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Shay Mitchell Sad About Paily Breakup on PLL

Shay Mitchell and Lindsey Shaw
Credit: Lindsey Shaw's Instagram

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) discussed her initial reaction to the Emily and Paige breakup in an interview with Wetpaint.

Shay said “I was so sad! Honestly, I love Lindsey Shaw so much. She's so amazing and I love her presence on set. So I was like — Wait a minute, how long is she going for? And they were like, Ummm, undecided for right now.

It's always tough, because you get really close with the actor that you've been working with, and then when they're not going to be working as much, it's kind of disappointing. Also, for my character, it's just heartbreaking. But they have been up and down more often than not, so I think maybe it would be a good thing to get a break.”

Are you hoping for a Paige and Emily reunion?

PLL 5x18 Promo: Johnny Acting Suspicious?

Is Johnny keeping secrets?  In the Canadian promo of PLL episode 5x18 “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”, Spencer find out that Johnny has one of the Alison’s missing posters.  Johnny tells Spencer that “this whole town is strung together with whispers”.

Spencer is confident that Alison is going to be tried and convicted of murder.  Aria is worried that Alison’s desperation will grow as the trial date gets closer.  Hanna thinks Alison will get more dangerous.

Holbrook seems to have some anger issues.

Mike says “you can’t take everything apart like you want her to disappear”.

Do you think Johnny has some secrets of his own?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x18: Mike and Aria Talk

Mike and Aria talk about Mona in this sneak peek of PLL episode 5x18.

Friday, January 30, 2015

PLL 5x18 Sneak Peek: Emily and Talia Awkward Encounter

In this sneak peek of “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me” Emily and Talia look uncomfortable talking to each other at The Brew.

Lucy Hale Says PLL Golf Cart was Censored

Pretty Little Liars has an awesome pink golf cart that the cast and crew use to get around the set.  Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) told Conan that the PLL golf cart had to be censored.  (Lucy also talked about her Cosmo cover).

“A” on PLL always uses the word ‘bitches’, so they put that on the back of the pink PLL golf cart.  Unfortunately, someone made an anonymous complaint to human resources.  Pretty Little Liars left the word on the cart, but they added a censored sticker.

PLL Sneak Peek 5x18: Is Johnny Into Spencer?

Johnny wants to spend time with Spencer in this PLL sneak peek of “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”.

Do you think Johnny likes Spencer?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keegan Allen: Everyone Knows “A”

Credit: Marlene King's Instagram
Keegan Allen is one of the lucky PLL cast members who know the identity of “A”.  Keegan told People that “A” is someone we all know.  So we definitely know that "A" isn't going to be a new character.

"And what I love about who it is is that everyone knows who it is ... but it will be so shocking and surprising," Keegan said.

"Everyone will freak out because it's so clearly in every episode.  When it's finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, 'Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,' which is, I think, brilliant."

Who do you think “A” is on Pretty Little Liars?

Lucy Hale Talks Embarrassing Cosmo Cover on 'Conan'

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Lucy Hale was a guest on Conan and she talked about her Cosmo cover.  Her cover photo was surrounded by racy headlines. 

Lucy’s dad saw the Cosmo cover and thought “best sex ever” is what Lucy talked about during the interview.  Lucy shared a text her father sent her after seeing the Cosmo cover.  The text said “Saw your pic on Cosmo, you look wonderful.  Not to crazy about the articles beside your photo.  Love u”.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PLL 5x18 Trailer: Holbrook’s Back

Looks like Holbrook’s back in town and he’s got some questions for Caleb and Hanna.  Holbrook asks “How does a girl like Alison become a girl like Alison?”  Hanna has to defend herself when Holbrook intimidates her.

Hanna tells Aria and Spencer that the police want to know if Caleb saw anything suspicious.

Talia puts the moves on Emily.

Mike tells Aria to be careful going home through the woods.

Do you think Holbrook is a bad guy?

PLL Do-Over: Alison and Mona

What would happen if Alison could go back in time?  That questioned is answered in this clip that was aired during the commercial break of Pretty Little Liars 5x17 “The Bin of Sin”.  This clip is not part of the actual episode.

In jail, Alison wonders what she would do-over.  She remembers a time when Mona complimented her hair.  Alison responded by insulting Mona’s hair, saying “Mona, there are cancer patients with better hair.  If I were you, and I’m happy that I’m not, I would stop trying”.  If she had helped Mona that day, she and Mona could have been friends instead of enemies.  And Alison wouldn’t have ended up in jail.

Recap of PLL 5x17 "The Bin of Sin"

In “The Bin of Sin” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x17, Ezria and Spoby fall apart, Hanna makes sure she doesn’t go down for murder, and Aria and Spencer almost freeze to death.

Hanna and Caleb think Mona’s body is in the barrel in the storage unit that was rented in Hanna’s name.  Hanna thinks Alison is framing her for Mona’s murder as payback after Hanna visited her in jail.

Hanna is determined to fight back.  She wants to move the barrel.  The other Liars don’t want to tamper with evidence that could convict Alison.  Hanna is concerned because she doesn’t have an alibi for the night Mona was murdered.  Caleb was with her, but the police will just think he is lying to protect her.  And her mom was at the soup kitchen with Pastor Ted that night.

Caleb thinks they are one step ahead of Holbrook, but Emily isn’t sure he's the one helping Alison.  Aria is about to tell the others about the wild goose chase “H” sent her on, but she keeps quiet about the flowers Jason supposedly sent Hanna’s mom.

Caleb plans to erase Hanna’s name from the storage records.  Spencer wants to tell the police about the storage unit.  Hanna doesn’t like that plan, since she is the one being framed for murder.

Aria is worried that "H" will tell Ezra about the letter she wrote to Jackie.  Aria is having nightmares of Holbrook wallpapering Ezra’s apartment with her letter.

The Brew’s new chef Talia makes Ezra a pecan pie to thank him for hiring her.  Emily thinks Talia has a crush on Ezra, so she tells her that Ezra is dating her friend.  Emily also tells Talia that she’s into girls.

Hanna is researching chemical resistant rubber gloves when her mom comes in.  Hanna’s mom decided not to tell Ted that she cheated on him with Jason.  She simply told Ted that it isn’t easy to say yes to a marriage proposal when you’ve failed at marriage before.  Hanna is worried that the truth will come out, but Hanna’s mom trusts both Jason and Hanna to keep it a secret.

Toby looks at Alison’s police file and the lie detector test results that Holbrook signed off on.  Spencer shows up at the police station.  She wants to talk to Toby about Hanna.  Toby thought Spencer agreed to stop sleuthing with Caleb, but Spencer explains that it isn’t that simple.  She’s worried Hanna will do something stupid.

Lt. Tanner asks why Spencer isn’t at school.  Spencer leaves before she can tell Toby about the barrel in the storage unit.

Toby tells Lt. Tanner that Holbrook may have manipulated Alison’s polygraph test results to make it look like she passed.  Lt. Tanner warns him not to make accusations that he can’t back up.  Tanner doesn’t get why Holbrook would help Alison, so Toby tells her that Holbrook and Alison kissing at the Ice Ball dance.  Lt. Tanner dismisses that information since it came from the Liars.

Toby also says that Holbrook’s father isn’t sick, even though he was on temporary leave to take care of his father.  Lt. Tanner can’t believe that Toby had the nerve to investigate his superior.  She threatens to fire him if he doesn’t stop his extracurricular research.

Aria tells Ezra that she got into Talmadge College.  Ezra is thrilled for her.  Talmadge is a huge school, so he doesn’t think Aria will run into Jackie.  Aria finally shows him the letter that she wrote to Jackie.

Surprisingly, Ezra isn’t upset when he reads the letter.  He thinks it was a brilliant move.  Aria is apologetic, but Ezra knows that she just did what she had to do.  Ezra doesn’t care what Jackie thinks of him.  He only cares what Aria thinks of him.  Aria admits that she doesn’t even want to go to Talmadge.  She was just scared of getting stuck in Rosewood.

Hanna is determined to make sure Mona’s murder doesn’t get pinned on her.  She packs a bag with gloves and bleach.  Caleb drops by to tell her that he took care of the storage unit records. 

Caleb doesn’t want Hanna to move the barrel, but Hanna won’t change her mind.  She found a drill that can break the lock.  She already rented a van, too.  She plans to leave the barrel in the woods and call the police with a burner phone.  Caleb points out that Hanna isn’t a forensic expert.  She can’t pull something like this off.

Hanna says this is just like when Caleb found the bloody knife and destroyed it.  She doesn’t have a choice, especially if Alison planted her DNA in the storage unit.

Hanna’s mom decides to quit her job to avoid working with Jason.  Over lunch, she tells Jason that Ted proposed.  She only hooked up with Jason because she was lonely.  Jason understands what that feels like.

Caleb cuts wires to knock out the security cameras at the storage unit before they break in.

Spencer tells Aria and Emily that someone moved Mona’s laptop.  Spencer thinks it was Hanna and Caleb.  The girls follow the GPS coordinates to track down the laptop. 

Hanna’s mom packs up her stuff at the office.  Jason asks why she isn’t wearing an engagement ring.  Hanna’s mom isn’t sure she’s cut out to be a pastor’s wife.  She hasn’t always made the best choices and she doesn’t want her past to destroy everything he’s worked for.

Jason wonders if she hooked up with him just so she would have an excuse to break things off with Ted.  Jason has screwed up good things because he was afraid the past would get in the way.  Hanna’s mom denies using Jason as an excuse to say no to Ted.

Hanna and Caleb break into the storage unit and find that everything is gone except the barrel.  Hanna doesn’t want to open it.  She can’t face seeing Mona’s body.  Caleb and Hanna leave to get a dolly from the van.

Hanna and Caleb run into Toby and Lt. Tanner in the storage facility.  Caleb pretends that he needs a storage unit for his stuff.  Toby doesn't support their story and denies knowing that Caleb was looking for a storage unit.  Lt. Tanner can tell that Hanna is nervous.

Lt. Tanner and Toby notice the cut wires that knocked down the security cameras.  They also see that the lock on the storage unit is broken.

Spencer, Aria and Emily track Mona’s computer to an old ice cream factory.  The place is huge, so they split up.

Emily finds a bag of freeze-dried almonds in the factory.

Spencer hears Caleb and Hanna’s voices.  She follows the voices and finds out it’s a recording on a laptop.  Someone recorded Hanna and Caleb’s earlier discussion about breaking into the storage unit.  Aria joins her and they watch the recording together.

“A” locks Aria and Spencer in the freezer and blasts the liquid nitrogen.  Emily manages to get them out before they freeze to death.

Lt. Tanner and Toby start to open the barrel, but there is a strong smell coming from it.  They end up calling a HazMat team.  Lt. Tanner notices a drop of blood on the floor near the barrel.

Jason apologizes to Hanna’s mom for suggesting that she used him to ruin her relationship with Ted.  Hanna’s mom admits that there was some truth to what he said. 

Jason doesn't like working with his father.  They don’t talk much and his father constantly reminds him of what a disappointment he is.  Hanna’s mom advises him to find another job.  Jason won’t be able to move forward if he is stuck in the past.  They hug and Jason tries to kiss Hanna’s mom again.  This time, Hanna’s mom pulls away.

Emily is at The Brew to close up.  Talia offers to clean if Emily cooks.  Emily is distracted when Hanna calls to tell her about Lt. Tanner and Toby showing up at the storage unit.

Flames shoot up from the gas range while Emily is on the phone.  Emily panics and Talia has to calm her down.

Aria and Ezra have some Chinese takeout for dinner.  Ezra gives Aria a monogrammed journal as a present for getting into college.  College will be an exciting time for her.  He doesn’t want her to miss out, like she did in high school. 

Ezra re-read her letter to Jackie and realized that Aria really does feel like she missed out on her high school years because she dated him.  Aria denies that, but Ezra wants what is best for her.  In college, Aria will meet new people and discover herself.  If they stay together, Aria may grow to resent him.  He wants her to take time for herself, so that there will be no regrets.

Hanna is furious at Spencer for telling Toby about the barrel.  Spencer insists that she didn’t say anything.  Lt. Tanner must have been tipped off.  Hanna doesn’t understand why Toby didn’t warn them.  Toby knew about the bloody knife and that they were being framed for Mona’s murder.  Hanna thinks Toby cares more about his job than about his friends.

Spencer defends Toby and puts the blame on Hanna.  She thinks Hanna screwed herself and Caleb over by going back to the storage unit.  Hanna storms off.

Spencer calls Toby, who doesn’t answer his phone.

Lt. Tanner thinks Alison had help moving Mona’s body.  If the blood in the storage unit matches Mona’s, then the Liars will be brought in for questioning.  Lt. Tanner reminds Toby that he took an oath when he became a police officer.  Withholding information isn’t an option.  She asks if there is anything he isn’t telling her.

Talia cooks Emily some mashed potatoes to make her feel better.  Emily knows that Talia must see her as neurotic.  Talia admits that she can be a control freak.  Talia says that she was never into Ezra.  She’s actually into Emily.  Talia leaves before Emily can respond.

Hanna tells Caleb that they were recorded earlier.  Caleb realizes that they were set up.  Hanna is angry at herself for not listening to Caleb.  She doesn’t want to drag him down with her.  If they are caught, she’ll tell the cops that she forced Caleb to go to the storage unit with her.

Hanna tells Caleb to stay away from her.  Alison isn’t going to give up and it’s dangerous for him to be with her.  Caleb doesn’t care.  He’s willing to go to jail with Hanna.

Aria flips through the Rosewood High yearbook.  There are no school activities listed under her picture.  She realizes that she did miss out on some high school experiences.

Spencer finally gets a call from Toby.  Toby is done with work, but he lies to Spencer and claims that he’s stuck at work.  He says Lt. Tanner got an anonymous call about the storage unit and he didn’t get the chance to warn the Liars.

Spencer asks what was in the barrel, but Toby refuses to answer.  Spencer asks him to come over after work.  Toby says that he can’t.  Spencer, crying, throws her phone.

All the bags of evidence from the storage unit have been moved to another location.  Someone in a black hoodie uses a light to look at handprints left at this new location.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ian Harding Plays Kiss, Kill or Marry

Ian Harding better watch his back!  At the Paris Pretty Little Liars convention “Keep a Secret 2”, Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) played Kiss, Kill or Marry.

Ian said that he would kiss Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) just to make her angry, marry Holly Marie Combs (Aria's mom Ella on PLL) and kill Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL).

Lucy responded by tweeting “oh he's got it comin.”

Look out, Ian!

Monday, January 26, 2015

PLL Cast in Paris for Convention

A photo posted by Cody Christian (@codychristian) on

Drew Van Acker (Jason on PLL), Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL), Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) and Cody Christian (Mike on PLL) were in Paris for the Pretty Little Liars convention “Keep a Secret 2”.

Cody posted this video clip of the four of them in Paris.

He captioned the video “Best part about my job. All the fans in this beautiful city, you've been incredible.”

Drew Van Acker tweeted this photo:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photo of the Week: Janel Parrish and Brant Daugherty Weird Photos

Besties Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) and Brant Daugherty (Noel on PLL) have engaged in a weird photo war.

Janel posted this funny photo of Brant taking a photo of her:

Janel Parrish and Brant Daugherty
Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram
She captioned it “#tbt to this weirdo @brantdaugherty”.

Brant responded by posting this photo of Janel:

Janel Parrish
Credit: Brant Daugherty's Instagram
Brant captioned it “@janelparrish posting weird pics?! THIS IS A WAR YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY WIN”.

Janel didn’t seem to mind that photo.  She responded by tweeting “@brantdaugherty HAHAHAHAHA I AM HOT”.

Who do you think is winning this photo war?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x17: Hanna’s Mom Quitting Her Job

Seems like Hanna’s mom thinks avoiding Jason is the best way to deal with their hookup.  In this Pretty Little Liars sneak peek of “The Bin of Sin”, Jason and Ashley discuss business over lunch.  She’s ready to leave and find a new job.

She tells Jason that Ted proposed to her.  He was gone for three months and she was lonely.  Jason understands, since he knows what it feels like to be lonely. 

PLL 5x17 Sneak Peek: Aria Still Can’t Come Clean About the Letter

Aria finally tells Ezra that she got into Talmadge in this Pretty Little Liars 5x17 sneak peek.  Ezra is happy for Aria.  Talmadge is a huge school, so she probably won’t run into Jackie.  He tells her not to let Jackie ruin college for her.  Ezra has to leave, but they make plans to celebrate later.

Friday, January 23, 2015

PLL 5x18 Photo Sneak Peek: Elizabeth McLaughlin as Lesli Stone

Here’s our first look at Elizabeth McLaughlin as Lesli Stone on Pretty Little Liars

A photo posted by @imarleneking on

PLL showrunner Marlene King captioned the photo “Welcome to PLL Lesli Stone. Played by Elizabeth McLaughlin. I've been a fan of this actress since we cast the pilot. Now she gets to show you her goods”.

Lesli is the friend Mona was supposed to see on Thanksgiving Day.  Lesli was talking to Mona on the day she died.  Maybe she knows some of Mona’s secrets?

We will first see Lesli in PLL 5x18 “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”.

Do you think Lesli will cause problems for the Liars?

PLL Sneak Peek 5x17: Hanna’s Mom Keeps Jason a Secret

Looks like Hanna’s mom has changed her mind about telling Ted the truth about her night with Jason.

Hanna’s mom told Ted that it isn’t easy to say yes to a marriage proposal after a failed marriage.  However, she decided not to tell him about Jason.  It would just cause Ted pain.  She trusts that both Jason and Hanna will stay quiet about it.

And it looks like Hanna’s ready to open the barrel.  Before her mom comes in, Hanna is busy looking up chemical resistant rubber gloves.

Do you think “A” will blackmail Hanna with her mom’s secret?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x17: Emily Tells Talia to Back Off of Ezra

Is Talia interested in Ezra?  In this sneak peek of “The Bin of Sin”, Talia makes Ezra a pecan pie as a thank you present for hiring her.  Emily makes it clear that Ezra isn’t available, leading Talia to wonder if Emily is into Ezra.

Emily tells Talia that she’s into girls.  Emily warns Talia to back off, since Ezra is dating one of her good friends.

Do you think Emily misinterpreted Talia’s intentions?

PLL 5x17 Trailer “The Bin of Sin”

In the trailer for Pretty Little Liars “The Bin of Sin” 5x17 Hanna is determined to make sure she doesn’t go down for Mona’s murder.  Caleb and Hanna work together to find out what is in the barrel.

Lt. Tanner says that she will bring in the Liars for questioning if the drops of blood are a DNA match.  Toby and Lt. Tanner open the barrel.

Spencer is pissed at Hanna for screwing herself and Caleb by taking matters into their own hands.

Emily and Aria get trapped by “A”.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recap of PLL 5x16 "Over a Barrel"

In Pretty Little Liars 5x16 “Over a Barrel” the Liars have to deal with both “A” and “H”. Caleb and Spencer continue to do some sleuthing while Hanna deals with her mom’s love  life.

Spencer and Hanna tell Aria and Emily about the bloody knife Toby found in Mona’s backyard.  Hanna isn’t sure Holbrook is a good guy, since he lied about his family emergency.  The Liars wonder if Holbrook planted the knife to help Alison frame them for Mona’s murder.

Emily has an envelope of things to send to Paige.  Paige asked for space, so Emily isn’t going to visit her over spring break.

Emily gets Aria a refill on her coffee.  Aria couldn’t sleep knowing that “A” is blackmailing her again.  She is desperate to get into another college before Ezra finds out how she got into Talmadge.

Emily doesn’t want to charge Aria for her refill, but Aria already lied to Ezra.  She doesn’t want to steal from him, too.  When she pays The Brew’s new low price of 50 cents, a long receipt prints out.  It is a printout of Aria’s letter to Talmadge College.  At the bottom is a message from “A” that says “This kind of lie will stay on your permanent record.  A”.

Hanna comes home to find her mom’s boyfriend, Pastor Ted, back in town.  He spent time in Peru building a new roof for a chapel and a playground for the sponsor school.  Hanna wants to talk about her mom’s involvement with Jason, but her mom refuses to talk about it.

Talia and Emily are still having issues working together.  Emily doesn’t want to hear any of Talia’s suggestions.

Ezra is having issues with a contractor who is keeping money for work he didn’t do for The Brew.  Aria is about to come clean about her hurtful letter, but can't go through with it when Ezra offers to have a professor from Vassar make a call to the admissions office for Aria.

Spencer has been accepted to schools in Hawaii, Mexico and Montana.  However, she isn’t excited about any of them.  She only applied to them because they were far away from “A”.  Even with Alison in jail, Spencer still isn’t able to do what she wants.

Johnny Raymond is moving into Spencer’s barn.  Toby leaves and Johnny gives Spencer his deposit. 

Aria gets a cryptic text message and immediately shows it to Emily.  “Stop looking for me.  I’m tired of hiding. H”.

Aria thinks the text is from Holbrook.  She goes to meet with him, hoping that she will no longer be blackmailed with the letter.

Johnny starts digging through Spencer’s trash for scraps of food to make his paint with.  Spencer wants to hear all about Johnny’s trip to Italy.  Johnny offers to tell her about Italy in exchange for an egg for his paint, but Spencer drops the egg when she gets a message from Mona on her phone.

Caleb tells Spencer and Hanna that the text from Mona was an alert from a security company.  The text contained GPS coordinates for Mona’s laptop.  Caleb thinks Mona made it easy for him to log into her account.  He sees that the laptop is in a storage place.  Instead of sending the alert to the police, Mona set it up so that the alert would go to the Liars.  Hanna has to meet Ted, so Spencer and Caleb plan to go to the storage place by themselves.

Aria is waiting for “H” to show up at The Grill, but it doesn’t look like “H” is coming after all.  Jason comes up to Aria and asks if she wants to grab a bite.  He was going to meet with Hanna’s mom for a working lunch, but she cancelled.  Jason thinks it might be nice to talk to Aria about Alison.

Talia brings up the idea of having uniforms at The Brew.  She noticed a hole in Emily’s shirt, so she figured having uniforms would be a good idea.  Emily quickly shuts that idea down.

Spencer and Caleb try to get into the storage unit, but they can’t pick the lock or cut through it.  They run into a Rosewood High teacher, Mrs. Horowitz, who tells them about the bad odor coming from unit 1017.  She thinks a blonde girl rents the unit.

Aria and Jason discuss Alison’s dad, who will do anything for Alison.  However, Jason knows what Alison is capable of.  He’s seen her do a lot of things and easily talk other people into doing things for her.  He remembers how the Liars all used to follow her around.

Jason knows that the police suspect someone helped Alison dump Mona’s body.  Aria agrees, especially since Alison passed the lie detector test.  Jason wonders if someone on the inside changed the results.  Aria tells him that Alison and Holbrook may have been close.  Aria gets a text from “H”, telling her to meet at Maple and Prescott in one hour.

Ted surprises Hanna by asking for her permission to marry her mother.  He plans to ask her tonight and he wants Hanna to be there.  He wants it to be a surprise, so Hanna promises not to say anything.

At The Brew, Talia apologizes to Emily.  She realizes that the old shirt Emily is wearing must be a gift from her ex.  She knows that it is hard to let go sometimes.  Emily isn’t ready to feel brand new, but Talia points out that Emily can’t start fresh when she’s wearing her old relationship on her back.

Caleb crawls through an air duct to get into the storage unit.  Inside, they find Mona’s computer.  Everything is bagged in plastic as if it is evidence.  They even find bloody clothes.  They wonder if Holbrook is keeping all the evidence to build a case against one of them.

They find a large barrel and suspect that Mona’s body is stuffed in it.  Despite everything Mona did, Spencer doesn’t think that Mona deserved this.  Spencer spots antacid tablets and realizes that the stuff near the barrel are used to preserve a specimen like a pig or a frog.  However, they can also be used to make a corrosive liquid.  Caleb wonders if Mona is either pickled or dissolved in the barrel.  Spencer is about to open the barrel when the lights go off.

Taking Talia’s advice, Emily decides to let go of Paige’s shirt.  She puts it in the envelope of stuff to send to Paige.

Hanna anxiously waits for her mom to return home, but her mom still won’t talk about Jason.  Hanna asks if her mom is going to tell Ted.  Ted really loves her mom and Hanna doesn’t want her mom to do anything to ruin that.

Spencer is getting paranoid about leaving evidence in the storage unit.  Caleb assures her that he wiped down everything he touched and also wiped the security footage.

Caleb wants Toby to tip the cops off and let the cops find the barrel and connect Holbrook to the storage unit.  Spencer doesn’t want to do that, since it’ll risk his job.  She wants to hold off on telling Toby until they have proof.  Caleb agrees to look in the records and find out who leased the unit.

Aria waits for “H”, who doesn’t show up again.  This time, a florist gives Aria a bouquet of roses with instructions to give them to Hanna’s mom.  Hanna takes the flowers from Aria.  Even though the note says it is from Jason, Hanna is sure it is from Alison’s. 

Hanna tells Aria that she went to see Alison in jail.  Aria is upset that she was toyed with by “A” and ended up running on a hamster wheel because of Hanna’s jail visit.  Hanna promises to tell the other girls about her jail visit, but she asks Aria to keep quiet about the flowers.

Toby and Spencer talk about their future plans.  When Spencer goes to college, Toby doesn’t want to be an ocean away.  Spencer suggests that Toby come with her. 

Caleb texts Spencer to tell her that he found something.  Toby sees the text and asks what they found.  When Spencer doesn’t tell him, Toby demands that they stop whatever they are doing.

Pastor Ted goes all out for his proposal.  Since he and Hanna’s mom shared a peanut butter cookie the day they met, Ted decides to hide the engagement ring in a giant peanut butter cookie.  Hanna’s mom needs time to think about the proposal  and she quickly leaves the table.

Hanna tells Ted that he did everything right.  He just needs to give her mom time to take it all in.

Hanna’s mom comes downstairs after Ted leaves.  She knows he is a good man and he deserves to know that she cheated on him.

Emily stops by The Brew to pick up her paycheck.  Talia compliments Emily’s fashion style, and then asks what Emily thinks of Ezra’s butt.

Johnny stops by to get the egg for his paint.  They end up talking about Alison.  Johnny understands why Spencer is trying to get as far away from Rosewood as she can.  Spencer feels like she can’t handle anything as mundane as college. 

Johnny says that he dropped out of college after one semester.  College is just kids trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.  He knew that he wanted to study art so he went to Europe.  He assures Spencer that there is no rule that says she has to go to college. 

Caleb text Spencer, but she ignores the text.  She asks Johnny to tell her about Italy.

Caleb shows up at Hanna’s house with bad news.  The storage unit was rented under Hanna’s name and he’s pretty sure Mona’s body is hidden inside the unit.

Someone in a black hoodie breaks into the police station at night and uses Holbrook’s password to access his computer files. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ryan Guzman in ‘The Boy Next Door’

Ryan Guzman, who played the martial arts instructor that Aria had a fling with on Pretty Little Liars, is starring in the movie The Boy Next Door

Ryan stars as Noah, a teenager who gets involved with a high school teacher (played by Jennifer Lopez).  Noah becomes violent when she tries to end the relationship.

The Boy Next Door will be in theaters January 23.  Anyone planning to go see it?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Behind The Scenes of Shay Mitchell’s Yahoo Style Shoot

Shay Mitchell talks about her love of hair and makeup in this behind the scenes video of her Yahoo Style shoot.  (Shay also looked at Yahoo search results of herself).

Shay likes experimenting with lip colors. (Check out Shay Mitchell’s favorite drugstore beauty products). A hair style she hasn’t tried but would be fun is a short bob with bangs.  However, she loves having long hair.  It’s like a security blanket to her.

Shay Mitchell’s real life fashion is very different from her character Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. Emily loves to be comfortable, so you won't see her wearing high heels. Shay Mitchell is the opposite. Shay has a lot of high heels and likes to add glitz like a sparkly necklace or dress.

Ian Harding in ‘Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale’

Here’s the trailer for Ian Harding’s movie Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale.

Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, also stars alongside Ian.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

PLL 5x16 Promo: Aria and Jason Reconnect?

Remember back when Aria and Jason kissed in season 2 of Pretty Little Liars?  Jason was into Aria, but Aria was into Ezra.  Jason and Aria haven’t had much contact with each other since then, but it looks like that’s about to change. 

In the Canadian promo of PLL 5x16 “Over a Barrel”, Jason asks Aria if she wants to grab a bite.  Meanwhile, Hanna is freaking out over her mom's hookup with Jason.

Hanna tells Aria that she went to see Alison in jail.

And it looks like Spencer and Toby are still having problems.

Are you excited to see some Aria and Jason interaction again?

Shay Mitchell Yahoo’d Herself

Shay Mitchell looks at Internet search results of herself in this “I Yahoo’d Myself: Shay Mitchell” video.

Shay reveals that her first acting job was on Degrassi: The Next Generation.  Her dirty secret is that sometimes she has a sailor’s mouth.

Friday, January 16, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Johnny Digs Through Spencer’s Trash

Spencer looks a little freaked out when Johnny Raymond starts digging through her trash.  She offers to make him a sandwich, but he explains that he’s making his own paint with the trash. 

Spencer is impressed when she learns that Johnny spent a month in Italy.  Spencer also made her paint from scratch before.  Johnny offers to tell her about his trip, but Spencer freaks out when she gets a text message.

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Hanna Confronts Mom About Jason

Looks like Hanna isn’t too thrilled about her mom’s date night with Jason.  In this sneak peek of PLL 5x16 “Over a Barrel”, Pastor Ted is back from Peru.  He was in Peru putting a new roof on a chapel and building a new playground for the sponsor school. 

Hanna doesn’t understand why her mom would get involved with Jason.  She wants to talk about it, but her mom refuses.

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Emily and Talia at The Brew

Seems like Emily still doesn’t want any advice from Talia while working at the Brew.

And is Aria going to come clean to Ezra about the letter she wrote to get into college?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Aria and Mike Discuss Mona

Mike is trying to come to terms with Mona’s death.  Mike tells Aria that Mona had a list of movies that she wanted to show him.  He decided to watch a couple.

Mona remembered every little detail from all the movies she watched.  Mike thinks Mona was too smart.

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Johnny Flirts with Spencer

Johnny Raymond, the guy Spencer met at The Brew’s re-opening, is back to do some work at The Brew.  He asks if Spencer wants to help him.  They are interrupted by Hanna, who has to talk to Spencer.

PLL Sneak Peek 5x16: Emily Over Paige?

Does Emily have a new crush?  In this sneak peek of PLL 5x16 “Over a Barrel”, Emily and Caleb discuss Emily’s feelings towards The Brew’s new chef Talia.

PLL 5x16 Trailer “Over a Barrel”

Looks like Pretty Little Liars episode 5x16 “Over a Barrel” is all about finding Mona’s body.  The Liars get a text alert from Mona.

Toby and Spencer are still having problems.  Toby demands to know what Spencer and Caleb found.

Spencer and Caleb find bloody clothes.  Caleb thinks he knows where Mona’s body is hidden.  While investigating, Spencer and Caleb see “A”.

Aria is worried that Mona’s murder will be pinned on them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shay Mitchell on The Chew

Shay Mitchell was on ABC’s The Chew.  Backstage, she answered questions about her favorite foods.

Go-to snack?
Peanut butter and apple slices

Cake or pie?

Most embarrassing thing in her fridge?
The amount of Sriracha in it

Guilty pleasure food?

Sweet or savory?

One thing she refuses to eat?
Nothing.  She loves food.

What’d she have for dinner last night?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Peanut butter chunky or smooth?

Homemade or takeout?

Here are some cool behind-the-scenes photos of Shay’s visit to The Chew.  Looks like "A" was there!

Recap of PLL 5x15 “Fresh Meat”

In Pretty Little Liars “Fresh Meat” episode 5x15 Spencer and Caleb team up, Aria tells lies to get into college and Hanna deals with animal guts.

Toby delivers papers to the jail under Lt. Tanner’s orders.  As he is leaving, he sees Alison.  He notices bruises on her arm.  Alison says that the Liars can’t keep ignoring her.  She asks if Toby remembers what it is like to be in a cage for something you didn’t do.  Toby does remember, but he also remembers that it was Alison’s lies that put him in juvie to begin with.  Alison warns him that the Liars will end up in jail, unless “A” kills them first.

Toby visits the Liars at school and tells them about Alison.  They think Detective Holbrook is the one helping Alison with the “A” messages, since Aria thinks he was kissing her at the Ice Ball.  Hanna isn’t convinced Holbrook is a bad guy.  Toby says Holbrook is on personal leave to take care of his sick dad.

The girls want Toby to find out who is visiting Ali, but Spencer immediately says no.  She doesn’t want Toby to get hurt.

Hanna is going on a weekend college visit to Ballard.  Uncomfortable with the college talk, Aria switches the subject to Holbrook.  Hanna defends him.  She thinks he is a good cop, but a really bad kisser.  Her friends are shocked that she kissed Holbrook.  Hanna says that Holbrook helped her mom out of the Wilden mess and also stood up for Travis.  If Holbrook is helping Alison, then she must have convinced him that she is a victim.

Emily follows Aria to her pottery class.  Aria gets a text from Ezra, who is freaking out over the grand re-opening of The Brew.  Paige was going to ask for a raise from Ezra.  Since her parents won’t let her use her college fund, she needs money to visit Paige over spring break.  Emily told Paige that she’s looking into liberal arts colleges in Oregon. 

Aria admits that all the colleges she applied to rejected her, except her safety school Talmadge College.  She's waitlisted there.  She’s freaking out over getting stuck in Rosewood and being harassed by “A” forever.

Emily thinks Aria can convince Talmadge to accept her.  Emily’s cousin got off the waitlist at Yale by writing an amazing letter.  Aria is sure that the rejections are Alison’s revenge.

Now that Jessica DiLaurentis is dead, Ashley Marin (Hanna’s mom) is applying for other jobs.  Jason, who is now taking over the real estate company, doesn’t want her to leave.  Whoever he hires to replace her will have a lot of questions about his family.  Jason convinces Ms. Marin to stay for one month.  Hopefully by then he will have confidence and feel like he belongs there.

Spencer calls Toby, but he’s busy with police work.  The police are conducting another search of Mona’s house.  Outside, Toby finds a knife that might be the murder weapon. Toby hides the knife with leaves.

Toby tells Spencer and Caleb about the knife.  He left it there because he recognized it.  It’s his family’s knife.  Caleb has used the knife many times, since it was in Toby’s cabin.

Toby wants to go back and turn the knife in.  It is the evidence that the police need.  Spencer and Caleb disagree.  They want to get rid of it.  Alison wants the Liars behind bars.  Maybe they are being framed and the knife was planted there. 

Caleb is worried that his fingerprints will be on the knife.  He’s not willing to risk his life so that Toby can get a medal from the police.  Caleb knows that Spencer agrees with him.

Torn between Toby and Caleb, Spencer decides to compromise.  Caleb and Spencer will not touch the knife if Toby promises to stay quiet about the knife.  Caleb reluctantly agrees and they promise not to tell anyone else about the knife.

Ezra asks if Aria has heard from Vassar, but Aria lies.  Emily comes in and offers to cater the opening night party.  She knows the pay will be higher.  Ezra is reluctant, since Emily isn’t a professional chef.  After Aria shoots him a look, Ezra gives in and agrees to let Emily cater the event.

Ms. Marin answers the phone when Alison calls from jail.  Jason refuses to talk to his sister, so Ms. Marin tells her to call another time.  Ms. Marin tells Jason not to put her in that situation again.  Jason admits that he thinks Alison may have killed their mom.

Hanna’s not having fun on her college tour, despite the adorable Ballard stuffed bear that she’s carrying.  Hanna calls Caleb and she immediately realizes that something is wrong.  Caleb tells her that Toby found a knife from the cabin.  Hanna wants to come home, but Caleb tells her not to.  That’s exactly what “A” wants.  Hanna decides to leave anyway.

While Emily is busy in the kitchen, Aria shows her a draft of the letter she’s going to send Talmadge.  Emily doesn’t think the letter is personal enough.  While they are discussing the letter, Ezra walks in.  Aria finally tells him that none of the colleges wanted her.

Ezra is supportive of her.  There are tons of colleges that she can apply to in the future.  However, he doesn’t think a letter will help Aria get into Talmadge.  His ex-girlfriend Jackie is now an admissions officer there and Jackie hates both of them.  Ezra promises that this is just a temporary setback for Aria.

Spencer shows up at Caleb’s place.  Hanna has been sending her angry texts.  She’s furious that Spencer didn’t tell her about the knife.  Spencer realizes that Caleb is heading to Mona’s house to take the bloody knife. 

Caleb explains that he can’t be arrested on suspicion of murder again.  He hasn’t told Hanna this, but years ago he did some hacking for some guys who were running a credit card scam.  One guy ended up dead and the other guys blamed Caleb.  Caleb was released because one detective realized that Caleb was just a stupid kid.

If Caleb’s fingerprints are on the knife, there will be no one there to look after him.  He isn’t a stupid kid anymore.  Spencer decides not to tell Toby and to help Caleb get the knife.

Emily struggles to make party food for Ezra’s grand re-opening.  In frustration, Emily throws food against the wall and calls her mom for advice.  Ezra comes in and sees the mess in the kitchen.  Realizing that Emily won’t be able to pull off the food for the party, Ezra suggests that they call a restaurant and hire a professional chef.  Emily refuses and insists that everything is fine.

Hanna tracks down James Holbrook (Detective Holbrook’s father).  She passes an old man who is chopping up animal guts.  She asks a little boy on a bike where James Holbrook is.  He calls for his papa and out of a trailer comes James Holbrook. 

James Holbrook says that he hasn’t seen his son in weeks.  Confusing Hanna for someone else, possibly Alison, he says that she would know where to find him.  He asks if she is out on bail. 

Hanna returns to her car and finds her Ballard College teddy bear in the driver’s seat.  She sees a string on the bear’s stomach.  When she pulls it, animal guts fall out of the bear.  The boy on the bike watches her.

Aria shows Emily the letter she wrote to Talmadge College’s admissions board.  Emily is horrified when she reads it.  Since Jackie is an admissions officer, Aria writes that she regrets squandering her high school years by getting involved with an older man.  This isolated her from her friends and family. 

Emily points out that Ezra is going to be hurt.  She doesn’t want Aria to send it, but it’s too late.  Aria already sent it last night. 

Ezra ends up hiring a professional chef, Talia, to cater the grand re-opening.  Emily is clearly upset, despite Ezra offering to pay her anyway.  Emily wanted to become more than a barista. 

Talia is in the kitchen examining Emily’s empanada filling, which smells bad.  Emily takes the dough out of the fridge.  Talia tries to offer suggestions to Emily, but Emily doesn’t want any advice from her.

Caleb tells Spencer that he couldn’t dump the bloody knife.  He drove to the lake, but he thought that he was followed.  Spencer offers to dump it, but Caleb thinks they need to destroy the knife.  Otherwise, “A” will find a way to get it back.

Caleb and Spencer go to the pottery classroom and put the knife in the kiln.  Spencer goes to the hallway to make sure no one is watching them.  While she is gone, Caleb gets locked in the kiln.  He collapses to the floor from the intense heat.

Aria goes to Talmadge College and sees Jackie on campus.  She explains that she wants to take back the letter that she emailed to the admissions board.  Jackie assures her that she won’t share the contents of the letter with Ezra.  Aria’s secret is safe with her.  Jackie now realizes she wasted so much time on Ezra.  She wishes both she and Aria didn’t make the mistake of dating Ezra.  Aria lets Jackie think that she regrets dating Ezra.

Spencer comes back and rescues Caleb from the kiln.  Spencer suspects that someone intentionally locked him in. 

Hanna visits Alison in jail.  She tells Alison to give up and stop fighting.  Alison says that she already stopped fighting.  She didn’t throw the Liars under the bus, yet they don’t even thank her.

Hanna asks what they are supposed to thank her for.  Alison threw Spencer under the bus and stabbed Mona with a knife.

Alison says that she didn’t kill Mona.  On Thanksgiving, she was waiting to see Cyrus.  Later she realized that “A” set her up.  If she really was “A”, then why would she let herself go to jail?

Hanna isn’t convinced.  She says to Alison “You’re counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about what happens to you.  And you shouldn’t.”

Spencer shows up to The Brew’s grand re-opening and a crazed Emily demands that Spencer eat an empanada.  Spencer notices a hair in the empanada, but Emily tells her to eat around it.  Meanwhile, everyone seems to love Talia’s food.

Spencer gets mistaken for Melissa Hastings by a guy named Johnny Raymond.  Apparently, Spencer’s mom offered Johnny the Hasting’s barn to rent.  Spencer tells him that he doesn’t want to live in the backyard because someone was buried in it.

Emily tries to throw her empanadas in the trash, but Talia says that they can save them.  Emily vents that she needed extra cash to save a relationship, which is ridiculous because the relationship doesn’t exist anymore.  Paige hasn’t been responding to any of her emails.  Talia manages to fix Emily’s empanadas and finally Emily smiles.

Jason stops by Hanna’s house to leave some real estate papers for Ms. Marin.  He doesn’t understand how they have a tenant whose lease expired three years ago.

Jason tells Ms. Marin that he’s been staying at a hotel.  After Alison’s arrest, his father made it clear that he is not welcome at the house.  Ms. Marin offers to make dinner for Jason.

While Aria is at The Brew’s grand re-opening, she gets a text message from Jackie.  Apparently, she’s now been accepted to Talmadge College.

Ezra introduces Aria to a professor who teaches at Vassar.  Aria looks guilty, since she threw Ezra under the bus to get into Talmadge.

Toby and Spencer go outside to talk.  Toby is furious that Spencer deliberately went behind his back and took the knife.  Spencer knows that Toby also went behind her back.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t know that the knife was gone.

Toby insists that he wanted to do the right thing.  Spencer doesn’t think so, otherwise Toby would have turned in the knife as soon as he found it.  Spencer says that they had to protect themselves and get rid of the knife.  Toby doesn’t want Spencer to tell him anything, since he is now a police officer.  Spencer reminds Toby that he once told her that she could tell him anything.  Toby leaves Spencer crying on the street.

During dinner, Ms. Marin admits that she will be lonely when Hanna moves out of the house.  Jason kisses Ms. Marin, then immediately apologizes.  Although Ms. Marin is still dating Pastor Ted, she tells Jason that she didn’t mind the kiss.  Jason and Ms. Marin kiss again.

Aria tells Emily that the letter to Talmadge worked.  However, Aria isn’t ready to tell Ezra about it.

Ezra is impressed with Talia’s food and wants to hire her for The Brew.  Emily says she’ll find a way to deal with Talia being there.

Aria finds a bookmark in a book about colleges.  She opens it to the Talmadge page.  The bookmark has an excerpt of Aria’s letter to the admissions office.  Looks like Aria is being blackmailed.

Hanna comes home and sees Jason going downstairs.

Alison gets a note in jail that says “Your friends will see you soon”.

Drew Van Acker Thanks PLL Fans

Here’s a short video of Drew Van Acker (Jason on Pretty Little Liars) thanking PLL fans for watching the show.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Toby Obsessed with “A”

Toby’s going to become obsessed with finding out who “A” is and it’s going to cause major problems for Spoby.

PLL showrunner Marlene told E! News that Toby’s investigation into “A” strains his relationship with Spencer because “she finds him so dedicated to that that he's often unavailable to her."”.

Is Aria heading to Savannah?  “Aria is trying to get into a college in Savannah, so her dilemma is does Ezra come with me or not?” Marlene says.  Ezra’s role as the new owner of The Brew will also cause some problems for Ezria.

“A” is going to cause problems for Haleb, as well.  ““A' really goes after Aria in the beginning of 5B, but then 'A' focuses on Hanna and Hanna and Caleb have a lot to deal with in 5B."

Expect to see interactions that we haven’t seen before, like "Caleb sleuthing with a lot of different people. We get to see him with people we haven't seen him with before."

In fact, all the bed buddies will be sleuthing together.  “"They finally join forces and attempt to overpower 'A,' all the man power."

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lucy Hale on Live! with Kelly and Michael

Lucy Hale chatted with Kelly and Michael for the second time on Live! with Kelly and Michael.

Lucy had a fun New Year.  She partied in Big Bear to ring in the New Year, but was worried she wouldn’t make it to New York to film Live! with Kelly and Michael because of the snow.

Lucy spends her downtime on the PLL set watching Netflix, sleeping and doing lots of online shopping.  Lucy loves weird things that you can buy online, like a remote controlled mermaid tail that helps you swim like a mermaid in the pool.

They had a throwback video to 2003 when Lucy auditioned for American Juniors.  Lucy was fourteen at the time.  She had a pinkie cast that day because she accidentally shut her finger in the car door.

Lucy talked a little about season 5B of Pretty Little Liars.  The Liars are seventeen and getting ready for college.  However, she wasn’t accepted at any colleges that she applied to.

We will find out who “A” is next season, but she would love it if Aria turned out to be “A”.

How gorgeous does Lucy Hale look with her new hair style?

Shay Mitchell’s Rihanna Inspired Henna Tattoo

Here’s a video of Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) getting a henna tattoo for the PLL season 5 wrap party.  (There are also photos of the cast and crew at the PLL season 5 wrap party).

Val Denies Faking Passion with Janel on DWTS

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) had a lot of chemistry with Dancing With the Stars partner Val Chmerkovskiy.  However, some people wondered if Val was leading Janel on and faking it for the show.

Val addressed those questions by saying “the last thing I would do for votes, ladies and gentlemen, is play with my partner's emotions or with your emotions”.

Val answers the question around the 12:00 mark on the video below.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lucy Hale Plays “Pretty Please Little Liar” with Andy Cohen

Lucy Hale played “Pretty Please Little Liar” with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.  The game was a speed round of Andy’s burning questions about Pretty Little Liars.

Who does Lucy think “A”?
Lucy thinks it is one of the four main girls.

Is the theory true that Bethany and Ali are sisters?
Lucy knows the answer to that question, but she’ll get in trouble if she answers it.

Does Aria’s relationship with Mr. Fitz sketch her out?
Yes, it is creepy as hell.

Which character is she glad got killed off the show?
Garrett, but she feels bad about that because she loves the actor.

Which Pretty Little Liars guy has the best abs?
Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL), which is annoying because he eats the most.

Alison: Liars Will End Up in Jail or Dead

In the PLL 5x15 “Fresh Meat” Canadian promo, Alison gets some visitors in jail.

When Toby sees Alison, she warns him that the Liars will end up in jail.  “A” also might kill them.

Hanna also visits Alison.  Hanna says to Alison “You’re counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about what happens to you”.

Emily is worried that Aria is spiraling out of control. 

Toby wants to do the right thing, but Caleb thinks there is no right thing to do.

Friday, January 9, 2015

PLL 5x15 Sneak Peek: Jason Thinks Alison Killed Their Mom

In this Pretty Little Liars 5x15 sneak peek, Alison tries to call her brother from jail.  Ms. Marin answers the phone.  When Jason refuses to pick up, Ms. Marin is placed in the uncomfortable position of telling Alison that he can’t talk to her.

Ms. Marin is upset with Jason, but he explains why he can’t talk to her.  He’s seen her once, but he can’t look at her without wondering if she killed their mom.

PLL 5x15 Sneak Peek: Toby Hides Evidence

Toby hides evidence in this Pretty Little Liars 5x15 sneak peek.

Toby can’t talk to Spencer because he’s busy with work.  Lt. Tanner issued another search behind Mona’s house.  During the search, Toby finds a bloody knife.  Instead of reporting it, Toby covers the knife with dead leaves.

Do you think “A” would be careless enough to leave behind the murder weapon?

PLL 5x15 Sneak Peek: Emily’s Work Conflict

In this sneak peak of Pretty Little Liars 5x15, Emily is having trouble getting along with a new coworker at The Brew.  Ezra, now the new owner of The Brew, offers to talk to the new girl.  Emily wants to work it out on her own.

Aria wants to talk to Ezra, but he’s busy with his new duties at The Brew.

PLL 5x15 Sneak Peek: Aria and Emily Worry About The Future

In this sneak peek of “Fresh Meat” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x15, Emily and Aria worry about their future plans.

Emily wants to fly to California for spring break to visit Paige.  Her parents won’t let her touch her college fund, so she was hoping to get a raise at The Brew.  She’s worried that she’s growing apart from Paige.  Emily is looking into liberal arts colleges in Oregon.

Aria isn’t up for college talk.  She’s freaked out over her own future.  She’s been rejected from all the colleges she applied to, except one that waitlisted her.  She’s worried that she’ll end up picking up trash in Rosewood while her friends are rushing sororities in college.  She’ll never get away from “A”.

Emily is optimistic about Aria’s future.  Aria can turn the waitlist into an acceptance.  Her cousin wrote a letter to Yale and won them over.

Aria doesn’t think she can.  She thinks these college rejections are Alison’s revenge.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lucy Hale on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Une photo publiée par Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) le

Lucy Hale was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  She was nervous, since it was her first late night talk show. 

Lucy chatted about the holidays.  She went back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and her family got the stomach flu.  Christmas was great for her.  She found out her mom’s house is haunted.  Seth thinks her family is just messing with Lucy, though.

Lucy told Seth that everyone else on the cast of Pretty Little Liars knows who “A” is, but they still won’t tell her.  She’s tried listening at doors and bribing the executive producers and writers, but they still won’t spill the secret to her.

Since PLL is filled with secrets, the cast goes into the table reads and they cold read.  It ends up being horrendous acting, since they don’t know what they are saying.  It leads to high emotions, too.  Lucy was shocked with the plot twist that the Liars think Ezra is “A”.  She ended up being angry at Ian Harding and blaming him (the actor who plays Ezra).

Lucy also talked about awesome fan reactions.  When Lucy and Shay Mitchell visited Brazil a couple years ago, there were tons of fans at the airport.  Lucy and Shay were wondering who people came to see.  Lucy thought everyone came to see Justin Bieber.  She was shocked when she found out the fans were there for her and Shay.

Lucy also said that fans get tattoos of things that Shay says.  She thinks a fan even got a tattoo of Shay’s face.

Jackie in PLL 5x15 Trailer

In the Pretty Little Liars official trailer for “Fresh Meat” 5x15, we can catch a glimpse of Jackie Molina’s face.

Remember Jackie Molina from season 1-2?  She used to be Ezra’s fiancé.  She wanted to rekindle her relationship with Ezra and she tried to get Aria out of the picture.  “A” tells Aria to blackmail Jackie with proof that Jackie plagiarized her thesis.  Aria tells Jackie that she will stay silent, as long as Jackie leaves town.  Instead of leaving, Jackie strikes back.  She threatens to expose Aria’s relationship with Ezra.  She is willing to do that even if Ezra ends up getting hurt.

Did Jackie have something to do with Aria’s rejection letter from Oberlin?  Jackie used to be a faculty member at Hollis College.  Maybe now she’s teaching at Oberlin? 

Other Things in Trailer:

Toby finds a bloody knife when he searches Mona’s property and he thinks that it is the evidence they need.  However, Spencer wants Toby to stay quiet about the knife.

Spencer and Caleb try to hide the knife, since “A” will probably try to get it back.

Do you think Jackie had something to do with Aria’s rejection?

PLL Won Fav Cable TV Drama People’s Choice Awards 2015

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars for winning Favorite Cable TV Drama at the People’s Choice Awards 2015.

Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson were both up for Favorite Cable TV Actress, but that award went to Angie Harmon.

Lucy Hale was also nominated for Favorite Female Country Artist.  Carrie Underwood went home with that award.

Lucy Hale tweeted “Congrats to my cast mates and my sweetest @Angie_Harmon”.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lindsey Shaw and Cody Christian Thank PLL Fans

Here are short videos of Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL) and Cody Christian (Mike on PLL) thanking PLL fans for watching the Pretty Little Liars season 5 winter premiere “Through a Glass, Darkly” 5x14.