Friday, January 9, 2015

PLL 5x15 Sneak Peek: Aria and Emily Worry About The Future

In this sneak peek of “Fresh Meat” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x15, Emily and Aria worry about their future plans.

Emily wants to fly to California for spring break to visit Paige.  Her parents won’t let her touch her college fund, so she was hoping to get a raise at The Brew.  She’s worried that she’s growing apart from Paige.  Emily is looking into liberal arts colleges in Oregon.

Aria isn’t up for college talk.  She’s freaked out over her own future.  She’s been rejected from all the colleges she applied to, except one that waitlisted her.  She’s worried that she’ll end up picking up trash in Rosewood while her friends are rushing sororities in college.  She’ll never get away from “A”.

Emily is optimistic about Aria’s future.  Aria can turn the waitlist into an acceptance.  Her cousin wrote a letter to Yale and won them over.

Aria doesn’t think she can.  She thinks these college rejections are Alison’s revenge.

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