Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PLL 6x15 Sneak Peek: Yvonne Late for Lunch With Spencer

You’d think Spencer would want to avoid hanging out with Yvonne, since Yvonne is dating Toby and is the daughter of the opposing candidate running for the Senate seat.  However, Spencer reaches out to Yvonne and sets up a lunch in this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”.

Spencer waits at the Apple Rose Grille for Yvonne, who is late for the lunch.  It’s an awkward situation.  The person Spencer calls to ask if the lunch was rescheduled doesn’t know anything about the lunch.  It isn’t scheduled on the calendar.

Yvonne finally arrives, apologetic about being late.  She says she couldn’t call and let Spencer know she was late.  Whoever updated her calendar didn’t include Spencer’s contact information.

Spencer’s surprised that someone updates Yvonne’s calendar for her.  Yvonne apparently has a campaign aid who coordinates all her activities.

Yvonne was surprised Spencer reached out to her.  She thought they'd stay away from each other, despite the success of their joint effort to get youth to vote.

Spencer wants to get some advice from Yvonne about being the daughter of a campaign candidate.

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