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PLL Recap of 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”: Team Sparia Break Into Sara Harvey’s Room

In Pretty Little Liars episode 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”, Mona has a run-in with Spencer, Alison is back in Rosewood, Team Sparia breaks into Sara Harvey’s hotel room and Caleb strikes back against the new “A” (Evil Emoji).

The Liars can cross Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery, off the suspect list.  Aria comes home and finally learns what her dad has been hiding.  Aria’s dad and mom are back together.  Aria’s mom is wearing her wedding ring again.  They’ve been sneaking around town, which explains why Aria’s dad was at The Radley.  Aria realizes her dad couldn’t have killed Charlotte.  Her dad spent all night at Ella’s apartment on the night of the murder.

Hanna has to head to New York to help with her boss’s charity trunk show.  Jordan planned to go back with Hanna, but Hanna has to change her plans when she gets a text from “A”.  “A” threatens to break Hanna’s heart and crash her wedding if she doesn’t hand over the hard drive of the hotel’s security footage.

Caleb, proving that he really is a great boyfriend, brings Spencer her coffee while she’s still in bed.  Caleb wants to tell the cops about the texts they’ve been getting from the new “A”.  The trash can filled with black hoodies was “A”’s way to say the rules have changed.  This new “A” could be anyone hiding in plain sight.

Spencer and Caleb wonder if the new “A” is Sara Harvey.  Spencer doesn’t want to tell Toby about the new texts, even though he is a police officer.  Toby is finally happy and he’s moved on.  She doesn’t want to throw anything at Toby until they have more proof.  If they find the golf club, then Sara can’t use it against them.  After that, they can go to the police and report the threatening text messages.

Emily’s surgery for her egg donation is soon, so she’s sleeping over at Hanna’s place.  (Technically, it’s Lucas’s loft).  Emily lied to her mom and said she was having the sleepover so that Hanna could narrow down the bridesmaid dresses.  Hanna hasn’t asked any of the Liars to be her bridesmaids, though.

Hanna goes home to ask her mom if she stole the hard drive with The Radley’s surveillance camera footage.  Hanna’s mom denies still it, but Hanna doesn’t believe her.  It wouldn't be the first time Ashley Marin stole something.

Aria comes over to help Hanna search for the hard drive.  Last time Hanna’s mom stole money, she hide the cash in a pasta box.  So Aria and Hanna start their search in the kitchen.  They open every box of food and dump it all out, but they come up empty.  After trashing every room in her mom’s house and finding nothing, Hanna wonders if Sara Harvey tricked her into trashing the house.

Hanna is desperate to find the hard drive to stop “A” from crashing her wedding.  Aria suggests that they give “A” a fake hard drive.  If Sara Harvey really is the new “A”, then her hotel room will be empty when she goes to pick up the hard drive.  Then the girls can break in and search for the golf club.

Dr. Elliot Rollins visits Emily (how did he know Emily was staying at Lucas’s loft?) and tries to make peace on Alison’s behalf.  He knows Emily is angry at Alison and has been ignoring her calls.

Alison is sorry for her alienating behavior.  Dr. Rollins doesn’t want Alison to be alone.  He wants Emily to give Alison a chance to apologize, but Emily isn’t interested. 

Dr. Rollins sees Emily’s fertility clinic paper with post-procedure instructions.  He realizes that Emily has a lot going on right now and he probably shouldn’t have come over asking for a favor.

Spencer has a lunch with Gil scheduled in her calendar, but she doesn’t remember scheduling it.  When Gil doesn’t show up to the Apple Rose Grille, Spencer calls him.  Gil doesn’t have the lunch scheduled anywhere in his calendar.

Toby’s girlfriend, Yvonne, runs over apologizing for being late.  Yvonne has a campaign aide who updates her calendar for her, so she assumes Spencer reached out to have lunch with her.  Spencer realizes that “A”, or “Evil Emoji” as Caleb says, hacked into both their phones to set this lunch up.

Spencer stays for the lunch, pretending she set it up so she could get some advice on being the daughter of a candidate.  They talk about the lack of privacy involved in politics.  It’s hard for Spencer to trust people, especially because of “A”.  Yvonne seems nice and friendly.  Yvonne leaves behind her cell phone.  Instead of returning it to her, Spencer keeps the phone.  Old habits are hard to break.

Dr. Rollins visits Alison at Rosewood High.  He’s disappointed that he couldn’t convince Emily to talk to Alison.  Alison doesn’t want to force her friends to accept her apology.  She knows her behavior drove them away. 

Dr. Rollins doesn’t want Alison to give up.  Alison’s dad and her brother haven’t made an effort.  Her friends are the closest thing she has to a family now.  She needs them.

Alison acknowledges that Dr. Rollins has been her rock.  He’s even willing to take more vacation days to spend time with her.  While Dr. Rollins and Alison talk, Sara Harvey watches them from down the hall.

Sara Harvey pays a visit to Alison when she is alone.  When Sara Harvey’s hands were numb and bandaged after the accident, she spent months being fed by nurses aides.  She hated it and she mistreated everyone who tried to help her.  Despite that, people kept trying to help her.  Now she has to do that for someone else.

Charlotte apologizes for lying to the judge about Charlotte.  She was scared and said whatever it took to protect herself.  She feels terrible for lying and for what happened to Charlotte.

Sara feels like both of them know what it meant to be close to Charlotte.  Charlotte was like a sister to her.  She was there for Charlotte when no one else was.

Alison claims that Sara was just a replacement for her.  Alison makes it clear that she didn’t reject Charlotte.  She had nothing to do with Charlotte being locked in Radley.  Alison spent the last five years getting to know Charlotte and making up for lost time.

Sara thinks neither of them really knew all of Charlotte.  Sara wants to put their pieces together and understand things.  She wants something good to come from all of this.  Alison leaves without giving Sara an answer.  Afterwards, Sara smiles to herself.

Caleb gives Hanna a hard drive that he promises will pass for the real one.  Caleb is glad Hanna reached out to him.  He makes it clear that Hanna can always come to him for help.

Spencer joins them and gives Caleb Yvonne’s phone.  Caleb plans to clone Yvonne’s phone.  He’ll be able to use it to find out who is sending the Evil Emoji texts.  He can trace the hacks to a common source.  Hanna leaves, but she doesn’t look happy to see how close Spencer and Caleb are.
Alison rushes to Emily to tell her about her creepy conversation with Sara Harvey.  Alison realizes that Sara and Charlotte were closer than she thought.  It looks like Sara really cared about Charlotte.  Freaked out, Alison wants to stay with Emily.

Emily has to leave for her surgery and she assumes Dr. Rollins already told Alison about the egg donation.  Alison had no idea, but she offers to go with Emily.

Spencer goes back to Apple Rose Grille to return Yvonne’s phone.  Mona Vanderwaal is there and she quickly claims the phone.  (Mona works for the opposing candidate).  Mona promises to leave Spencer out of the story.  She wouldn’t want Spencer to be accused of stealing a phone from the daughter of the opposing candidate.

Mona has done a lot of shady things in the past.  After all, Mona was the original “A”.  So Spencer suspects that Mona was the one who set up the lunch and left the phone on the floor.  Did Mona want Spencer and Yvonne to have a public fight over Toby?

Mona reminds Spencer that neither of them are still in high school.  This isn’t a race for senior class president.  They don’t do those things anymore.

Aria booked the room next to Sara Harvey’s at The Radley.  Aria thought the hotel charge would be paid by the publishing company, since she told them it was a room for Ezra to write in.  Unfortunately for Aria, the hotel cost is going to be taken out of her paycheck. 

While in her hotel room, Aria hears Sara arguing with Hanna’s mom in the hallway.  Aria watches them through the peephole.  It is hotel policy for the rooms to be cleaned at least once a week.  However, Sara won’t let anyone in her room.  She constantly keeps the “Do Not Disturb” sign on her door.  Hanna’s mom eventually backs off.

Hanna drops the fake hard drive in a trash can in an alley.  She texts “A” that it’s done.  Hanna leaves and someone in a black car watches her.

At the clinic, Emily explains how she’ll use the money she gets from donating her eggs.  She plans to go back and finish school.

Emily is given anesthesia for the procedure.  When she wakes up, she sees Sara Harvey standing over her with a syringe.  She injects Emily, who struggles and screams.

Alison rushes in and tells Emily that it wasn’t real.  Alison says she was there when Emily came out of surgery.  She was only gone for a short time while she looked for a nurse.  Alison assures Emily that seeing Sara Harvey was just because of the drugs. 

Emily gets some more bad news when the nurse comes in.  The couple who were going to use Emily’s eggs decided to back out.  They got pregnant, so they no longer need Emily’s help.  Emily doesn’t want her eggs destroyed.  Unfortunately, freezing them for herself is expensive.  Emily decides to donate to an egg bank.

Team Sparia is ready to take down Sara Harvey.  From the balcony of her hotel room, Aria uses a selfie stick to take photos of the inside of Sara Harvey’s room.  It looks empty, so they are ready to break in.  Spencer hasn’t broken in anywhere since the time she got locked out of her dorm room, so she doesn’t think she’ll be much help with the hotel’s electronic lock.

Aria’s desperate to find the golf club before Sara frames Byron for Charlotte’s murder, so they climb from their balcony to Sara Harvey’s balcony and pick the lock on the balcony door.

They are surprised at how clean Sara Harvey’s hotel room is.  It doesn’t look like she’s slept in the room.  They find numerous gloves on fake hands.  Spencer also finds the building plans for Radley Sanitarium and The Radley Hotel.  Spencer realizes Sara Harvey’s hotel room is the same room Charlotte stayed in when she was locked in Radley.

Spencer tries to tell Aria, but Aria has disappeared.  Aria had gone to the closet earlier.  Spencer sees a huge hole in the closet wall.  There’s a ladder outside the hole.  Spencer looks down and calls for Aria, but Aria doesn’t respond.  What happened to her?

Hanna heads back to New York for work, but her boss Claudia is upset when Hanna shows up late.  Claudia already has a new assistant, who she treats horribly.  Claudia sticks her already chewed gum in her assistant’s hand and Hanna decides she’s had enough.  She’s been pushed around by Claudia too many times.  Hanna stands up for herself, but now she’s jobless.  And she forgets to take her panda bear mug with her when she leaves.

Hanna’s fiancé, Jordan, tries to comfort Hanna.  He has lots of connections, so he’ll be able to find Hanna another job right away.  He doesn’t care if Hanna is unemployed, though.  Hanna thinks their marriage announcement in the newspaper should read “Luckiest girl alive marries her genuine Prince Charming”. 

Caleb looks through the files on Yvonne’s phone.  He sees a file for Mona Vanderwaal.  He also sees a research file on the Hastings family.  Caleb tries to open it, but it is encrypted and password protected. 

Emily is crashing at Lucas’s loft when someone bangs on the door.  Emily opens the door to find a carton of eggs.  Evil Emoji leaves a message that says “give me the killer or i’ll  use your eggs”.  And if that’s not creepy enough, one of the eggs is cracked open and just the empty shell is left.

There is some good news for the Liars, though.  The new Uber “A” plugs in Caleb’s hard drive.  Instead of seeing the hotel surveillance footage, “A” sees a message from Caleb.  “I don’t know who you are or what game you’re playing, but guess what?  If you can change the rules, so can we.”  A “Virus Detected” message appears on the computer and the virus corrupts all the files on “A”’s computer.

Clearly the Liars should have turned to Caleb a lot more in the past.  With his help, they may have stopped the previous “A”s a lot sooner.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars 6x15 “Do Not Disturb”?  It was great seeming Team Sparia again.  And Caleb’s attack on “A” was awesome.  The Liars are finally going on the offensive.  What do you think happened to Aria?  Do you think Mona has been messing with Spencer?

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