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Recap of PLL 5x15 “Fresh Meat”

In Pretty Little Liars “Fresh Meat” episode 5x15 Spencer and Caleb team up, Aria tells lies to get into college and Hanna deals with animal guts.

Toby delivers papers to the jail under Lt. Tanner’s orders.  As he is leaving, he sees Alison.  He notices bruises on her arm.  Alison says that the Liars can’t keep ignoring her.  She asks if Toby remembers what it is like to be in a cage for something you didn’t do.  Toby does remember, but he also remembers that it was Alison’s lies that put him in juvie to begin with.  Alison warns him that the Liars will end up in jail, unless “A” kills them first.

Toby visits the Liars at school and tells them about Alison.  They think Detective Holbrook is the one helping Alison with the “A” messages, since Aria thinks he was kissing her at the Ice Ball.  Hanna isn’t convinced Holbrook is a bad guy.  Toby says Holbrook is on personal leave to take care of his sick dad.

The girls want Toby to find out who is visiting Ali, but Spencer immediately says no.  She doesn’t want Toby to get hurt.

Hanna is going on a weekend college visit to Ballard.  Uncomfortable with the college talk, Aria switches the subject to Holbrook.  Hanna defends him.  She thinks he is a good cop, but a really bad kisser.  Her friends are shocked that she kissed Holbrook.  Hanna says that Holbrook helped her mom out of the Wilden mess and also stood up for Travis.  If Holbrook is helping Alison, then she must have convinced him that she is a victim.

Emily follows Aria to her pottery class.  Aria gets a text from Ezra, who is freaking out over the grand re-opening of The Brew.  Paige was going to ask for a raise from Ezra.  Since her parents won’t let her use her college fund, she needs money to visit Paige over spring break.  Emily told Paige that she’s looking into liberal arts colleges in Oregon. 

Aria admits that all the colleges she applied to rejected her, except her safety school Talmadge College.  She's waitlisted there.  She’s freaking out over getting stuck in Rosewood and being harassed by “A” forever.

Emily thinks Aria can convince Talmadge to accept her.  Emily’s cousin got off the waitlist at Yale by writing an amazing letter.  Aria is sure that the rejections are Alison’s revenge.

Now that Jessica DiLaurentis is dead, Ashley Marin (Hanna’s mom) is applying for other jobs.  Jason, who is now taking over the real estate company, doesn’t want her to leave.  Whoever he hires to replace her will have a lot of questions about his family.  Jason convinces Ms. Marin to stay for one month.  Hopefully by then he will have confidence and feel like he belongs there.

Spencer calls Toby, but he’s busy with police work.  The police are conducting another search of Mona’s house.  Outside, Toby finds a knife that might be the murder weapon. Toby hides the knife with leaves.

Toby tells Spencer and Caleb about the knife.  He left it there because he recognized it.  It’s his family’s knife.  Caleb has used the knife many times, since it was in Toby’s cabin.

Toby wants to go back and turn the knife in.  It is the evidence that the police need.  Spencer and Caleb disagree.  They want to get rid of it.  Alison wants the Liars behind bars.  Maybe they are being framed and the knife was planted there. 

Caleb is worried that his fingerprints will be on the knife.  He’s not willing to risk his life so that Toby can get a medal from the police.  Caleb knows that Spencer agrees with him.

Torn between Toby and Caleb, Spencer decides to compromise.  Caleb and Spencer will not touch the knife if Toby promises to stay quiet about the knife.  Caleb reluctantly agrees and they promise not to tell anyone else about the knife.

Ezra asks if Aria has heard from Vassar, but Aria lies.  Emily comes in and offers to cater the opening night party.  She knows the pay will be higher.  Ezra is reluctant, since Emily isn’t a professional chef.  After Aria shoots him a look, Ezra gives in and agrees to let Emily cater the event.

Ms. Marin answers the phone when Alison calls from jail.  Jason refuses to talk to his sister, so Ms. Marin tells her to call another time.  Ms. Marin tells Jason not to put her in that situation again.  Jason admits that he thinks Alison may have killed their mom.

Hanna’s not having fun on her college tour, despite the adorable Ballard stuffed bear that she’s carrying.  Hanna calls Caleb and she immediately realizes that something is wrong.  Caleb tells her that Toby found a knife from the cabin.  Hanna wants to come home, but Caleb tells her not to.  That’s exactly what “A” wants.  Hanna decides to leave anyway.

While Emily is busy in the kitchen, Aria shows her a draft of the letter she’s going to send Talmadge.  Emily doesn’t think the letter is personal enough.  While they are discussing the letter, Ezra walks in.  Aria finally tells him that none of the colleges wanted her.

Ezra is supportive of her.  There are tons of colleges that she can apply to in the future.  However, he doesn’t think a letter will help Aria get into Talmadge.  His ex-girlfriend Jackie is now an admissions officer there and Jackie hates both of them.  Ezra promises that this is just a temporary setback for Aria.

Spencer shows up at Caleb’s place.  Hanna has been sending her angry texts.  She’s furious that Spencer didn’t tell her about the knife.  Spencer realizes that Caleb is heading to Mona’s house to take the bloody knife. 

Caleb explains that he can’t be arrested on suspicion of murder again.  He hasn’t told Hanna this, but years ago he did some hacking for some guys who were running a credit card scam.  One guy ended up dead and the other guys blamed Caleb.  Caleb was released because one detective realized that Caleb was just a stupid kid.

If Caleb’s fingerprints are on the knife, there will be no one there to look after him.  He isn’t a stupid kid anymore.  Spencer decides not to tell Toby and to help Caleb get the knife.

Emily struggles to make party food for Ezra’s grand re-opening.  In frustration, Emily throws food against the wall and calls her mom for advice.  Ezra comes in and sees the mess in the kitchen.  Realizing that Emily won’t be able to pull off the food for the party, Ezra suggests that they call a restaurant and hire a professional chef.  Emily refuses and insists that everything is fine.

Hanna tracks down James Holbrook (Detective Holbrook’s father).  She passes an old man who is chopping up animal guts.  She asks a little boy on a bike where James Holbrook is.  He calls for his papa and out of a trailer comes James Holbrook. 

James Holbrook says that he hasn’t seen his son in weeks.  Confusing Hanna for someone else, possibly Alison, he says that she would know where to find him.  He asks if she is out on bail. 

Hanna returns to her car and finds her Ballard College teddy bear in the driver’s seat.  She sees a string on the bear’s stomach.  When she pulls it, animal guts fall out of the bear.  The boy on the bike watches her.

Aria shows Emily the letter she wrote to Talmadge College’s admissions board.  Emily is horrified when she reads it.  Since Jackie is an admissions officer, Aria writes that she regrets squandering her high school years by getting involved with an older man.  This isolated her from her friends and family. 

Emily points out that Ezra is going to be hurt.  She doesn’t want Aria to send it, but it’s too late.  Aria already sent it last night. 

Ezra ends up hiring a professional chef, Talia, to cater the grand re-opening.  Emily is clearly upset, despite Ezra offering to pay her anyway.  Emily wanted to become more than a barista. 

Talia is in the kitchen examining Emily’s empanada filling, which smells bad.  Emily takes the dough out of the fridge.  Talia tries to offer suggestions to Emily, but Emily doesn’t want any advice from her.

Caleb tells Spencer that he couldn’t dump the bloody knife.  He drove to the lake, but he thought that he was followed.  Spencer offers to dump it, but Caleb thinks they need to destroy the knife.  Otherwise, “A” will find a way to get it back.

Caleb and Spencer go to the pottery classroom and put the knife in the kiln.  Spencer goes to the hallway to make sure no one is watching them.  While she is gone, Caleb gets locked in the kiln.  He collapses to the floor from the intense heat.

Aria goes to Talmadge College and sees Jackie on campus.  She explains that she wants to take back the letter that she emailed to the admissions board.  Jackie assures her that she won’t share the contents of the letter with Ezra.  Aria’s secret is safe with her.  Jackie now realizes she wasted so much time on Ezra.  She wishes both she and Aria didn’t make the mistake of dating Ezra.  Aria lets Jackie think that she regrets dating Ezra.

Spencer comes back and rescues Caleb from the kiln.  Spencer suspects that someone intentionally locked him in. 

Hanna visits Alison in jail.  She tells Alison to give up and stop fighting.  Alison says that she already stopped fighting.  She didn’t throw the Liars under the bus, yet they don’t even thank her.

Hanna asks what they are supposed to thank her for.  Alison threw Spencer under the bus and stabbed Mona with a knife.

Alison says that she didn’t kill Mona.  On Thanksgiving, she was waiting to see Cyrus.  Later she realized that “A” set her up.  If she really was “A”, then why would she let herself go to jail?

Hanna isn’t convinced.  She says to Alison “You’re counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about what happens to you.  And you shouldn’t.”

Spencer shows up to The Brew’s grand re-opening and a crazed Emily demands that Spencer eat an empanada.  Spencer notices a hair in the empanada, but Emily tells her to eat around it.  Meanwhile, everyone seems to love Talia’s food.

Spencer gets mistaken for Melissa Hastings by a guy named Johnny Raymond.  Apparently, Spencer’s mom offered Johnny the Hasting’s barn to rent.  Spencer tells him that he doesn’t want to live in the backyard because someone was buried in it.

Emily tries to throw her empanadas in the trash, but Talia says that they can save them.  Emily vents that she needed extra cash to save a relationship, which is ridiculous because the relationship doesn’t exist anymore.  Paige hasn’t been responding to any of her emails.  Talia manages to fix Emily’s empanadas and finally Emily smiles.

Jason stops by Hanna’s house to leave some real estate papers for Ms. Marin.  He doesn’t understand how they have a tenant whose lease expired three years ago.

Jason tells Ms. Marin that he’s been staying at a hotel.  After Alison’s arrest, his father made it clear that he is not welcome at the house.  Ms. Marin offers to make dinner for Jason.

While Aria is at The Brew’s grand re-opening, she gets a text message from Jackie.  Apparently, she’s now been accepted to Talmadge College.

Ezra introduces Aria to a professor who teaches at Vassar.  Aria looks guilty, since she threw Ezra under the bus to get into Talmadge.

Toby and Spencer go outside to talk.  Toby is furious that Spencer deliberately went behind his back and took the knife.  Spencer knows that Toby also went behind her back.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t know that the knife was gone.

Toby insists that he wanted to do the right thing.  Spencer doesn’t think so, otherwise Toby would have turned in the knife as soon as he found it.  Spencer says that they had to protect themselves and get rid of the knife.  Toby doesn’t want Spencer to tell him anything, since he is now a police officer.  Spencer reminds Toby that he once told her that she could tell him anything.  Toby leaves Spencer crying on the street.

During dinner, Ms. Marin admits that she will be lonely when Hanna moves out of the house.  Jason kisses Ms. Marin, then immediately apologizes.  Although Ms. Marin is still dating Pastor Ted, she tells Jason that she didn’t mind the kiss.  Jason and Ms. Marin kiss again.

Aria tells Emily that the letter to Talmadge worked.  However, Aria isn’t ready to tell Ezra about it.

Ezra is impressed with Talia’s food and wants to hire her for The Brew.  Emily says she’ll find a way to deal with Talia being there.

Aria finds a bookmark in a book about colleges.  She opens it to the Talmadge page.  The bookmark has an excerpt of Aria’s letter to the admissions office.  Looks like Aria is being blackmailed.

Hanna comes home and sees Jason going downstairs.

Alison gets a note in jail that says “Your friends will see you soon”.

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