaking out because Lorenzo knows the hotel’s surveillance footage was erased.  And now the police have a list of all the people who stayed at The Radley that night.  it is just a matter of time before the Liars are all questioned by the cops. 

Since Spencer’s mom is an attorney, Hanna wants to get legal advice from her.  Spencer doesn’t want to involve her mom in anything that might ruin her run for a Senate seat.

Spencer goes back to the interview, but the reporter asks if Hanna is “that girl from bunker”.  He wants to know if she is staying in town because of Charlotte.  Spencer cuts the interview off and refuses to answer more of his questions.

Emily’s mom, who believes Emily’s lie about applying to graduate school at Hollis, already spoke to a family friend about writing Emily a letter of recommendation.  So she’s shocked when she receives a letter from Pepperdine University and finds out Emily dropped out of college.  Emily’s mom feels like an idiot for believe Emily’s lies.  She even sent numerous care packages to Emily when she thought Emily was still at school.

Emily tells her mom that she wasn’t kicked out of school.  Dropping out of college just sort of happened.  Emily’s mom doesn’t understand why Emily didn’t just call her if she was going through a difficult time.  She can’t believe Emily even sent her a fake graduation photo.  Did she get the graduation gown at a costume shop?

Without thinking it through, Hanna goes to Lucas’s loft.  She asks him if he was in Rosewood the night Charlotte was murdered.  She wants him to be her alibi for that night.  She wants Lucas to tell the police that he came to her hotel room, brought fried mozzarella sticks and they talked until the sun came up.

Hanna suddenly realizes that she shouldn’t be asking him to lie for her and she tells him to forget it.  Lucas, who will still do anything for Hanna, immediately tells her that he’ll help.  If she needs him, then he’s there for her.  He doesn’t even need to know why she’s asking him to lie.

Aria reads the beginning of Ezra’s manuscript to Emily.  Emily thinks Ezra was writing about Aria, although Aria thinks the book is about Nicole.  Aria says her relationship with Ezra was high school, but Emily points out that it wasn’t for Ezra. 

Emily thinks Ezra killed Charlotte, but Aria continues to defend him.  Emily is in a bad mood.  She’s sick of Sara shadowing her like a dark cloud.  She’s afraid Sara knows something.  Why won't Sara go home?
Spencer stops by Hanna’s place to apologize for earlier.  She was too focused on her mom’s campaign and didn’t help Hanna.  Spencer asks Hanna about Caleb.  Hanna realizes that Spencer has feelings for Caleb.  Spencer makes it clear that nothing happened with Caleb in Spain.  She wouldn’t do that to Hanna. 

Hanna gives Spencer her blessings.  After all, she’s supposedly happy and in love with her fiancé Jordan.  Hanna thinks Spencer should find out how Caleb feels. 

Aria believes in Ezra’s writing, so she types up the handwritten draft he gave her.  She thought seeing his words in a different form might inspire him to pick up where he left off.  Aria doesn’t care what her publishing company wants.  She wants Ezra to finish the book so that the entire world will know what a compassionate, sensitive and kind person he is.  Unfortunately, Ezra doesn’t believe in himself and refuses to finish the book.

Spencer tracks down the reporter and asks if his story is really about ‘the bunker girls’ and Charlotte’s murder instead of politics.  Spencer learns from the reporter that Mona Vanderwaal is working for her mom’s opponent.  Mona approached Spencer’s mom, Veronica Hastings, and asked to work for her campaign.  When Spencer’s mom turned her down, Mona decided to work for the competition.  The reporter is shocked that Spencer’s mom kept that a secret from her.

Hanna, Emily and Aria worry about Lorenzo’s investigation.  Emily doesn’t think Lorenzo will try to destroy them, since they are Alison’s friends.  Hanna doesn’t think Alison still considers them friends.  None of the girls have heard from Alison ever since the dinner when Alison implied that her friends had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.  Alison isn’t about to make more friendship bracelets for the Liars.

Aria’s under pressure to submit Ezra’s book.  Her boss has already written Ezra off as a fraud who is two months away from teaching creative writing on a cruise ship.  Desperate to help Ezra, Aria emails her boss the first couple chapters of Ezra’s book.

Hanna catches Emily giving herself an injection in Aria’s bathroom.  Hanna confronts her and Emily finally tells her secret.  Emily isn’t sick after all.  She’s broke.  After dropping out of college, Emily burned through the money her dad left her.  She decided to donate her eggs for money.  The injections are the hormones required before the procedure.

Hanna offers to lend Emily money, but Emily feels good about her decision to donate her eggs.  She’s glad she can help two people start a family. 

Lorenzo interrogates Hanna about the night of Charlotte’s murder.  He doesn’t believe Hanna would randomly reach out to Lucas at 3 AM, especially since she hadn’t seen him in five years.  During the interrogation, Lorenzo brings Lucas in.

Lucas says he was happy to bring over food in the middle of the night.  Hanna sounded tipsy when she called him, so he thought they could have some fun together.  Hanna and Lucas should have practiced their story, though.  Lorenzo catches them in a lie.  Lucas says he went down the hall to get ice.  Unfortunately, Lorenzo knows the third floor at The Radley doesn’t have an ice machine.

Spencer gets home to find Melissa freaking out.  During her interview with the reporter, she saw the words ‘source’, ‘cover-up’ and ‘tape’ written on his notepad.  Melissa immediately thinks the reporter found the tape she made for Spencer about the night Alison disappeared.  (On the tape, Melissa confessed to burying Bethany Young alive.  At the time, she thought she was protecting Spencer by burying Alison DiLaurentis).

Spencer assures Melissa that she destroyed that tape.  Spencer texts Aria to let her know that someone saw the hotel surveillance tape.  The Liars need to talk to Ezra right away.

Emily sees Sara at the hotel bar and confronts her again.  If Charlotte was as horrible as Sara claimed, then why did Sara go to the funeral?  Charlotte tries to make Emily feel guilty for her burns, though Emily denies that there is anything to feel guilty about.  Everything happened so fast at Radley the night Charlotte was revealed as “A”.  There was nothing any of the Liars could do about Charlotte's injury.

Aria rushes to Ezra’s to talk to him before the others arrive.  Looks like Aria also believes Ezra killed Charlotte.  Before Ezra can say anything, Aria starts her speech.  She knows he was filled with anger and despair the night Charlotte was murdered.  She also knows he did what he did to protect her.  Aria promises that she will do whatever it takes to protect him, including lie for him.

The rest of the Liar arrive and start attacking Ezra.  Hanna claims that Ezra didn’t protect Aria.  She protected Aria by deleting the surveillance footage.  Hanna refuses to go down for Charlotte’s murder.  She demands that Ezra own up to what he did.

Spencer tells Ezra to tell the cops that he murdered Charlotte in self-defense.  She knows Ezra must have gotten the idea to stage Charlotte’s death after reading her college paper for her criminology class.

Ezra, shocked that the Liars are accusing him of murder, tells them to leave.  Emily refuses to leave until he tells the truth.  Ezra, in disbelief, tells them that they aren’t asking him to change a grade.  They are asking him to confess to a murder.  Furious, Ezra again yells at the Liars to get out.

Ezra tells Aria to leave, too.  He can’t believe Aria thinks he is capable of murder.  Aria admits that she doesn’t know him anymore.  He isn’t the same person she said goodbye to five years ago.

Ezra refuses to say he’s sorry that the person who made her life a living hell is dead.  Aria leaves in tears.

Spencer goes home and asks Caleb who he suspects killed Charlotte.  Caleb thinks Sara Harvey might be guilty.  Spencer thinks Sara remembers more than she’s letting on.  Turns out Hanna never told Caleb what happened to Sara on prom night.

Spencer finally spills how Sara Harvey got burned.  After Emily punched Sara, Sara fell to the floor.  When she got up, she grabbed the bomb wires and got electrocuted.

Spencer is worried that all the years of torture hardened her.  Caleb assures Spencer that she is a good person.  Spencer thanks Caleb for not judging her.  Spencer admits that she’s been judging herself because of her feelings for him.  They hold hands, which quickly turns into a make-out session on the couch. Spaleb is really happening.

Emily comes home to find her mom waiting for her on the porch.  Her mom makes her promise to tell her when something happens.  She doesn’t want Emily to go through things alone when they can go through it together.  Emily promises, but clearly she’s still keeping secrets from her mom.  After her mom leaves, Emily dumps her wine in the bushes.  Guess Emily still isn’t ready to come clean about the injections and the treatments.

Hanna goes back to Lucas’s loft.  Lucas asks her if she had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.  Lucas is braver than Hanna’s mom.  Hanna’s mom has wanted to ask Hanna that same question, but is too scared of the answer.  Hanna’s mom can barely look at her.  It’s getting hard for Hanna to keep walking up in her old bedroom.

Lucas, proving he’s still the sweet guy from high school who would do anything for Hanna, gives her the keys to his loft.  He has to go to San Jose for work, but Hanna’s welcome to stay as long as she wants.  Lucas even cooks dinner for Hanna.

Liam video chats Aria and tells her that their boss loved Ezra’s first chapter and can’t wait to get the rest of the book.  Since Ezra is refusing to finish the book, Aria is forced to start writing the third chapter herself.  This isn’t going to turn out well for Aria.

What would PLL be without threatening texts?  The Liars get a text that says “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk”.  The text isn’t signed by “A”, but it does have a creepy devil face emoji.

In the first “A” scene of season 6B, the new Uber “A” is in a storage room.  There are dolls and an Alison mask.  The new Big Bad opens a storage bin and takes out a black hoodie and gloves, only to throw them in a garbage can.  This new Big Bad then does an internet search for “UNIFORMS”.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars 6x13 “The Gloves Are On”?  Loved seeing Melissa and Lucas again.  Since Caleb is taken now that Spaleb is a thing, it would be interesting to see if anything happens between Hanna and Lucas.  Any theories on who the new Uber “A” is?

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