Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shay Mitchell Sad About Paily Breakup on PLL

Shay Mitchell and Lindsey Shaw
Credit: Lindsey Shaw's Instagram

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) discussed her initial reaction to the Emily and Paige breakup in an interview with Wetpaint.

Shay said “I was so sad! Honestly, I love Lindsey Shaw so much. She's so amazing and I love her presence on set. So I was like — Wait a minute, how long is she going for? And they were like, Ummm, undecided for right now.

It's always tough, because you get really close with the actor that you've been working with, and then when they're not going to be working as much, it's kind of disappointing. Also, for my character, it's just heartbreaking. But they have been up and down more often than not, so I think maybe it would be a good thing to get a break.”

Are you hoping for a Paige and Emily reunion?

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