Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jackie in PLL 5x15 Trailer

In the Pretty Little Liars official trailer for “Fresh Meat” 5x15, we can catch a glimpse of Jackie Molina’s face.

Remember Jackie Molina from season 1-2?  She used to be Ezra’s fiancĂ©.  She wanted to rekindle her relationship with Ezra and she tried to get Aria out of the picture.  “A” tells Aria to blackmail Jackie with proof that Jackie plagiarized her thesis.  Aria tells Jackie that she will stay silent, as long as Jackie leaves town.  Instead of leaving, Jackie strikes back.  She threatens to expose Aria’s relationship with Ezra.  She is willing to do that even if Ezra ends up getting hurt.

Did Jackie have something to do with Aria’s rejection letter from Oberlin?  Jackie used to be a faculty member at Hollis College.  Maybe now she’s teaching at Oberlin? 

Other Things in Trailer:

Toby finds a bloody knife when he searches Mona’s property and he thinks that it is the evidence they need.  However, Spencer wants Toby to stay quiet about the knife.

Spencer and Caleb try to hide the knife, since “A” will probably try to get it back.

Do you think Jackie had something to do with Aria’s rejection?

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