Friday, June 27, 2014

PLL Actress Tammin Sursok Spills Major Spoilers for Season 5: Twins and “A”

Tammin Sursok (Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars) gave us some major spoilers about season 5 in an interview with The Daily Edition in Australia.  Spoiler alert!

Expect some major twists and turns to come our way.  Tammin says that we will find out who “A” is, only to find out it isn’t really “A” after all. 

And, get ready to be shocked, Tammin says that someone has a twin sister.  Tammin doesn’t give us any more details, saying that she can’t give too much away.

Seems like Tammin might be talking about Shana as the character that we wrongly assume is “A”.  So maybe the liars shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Aria’s fears of “A” as paranoia. 

And who has a twin sister?  Although the Ali-has-a-twin theory is frequently talked about, from previous interviews with the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars, it seemed like they weren’t going down that path.  So maybe another character has a twin sister?  Jason DiLaurentis?  Or maybe Melissa Hastings? 

Which Pretty Little Liars character do you think has a twin sister?

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