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Recap of PLL 5x17 "The Bin of Sin"

In “The Bin of Sin” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x17, Ezria and Spoby fall apart, Hanna makes sure she doesn’t go down for murder, and Aria and Spencer almost freeze to death.

Hanna and Caleb think Mona’s body is in the barrel in the storage unit that was rented in Hanna’s name.  Hanna thinks Alison is framing her for Mona’s murder as payback after Hanna visited her in jail.

Hanna is determined to fight back.  She wants to move the barrel.  The other Liars don’t want to tamper with evidence that could convict Alison.  Hanna is concerned because she doesn’t have an alibi for the night Mona was murdered.  Caleb was with her, but the police will just think he is lying to protect her.  And her mom was at the soup kitchen with Pastor Ted that night.

Caleb thinks they are one step ahead of Holbrook, but Emily isn’t sure he's the one helping Alison.  Aria is about to tell the others about the wild goose chase “H” sent her on, but she keeps quiet about the flowers Jason supposedly sent Hanna’s mom.

Caleb plans to erase Hanna’s name from the storage records.  Spencer wants to tell the police about the storage unit.  Hanna doesn’t like that plan, since she is the one being framed for murder.

Aria is worried that "H" will tell Ezra about the letter she wrote to Jackie.  Aria is having nightmares of Holbrook wallpapering Ezra’s apartment with her letter.

The Brew’s new chef Talia makes Ezra a pecan pie to thank him for hiring her.  Emily thinks Talia has a crush on Ezra, so she tells her that Ezra is dating her friend.  Emily also tells Talia that she’s into girls.

Hanna is researching chemical resistant rubber gloves when her mom comes in.  Hanna’s mom decided not to tell Ted that she cheated on him with Jason.  She simply told Ted that it isn’t easy to say yes to a marriage proposal when you’ve failed at marriage before.  Hanna is worried that the truth will come out, but Hanna’s mom trusts both Jason and Hanna to keep it a secret.

Toby looks at Alison’s police file and the lie detector test results that Holbrook signed off on.  Spencer shows up at the police station.  She wants to talk to Toby about Hanna.  Toby thought Spencer agreed to stop sleuthing with Caleb, but Spencer explains that it isn’t that simple.  She’s worried Hanna will do something stupid.

Lt. Tanner asks why Spencer isn’t at school.  Spencer leaves before she can tell Toby about the barrel in the storage unit.

Toby tells Lt. Tanner that Holbrook may have manipulated Alison’s polygraph test results to make it look like she passed.  Lt. Tanner warns him not to make accusations that he can’t back up.  Tanner doesn’t get why Holbrook would help Alison, so Toby tells her that Holbrook and Alison kissing at the Ice Ball dance.  Lt. Tanner dismisses that information since it came from the Liars.

Toby also says that Holbrook’s father isn’t sick, even though he was on temporary leave to take care of his father.  Lt. Tanner can’t believe that Toby had the nerve to investigate his superior.  She threatens to fire him if he doesn’t stop his extracurricular research.

Aria tells Ezra that she got into Talmadge College.  Ezra is thrilled for her.  Talmadge is a huge school, so he doesn’t think Aria will run into Jackie.  Aria finally shows him the letter that she wrote to Jackie.

Surprisingly, Ezra isn’t upset when he reads the letter.  He thinks it was a brilliant move.  Aria is apologetic, but Ezra knows that she just did what she had to do.  Ezra doesn’t care what Jackie thinks of him.  He only cares what Aria thinks of him.  Aria admits that she doesn’t even want to go to Talmadge.  She was just scared of getting stuck in Rosewood.

Hanna is determined to make sure Mona’s murder doesn’t get pinned on her.  She packs a bag with gloves and bleach.  Caleb drops by to tell her that he took care of the storage unit records. 

Caleb doesn’t want Hanna to move the barrel, but Hanna won’t change her mind.  She found a drill that can break the lock.  She already rented a van, too.  She plans to leave the barrel in the woods and call the police with a burner phone.  Caleb points out that Hanna isn’t a forensic expert.  She can’t pull something like this off.

Hanna says this is just like when Caleb found the bloody knife and destroyed it.  She doesn’t have a choice, especially if Alison planted her DNA in the storage unit.

Hanna’s mom decides to quit her job to avoid working with Jason.  Over lunch, she tells Jason that Ted proposed.  She only hooked up with Jason because she was lonely.  Jason understands what that feels like.

Caleb cuts wires to knock out the security cameras at the storage unit before they break in.

Spencer tells Aria and Emily that someone moved Mona’s laptop.  Spencer thinks it was Hanna and Caleb.  The girls follow the GPS coordinates to track down the laptop. 

Hanna’s mom packs up her stuff at the office.  Jason asks why she isn’t wearing an engagement ring.  Hanna’s mom isn’t sure she’s cut out to be a pastor’s wife.  She hasn’t always made the best choices and she doesn’t want her past to destroy everything he’s worked for.

Jason wonders if she hooked up with him just so she would have an excuse to break things off with Ted.  Jason has screwed up good things because he was afraid the past would get in the way.  Hanna’s mom denies using Jason as an excuse to say no to Ted.

Hanna and Caleb break into the storage unit and find that everything is gone except the barrel.  Hanna doesn’t want to open it.  She can’t face seeing Mona’s body.  Caleb and Hanna leave to get a dolly from the van.

Hanna and Caleb run into Toby and Lt. Tanner in the storage facility.  Caleb pretends that he needs a storage unit for his stuff.  Toby doesn't support their story and denies knowing that Caleb was looking for a storage unit.  Lt. Tanner can tell that Hanna is nervous.

Lt. Tanner and Toby notice the cut wires that knocked down the security cameras.  They also see that the lock on the storage unit is broken.

Spencer, Aria and Emily track Mona’s computer to an old ice cream factory.  The place is huge, so they split up.

Emily finds a bag of freeze-dried almonds in the factory.

Spencer hears Caleb and Hanna’s voices.  She follows the voices and finds out it’s a recording on a laptop.  Someone recorded Hanna and Caleb’s earlier discussion about breaking into the storage unit.  Aria joins her and they watch the recording together.

“A” locks Aria and Spencer in the freezer and blasts the liquid nitrogen.  Emily manages to get them out before they freeze to death.

Lt. Tanner and Toby start to open the barrel, but there is a strong smell coming from it.  They end up calling a HazMat team.  Lt. Tanner notices a drop of blood on the floor near the barrel.

Jason apologizes to Hanna’s mom for suggesting that she used him to ruin her relationship with Ted.  Hanna’s mom admits that there was some truth to what he said. 

Jason doesn't like working with his father.  They don’t talk much and his father constantly reminds him of what a disappointment he is.  Hanna’s mom advises him to find another job.  Jason won’t be able to move forward if he is stuck in the past.  They hug and Jason tries to kiss Hanna’s mom again.  This time, Hanna’s mom pulls away.

Emily is at The Brew to close up.  Talia offers to clean if Emily cooks.  Emily is distracted when Hanna calls to tell her about Lt. Tanner and Toby showing up at the storage unit.

Flames shoot up from the gas range while Emily is on the phone.  Emily panics and Talia has to calm her down.

Aria and Ezra have some Chinese takeout for dinner.  Ezra gives Aria a monogrammed journal as a present for getting into college.  College will be an exciting time for her.  He doesn’t want her to miss out, like she did in high school. 

Ezra re-read her letter to Jackie and realized that Aria really does feel like she missed out on her high school years because she dated him.  Aria denies that, but Ezra wants what is best for her.  In college, Aria will meet new people and discover herself.  If they stay together, Aria may grow to resent him.  He wants her to take time for herself, so that there will be no regrets.

Hanna is furious at Spencer for telling Toby about the barrel.  Spencer insists that she didn’t say anything.  Lt. Tanner must have been tipped off.  Hanna doesn’t understand why Toby didn’t warn them.  Toby knew about the bloody knife and that they were being framed for Mona’s murder.  Hanna thinks Toby cares more about his job than about his friends.

Spencer defends Toby and puts the blame on Hanna.  She thinks Hanna screwed herself and Caleb over by going back to the storage unit.  Hanna storms off.

Spencer calls Toby, who doesn’t answer his phone.

Lt. Tanner thinks Alison had help moving Mona’s body.  If the blood in the storage unit matches Mona’s, then the Liars will be brought in for questioning.  Lt. Tanner reminds Toby that he took an oath when he became a police officer.  Withholding information isn’t an option.  She asks if there is anything he isn’t telling her.

Talia cooks Emily some mashed potatoes to make her feel better.  Emily knows that Talia must see her as neurotic.  Talia admits that she can be a control freak.  Talia says that she was never into Ezra.  She’s actually into Emily.  Talia leaves before Emily can respond.

Hanna tells Caleb that they were recorded earlier.  Caleb realizes that they were set up.  Hanna is angry at herself for not listening to Caleb.  She doesn’t want to drag him down with her.  If they are caught, she’ll tell the cops that she forced Caleb to go to the storage unit with her.

Hanna tells Caleb to stay away from her.  Alison isn’t going to give up and it’s dangerous for him to be with her.  Caleb doesn’t care.  He’s willing to go to jail with Hanna.

Aria flips through the Rosewood High yearbook.  There are no school activities listed under her picture.  She realizes that she did miss out on some high school experiences.

Spencer finally gets a call from Toby.  Toby is done with work, but he lies to Spencer and claims that he’s stuck at work.  He says Lt. Tanner got an anonymous call about the storage unit and he didn’t get the chance to warn the Liars.

Spencer asks what was in the barrel, but Toby refuses to answer.  Spencer asks him to come over after work.  Toby says that he can’t.  Spencer, crying, throws her phone.

All the bags of evidence from the storage unit have been moved to another location.  Someone in a black hoodie uses a light to look at handprints left at this new location.

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