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Recap of PLL 5x16 "Over a Barrel"

In Pretty Little Liars 5x16 “Over a Barrel” the Liars have to deal with both “A” and “H”. Caleb and Spencer continue to do some sleuthing while Hanna deals with her mom’s love  life.

Spencer and Hanna tell Aria and Emily about the bloody knife Toby found in Mona’s backyard.  Hanna isn’t sure Holbrook is a good guy, since he lied about his family emergency.  The Liars wonder if Holbrook planted the knife to help Alison frame them for Mona’s murder.

Emily has an envelope of things to send to Paige.  Paige asked for space, so Emily isn’t going to visit her over spring break.

Emily gets Aria a refill on her coffee.  Aria couldn’t sleep knowing that “A” is blackmailing her again.  She is desperate to get into another college before Ezra finds out how she got into Talmadge.

Emily doesn’t want to charge Aria for her refill, but Aria already lied to Ezra.  She doesn’t want to steal from him, too.  When she pays The Brew’s new low price of 50 cents, a long receipt prints out.  It is a printout of Aria’s letter to Talmadge College.  At the bottom is a message from “A” that says “This kind of lie will stay on your permanent record.  A”.

Hanna comes home to find her mom’s boyfriend, Pastor Ted, back in town.  He spent time in Peru building a new roof for a chapel and a playground for the sponsor school.  Hanna wants to talk about her mom’s involvement with Jason, but her mom refuses to talk about it.

Talia and Emily are still having issues working together.  Emily doesn’t want to hear any of Talia’s suggestions.

Ezra is having issues with a contractor who is keeping money for work he didn’t do for The Brew.  Aria is about to come clean about her hurtful letter, but can't go through with it when Ezra offers to have a professor from Vassar make a call to the admissions office for Aria.

Spencer has been accepted to schools in Hawaii, Mexico and Montana.  However, she isn’t excited about any of them.  She only applied to them because they were far away from “A”.  Even with Alison in jail, Spencer still isn’t able to do what she wants.

Johnny Raymond is moving into Spencer’s barn.  Toby leaves and Johnny gives Spencer his deposit. 

Aria gets a cryptic text message and immediately shows it to Emily.  “Stop looking for me.  I’m tired of hiding. H”.

Aria thinks the text is from Holbrook.  She goes to meet with him, hoping that she will no longer be blackmailed with the letter.

Johnny starts digging through Spencer’s trash for scraps of food to make his paint with.  Spencer wants to hear all about Johnny’s trip to Italy.  Johnny offers to tell her about Italy in exchange for an egg for his paint, but Spencer drops the egg when she gets a message from Mona on her phone.

Caleb tells Spencer and Hanna that the text from Mona was an alert from a security company.  The text contained GPS coordinates for Mona’s laptop.  Caleb thinks Mona made it easy for him to log into her account.  He sees that the laptop is in a storage place.  Instead of sending the alert to the police, Mona set it up so that the alert would go to the Liars.  Hanna has to meet Ted, so Spencer and Caleb plan to go to the storage place by themselves.

Aria is waiting for “H” to show up at The Grill, but it doesn’t look like “H” is coming after all.  Jason comes up to Aria and asks if she wants to grab a bite.  He was going to meet with Hanna’s mom for a working lunch, but she cancelled.  Jason thinks it might be nice to talk to Aria about Alison.

Talia brings up the idea of having uniforms at The Brew.  She noticed a hole in Emily’s shirt, so she figured having uniforms would be a good idea.  Emily quickly shuts that idea down.

Spencer and Caleb try to get into the storage unit, but they can’t pick the lock or cut through it.  They run into a Rosewood High teacher, Mrs. Horowitz, who tells them about the bad odor coming from unit 1017.  She thinks a blonde girl rents the unit.

Aria and Jason discuss Alison’s dad, who will do anything for Alison.  However, Jason knows what Alison is capable of.  He’s seen her do a lot of things and easily talk other people into doing things for her.  He remembers how the Liars all used to follow her around.

Jason knows that the police suspect someone helped Alison dump Mona’s body.  Aria agrees, especially since Alison passed the lie detector test.  Jason wonders if someone on the inside changed the results.  Aria tells him that Alison and Holbrook may have been close.  Aria gets a text from “H”, telling her to meet at Maple and Prescott in one hour.

Ted surprises Hanna by asking for her permission to marry her mother.  He plans to ask her tonight and he wants Hanna to be there.  He wants it to be a surprise, so Hanna promises not to say anything.

At The Brew, Talia apologizes to Emily.  She realizes that the old shirt Emily is wearing must be a gift from her ex.  She knows that it is hard to let go sometimes.  Emily isn’t ready to feel brand new, but Talia points out that Emily can’t start fresh when she’s wearing her old relationship on her back.

Caleb crawls through an air duct to get into the storage unit.  Inside, they find Mona’s computer.  Everything is bagged in plastic as if it is evidence.  They even find bloody clothes.  They wonder if Holbrook is keeping all the evidence to build a case against one of them.

They find a large barrel and suspect that Mona’s body is stuffed in it.  Despite everything Mona did, Spencer doesn’t think that Mona deserved this.  Spencer spots antacid tablets and realizes that the stuff near the barrel are used to preserve a specimen like a pig or a frog.  However, they can also be used to make a corrosive liquid.  Caleb wonders if Mona is either pickled or dissolved in the barrel.  Spencer is about to open the barrel when the lights go off.

Taking Talia’s advice, Emily decides to let go of Paige’s shirt.  She puts it in the envelope of stuff to send to Paige.

Hanna anxiously waits for her mom to return home, but her mom still won’t talk about Jason.  Hanna asks if her mom is going to tell Ted.  Ted really loves her mom and Hanna doesn’t want her mom to do anything to ruin that.

Spencer is getting paranoid about leaving evidence in the storage unit.  Caleb assures her that he wiped down everything he touched and also wiped the security footage.

Caleb wants Toby to tip the cops off and let the cops find the barrel and connect Holbrook to the storage unit.  Spencer doesn’t want to do that, since it’ll risk his job.  She wants to hold off on telling Toby until they have proof.  Caleb agrees to look in the records and find out who leased the unit.

Aria waits for “H”, who doesn’t show up again.  This time, a florist gives Aria a bouquet of roses with instructions to give them to Hanna’s mom.  Hanna takes the flowers from Aria.  Even though the note says it is from Jason, Hanna is sure it is from Alison’s. 

Hanna tells Aria that she went to see Alison in jail.  Aria is upset that she was toyed with by “A” and ended up running on a hamster wheel because of Hanna’s jail visit.  Hanna promises to tell the other girls about her jail visit, but she asks Aria to keep quiet about the flowers.

Toby and Spencer talk about their future plans.  When Spencer goes to college, Toby doesn’t want to be an ocean away.  Spencer suggests that Toby come with her. 

Caleb texts Spencer to tell her that he found something.  Toby sees the text and asks what they found.  When Spencer doesn’t tell him, Toby demands that they stop whatever they are doing.

Pastor Ted goes all out for his proposal.  Since he and Hanna’s mom shared a peanut butter cookie the day they met, Ted decides to hide the engagement ring in a giant peanut butter cookie.  Hanna’s mom needs time to think about the proposal  and she quickly leaves the table.

Hanna tells Ted that he did everything right.  He just needs to give her mom time to take it all in.

Hanna’s mom comes downstairs after Ted leaves.  She knows he is a good man and he deserves to know that she cheated on him.

Emily stops by The Brew to pick up her paycheck.  Talia compliments Emily’s fashion style, and then asks what Emily thinks of Ezra’s butt.

Johnny stops by to get the egg for his paint.  They end up talking about Alison.  Johnny understands why Spencer is trying to get as far away from Rosewood as she can.  Spencer feels like she can’t handle anything as mundane as college. 

Johnny says that he dropped out of college after one semester.  College is just kids trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.  He knew that he wanted to study art so he went to Europe.  He assures Spencer that there is no rule that says she has to go to college. 

Caleb text Spencer, but she ignores the text.  She asks Johnny to tell her about Italy.

Caleb shows up at Hanna’s house with bad news.  The storage unit was rented under Hanna’s name and he’s pretty sure Mona’s body is hidden inside the unit.

Someone in a black hoodie breaks into the police station at night and uses Holbrook’s password to access his computer files. 

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