Sunday, January 18, 2015

Behind The Scenes of Shay Mitchell’s Yahoo Style Shoot

Shay Mitchell talks about her love of hair and makeup in this behind the scenes video of her Yahoo Style shoot.  (Shay also looked at Yahoo search results of herself).

Shay likes experimenting with lip colors. (Check out Shay Mitchell’s favorite drugstore beauty products). A hair style she hasn’t tried but would be fun is a short bob with bangs.  However, she loves having long hair.  It’s like a security blanket to her.

Shay Mitchell’s real life fashion is very different from her character Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. Emily loves to be comfortable, so you won't see her wearing high heels. Shay Mitchell is the opposite. Shay has a lot of high heels and likes to add glitz like a sparkly necklace or dress.

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