Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PLL Do-Over: Alison and Mona

What would happen if Alison could go back in time?  That questioned is answered in this clip that was aired during the commercial break of Pretty Little Liars 5x17 “The Bin of Sin”.  This clip is not part of the actual episode.

In jail, Alison wonders what she would do-over.  She remembers a time when Mona complimented her hair.  Alison responded by insulting Mona’s hair, saying “Mona, there are cancer patients with better hair.  If I were you, and I’m happy that I’m not, I would stop trying”.  If she had helped Mona that day, she and Mona could have been friends instead of enemies.  And Alison wouldn’t have ended up in jail.

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