Sunday, April 30, 2017

PLL 7x13 Sneak Peek: Hanna’s Dress Makes Front Page & Allegations of Stolen Design

Things get really bad for Hanna in this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece”.

It’s Hanna’s turn to play A.D.’s ‘Liar’s Lament’ game and Hanna didn’t sleep all night. Hanna hid the game phone in her purse so Caleb won’t find it. “Guys aren’t going to go through a girl’s purse because they’re too afraid to accidentally touch a tampon,” Hanna hilariously says.

PLL BTS Photos 7x13 “Hold Your Piece”

Here are behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the PLL cast filming Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 titled “Hold Your Piece”. The episode was directed by Marta Cunningham and written by Bryan Holdman. “Hold Your Piece” will air on May 2, 2017.

Will we get a Spoby scene in episode 7x13? Here is a photo of Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and Keegan Allen (Toby).

PLL bts 7x13 "Hold Your Piece" Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen (Spoby)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

PLL 7x13 Synopsis "Hold Your Piece"

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 "Hold Your Piece":

“Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more information about Jenna and her connection to A.D. Spencer grows closer to Detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current situation with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is more intense than she bargained for and leads to shocking consequences.”

Pretty Little Liars "Hold Your Piece" will air Tuesday, May 2, 2017 on Freeform.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

PLL 7x13 Sneak Peek: Is Sydney Driscoll Helping Jenna Marshall?

In this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece”, Aria and Emily do some digging into Sydney Driscoll (Jenna’s BFF). They find out that Sydney graduated from Berkeley with a double major in economics and French. She studied abroad her junior year.

Sydney now lives in a loft on the river in Fish Town. She works as a private client banker. Her department services people with lots of money.

Sydney checked into a charity gala for the Manhattan Children’s Hospital two days ago. Coincidentally, the Senator’s daughter (Katherine Daly) wore Hanna’s dress to that event.

They look through photos from the event and spot Sydney snapping a pic of Katherine Daly. They think Sydney Driscoll was the anonymous source for the Runway Rebels. They wonder what else Sydney has done for Jenna besides weaseling her way into a charity ball in New York.

The police said it wasn’t Jenna’s gun that shot Spencer. So Aria and Emily think the confession Jenna gave to the police was to protect the other shooter (Sydney).

Emily wants to be careful, but Aria isn’t backing down. She’s going to get some answers from Sydney.

PLL episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece” will air Tuesday, May 2 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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PLL 7x13 Sneak Peek: Emily Consoles Toby at the Hospital

Yvonne’s condition hasn’t improved, so Toby’s spending a lot of time at the hospital by his fiancée’s side. In the promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece”, Emily visits the hospital and consoles Toby.

Things aren’t looking good for Yvonne. Sometimes she smiles at Toby, but she hasn’t spoken yet. After the accident Toby had when he was still in the police academy, he woke up in the hospital not knowing where he was or if anyone knew where to find him. He knows Yvonne feels that way, but she can’t tell him.

Suddenly, Yvonne calls out for Toby. Toby asks Emily to get the nurse.

Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece” will air Tuesday, May 2 at 8/7c.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Troian Bellisario: Favorite Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Flavor, Face Masks & Beauty Tips from PLL Co-Star Shay Mitchell

PLL actress Troian Bellisario is helping bring awareness to Burt’s Bees and the “Bring Back the Bees” campaign. The bee population is declining and Troian Bellisario wants to help with a solution. “Last year we succeeded in planting one billion wildflowers, so when they contacted me [to share that] they wanted to double that number this year I wanted to help”, Troian told People. Check out Troian Bellisario's favorite Burt's Bees products.

PLL actress Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings)
Credit: Instagram

Troian Bellisario’s favorite is Burt’s Bees lip balm pear flavor. “It reminds me of Popsicles, it’s just really fun for summer!” she said.

'Pretty Little Liars': Ian Harding Talks Ezria Season 7B

Things were looking good for Ezria, the first PLL ship to get engaged, up until Ezra’s old girlfriend Nicole returned. Actor Ian Harding talked about Ezria’s future and the struggle Ezra will go to in season 7B. Things will not simple for Ezria just because they are engaged.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PLL 7x13 Promo: Sydney Driscoll Back in Rosewood

The Liars keep hearing a baby cry in the promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece”.

It is Hanna’s turn to play A.D.’s twisted board game ‘Liars Lament’ and the game phone shows a video of a crying cartoon baby.

“What happens if you refuse to play? You flip the board over, you storm out” Caleb asks Hanna. “I have to know what the stakes are” Hanna tells him.

“You could go to jail,” Caleb tells Hanna. Is he referring to Hanna accidentally hitting Elliot Rollins with her car and the Liars covering it up?

Aria does a lot of fighting in “Hold Your Piece”. Aria physically confronts Sydney Driscoll (Jenna’s BFF). Where has Sydney been all this time? And someone shows up in Ezra’s apartment, so Aria grabs a kitchen knife to defend herself.

Do you think Sydney is working with Jenna?

PLL episode 7x13 “Hold Your Piece” will air Tuesday, May 2 at 8/7c on Freeform.

PLL Recap 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”: Emily Blackmails High School Student Addison Derringer

It’s Emily’s turn to play A.D.’s board game ‘Liar’s Lament’ in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”. Jenna’s back in town and she’s claiming to be a victim of Noel Kahn. And is Jenna messing with Hanna’s fashion career?

The episode starts with the Liars huddled around the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game. Aria defends Spencer, but Hanna is still pissed at Spencer for taking A.D.’s bait and playing the game when they all agreed not to.

They worry that A.D. will punish them for Hanna trying to attack the game with a steak knife. The Liars argue over who is behind the game. If it was Jenna, who is helping her? Sydney? Jenna is a vindictive blind girl, but she probably couldn’t have built the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game by herself.

Emily isn’t interested in debating who is helping Jenna. She doesn’t care that A.D. is blackmailing them with evidence that they caused Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill’s death. She’s willing to tell the police what they did, especially since she doesn’t feel bad about it. Emily thinks he deserved way worse. Emily storms off without listening to her friends.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shay Mitchell at PLL Last Paleyfest (Video)

The Pretty Little Liars cast attended their last ever PLL panel at Paleyfest and Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields) documented the event with this video. Watch Shay Mitchell get ready for Paleyfest and hang out with Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) at the event:

Check out the PLL panel highlights and photos of the PLL cast at Paleyfest 2017.

Monday, April 24, 2017

PLL Cast On Saying Goodbye To Their Characters

Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end after seven amazing season. At PaleyFest Los Angeles 2017, Pretty Little Liars actresses Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse reflected on their characters and revealed what they'll miss most about playing their characters. (See photos of the PLL cast at PaleyFest Los Angeles 2017).

PLL actresses
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Sunday, April 23, 2017

PLL Season 7B Spoilers: A Musical Number

Get ready for a musical number in Pretty Little Liars season 7B! Before PLL official ends, we’ll get to see the talent cast of PLL showing off their musical skills on an upcoming episode.

PLL musical number in season 7B

Saturday, April 22, 2017

PLL 7x12 Sneak Peek: Jenna Arrives at Rosewood Police Department

Jenna Marshall wasn’t missing for very long. Jenna turns herself in to the Rosewood police in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”.

Spencer is at the police department talking to Detective Marco Furey about Mary Drake. The police think Mary Drake checked into a motel last Tuesday. She used a fake name, but she matches the character description. Unfortunately, they don’t know where she is now. The police tracked down two other Mary Drakes, but both were born before 1950.

Marco asks if Spencer is sure she wants to track down Mary Drake. Mary may have been the one who shot Spencer. Spencer defends Mary, saying she doesn’t see her that way anymore.

Marco asks where Spencer found the letter from Mary Drake (written when Spencer was a baby). If Spencer’s parents held on to the letter, maybe they know how to find Mary Drake. Spencer can’t tell him the letter came from A.D., though. She’s saved from answering when Jenna Marshall comes in.

Jenna knows Spencer is in the room. She can hear Spencer breathing.  Jenna tells Marco that she has been hiding. “I need to tell somebody the truth,” Jenna says.

PLL “These Boots Were Made for Stalking” will air on Tuesday, April 25 at 8/7c.

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PLL 7x12 Synopsis "These Boots Were Made for Stalking"

Here’s the synopsis for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 "These Boots Were Made for Stalking":

“Emily butts heads with teenager Addison, who appears to be a new version of high school Ali, and who may be connected to a familiar foe. Spencer confronts her mother about keeping family secrets. Aria confides in Holden about her relationship with Ezra, while Spencer turns to Detective Furey for help. And Jenna stirs up even more trouble when she returns to Rosewood with some insight into Noel Kahn and recent events.”

Pretty Little Liars
“These Boots Were Made for Stalking” will air Tuesday, April 25, 2017 on Freeform.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Meet Ian Harding & Keegan Allen: ‘Odd Birds’ Book Tour Schedule

Ian Harding’s memoir Odd Birds will come out in May. Ian is going to do a book tour to promote his new book. And PLL co-star Keegan Allen will help Ian kick off the tour.

PLL actor Keegan Allen joining Ian Harding 'Odd Birds' memoir book signing tour

His book tour kicks off on Tuesday, May 2 at a Barnes & Noble in New York City. May 2 is actually the official release day for his book. He’ll hit nine cities during his May book tour. His last stop on the tour will be Thursday, May 11 at Half Price Books in Dallas, Texas.

PLL 7x12 Sneak Peek: Spencer Confronts Veronica

In this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”, Spencer is struggling to come to terms with Mary Drake being her biological mother.

Spencer is furious at her dad, but she hasn’t been able to confront him yet. He’ll be back home on Thursday. He left several messages for Spencer, but she wants to talk to him face-to-face. Veronica says both she and Spencer’s dad are hurting. Neither of them wanted Spencer to find out the truth this way.

Spencer wonders if Melissa knew the whole time, but Veronica says Melissa had no idea. Frustrated, Spencer lashes out at Veronica.  “So only you and dad could appreciate the bitter irony of me checking into the same mental hospital where I was born” she says. Spencer feels like a part of her will be living in Radley for the rest of her life.

PLL “These Boots Were Made for Stalking” will air on April 25 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

PLL 7x12 Sneak Peek: Meet Mean Girl Addison Derringer

Get ready to meet high school mean girl Addison Derringer in this sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”.

Alison dismisses her English class when Emily stops by to talk to mean girl Addison Derringer. Addison is on the Rosewood High swim team, but she skipped practice. Since Addison didn’t have a legit excuse to skip, Emily takes Addison off the lineup for Saturday’s meet.

Addison barely looks up from her phone while Emily is talking. “Are you sure you want to do that?” she threatens Emily before leaving.

Addison reminds Emily of how Alison used to be in high school. Alison thinks Addison is worse. At least when Alison threatened adults, she looked up from her phone. Alison is worried that her baby might end up like Addison or the way Alison herself.

Emily offers to bring dinner to Alison. She doesn’t want Alison to be alone now. Alison doesn’t feel alone, though. She knows A.D. is scheming to use the ‘Liar’s Lament’ board game to make things worse for her.

Emily and Alison don’t notice Addison is eavesdropping on them. Addison smiles when she sees Emily and Alison hug.

The Liars have enough to worry about with A.D.’s game. Hope Addison doesn’t make things worse for them!

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PLL BTS Photos 7x12 “These Boots Were Made For Stalking”

Here are behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the PLL cast filming Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 titled “These Boots Were Made For Stalking”. The episode was directed by Ron Lagomarsino and written by Oliver Goldstick. “These Boots Were Made For Stalking” will air on April 25, 2017.

Here is a photo of PLL actresses Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale at the table read for episode 7x12. PLL showrunner Marlene King captioned the photo “It never gets old.#PLLTableRead @itsashbenzo @shaym@sleepinthegardn @lucyhale ❤️”.

PLL 7x12 "These Boots Were Made for Stalking" Table Read Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario

PLL Season 7B Promo: Friendships Lost? Plus, Melissa’s Back

A.D. has raised the stakes with the ‘Liars Lament’ board game and it looks like it is tearing the Liars apart. In this Pretty Little Liars promo video for season 7B, it seems like Hanna is forced to play twice in a row. “The only thing scarier than playing this game is losing a friend over it,” Hanna says.

Not sure what the game forces Aria to do, but it must be bad. Aria throws something and breaks a wine glass.

Emily asks Alison what A.D. made her do.

Aria brings up a really good point. “Every single time we do this, the only graves that get dug are ours”. It does seem like things keep getting worse for the Liars, even when they come up with plans to fight against “A”.

“You may think you’re winning the battle, but I’ll win the war” Alison threatens someone. She may be threatening Addison Derringer, a high school mean girl.

Spencer’s older sister Melissa is back from England! So where is Wren?

Mona and Hanna seem to be rekindling their friendship, but that doesn’t mean the other Liars want Mona around. “What’d I miss?” Mona asks when she comes in. “An invitation!” Spencer tells her.

There is also another Pretty Little Liars season 7B promo video that shows Wren back in Rosewood!

Really hope A.D.’s game doesn’t tear the Liars apart! Their friendship is what makes them strong.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PLL 7x12 Promo: Vindictive, Bully, Sociopath Jenna Marshall is Back

Jenna wasn’t gone for long. She’s back in the promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”.

The Liars have some choice words to describe Jenna. Hanna calls Jenna a vindictive blind girl. Emily and Spencer call Jenna a bully and a sociopath.

Surprisingly, Jenna turns herself in to the police. “I need to tell somebody the truth. Noel wanted to kill me too,” she says as she cries. Spencer isn’t buying it, but will the police?

One person who definitely doesn’t believe Jenna is Caleb. Caleb steps up and confronts Jenna. “Think twice about why you came back to town, Jenna” he tells her.

And Hanna tells Mona about the Jumanji style board game A.D. is making the Liars play.

PLL episode 7x12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking” will air on Tuesday, April 25th at 8/7c on Freeform.

PLL 7x11 “Playtime” Recap: A 'Pretty Little Liars Game' Similar to Jumanji

A.D. raises the stakes by forcing the Liars to play a Jumanji-style game in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 “Playtime”. Meanwhile, Nicole’s return causes uncertainty for the Ezria wedding, Hanna tries to restart her fashion business, Emily questions Alison’s motives and Spencer confronts her mom about Mary Drake’s claim to be her biological mother.

Pretty Little Liars season 7A ended with a few cliffhangers. Spencer was shot, Mary Drake revealed that she is Spencer’s birth mother and Toby and Yvonne got in a car accident as they attempted to leave Rosewood.

The season 7B premiere “Playtime” picks up where “The DArkest Knight” left off. Spencer is rushed to the hospital. In the ambulance, Spencer loses consciousness due to blood loss from her gunshot wound.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lucy Hale & Sasha Pieterse Talk PLL Season 7B: Mary Drake Twist, Ezria & Alison’s Pregnancy

Pretty Little Liars actresses Lucy Hale (Aria) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) sat down to talk about the final ten episodes of PLL. They talk about the shocking Mary Drake twist, the Aria-Ezra-Nicole love triangle and Alison’s shocking pregnancy.

PLL actresses Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse

PLL Season 7A Recap Promo Video

The Pretty Little Liars season 7B premiere day is finally here! Before episode 7x11 “Playtime” airs, you may want to watch this PLL season 7A recap video.

A lot happened in the first half of season 7. The Liars accidentally killed Dr. Rollins, Hanna got tortured by A.D., Mary Drake had a secret alliance with Dr. Rollins and Noel got decapitated. And there was the shocking reveal that Mary Drake is actually Spencer’s mother. Spencer had been shot, though. So she didn’t get the chance to find out more.

The Liars also had a lot happen romantically. Alison found out that she is pregnant and there was an Emison kiss. Spencer and Caleb didn’t work out because Haleb was meant to be. Aria went from engagement bliss to shock when Ezra’s ex-girlfriend Nicole was found alive. And Spencer and Toby shared a kiss before Yvonne and Toby got in a car accident.

If you want a more in-depth refresher for PLL season 7A, watch the Pretty Little Liars marathon on Freeform. Can’t wait to find out what happens in the last ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars!

Monday, April 17, 2017

PLL Season 7B: Who is the Father of Alison’s Baby?

Pretty Little Liars season 7A ended with the shocking news that Alison is pregnant. At PaleyFest, actress Sasha Pieterse was asked who the father is.

Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

PLL 7x11 Sneak Peek: Ezria

This Pretty Little Liars 7x11 “Playtime” sneak peek gives hope to Ezria fans, despite the Ezra and Nicole kiss that took place in 7x10 “The DArkest Knight”.

After seeing the Nicole and Ezra kiss on the news, Aria isn’t sure what will happen when Ezra returns to Rosewood. Aria packs up her stuff. As she is leaving Ezra’s apartment, Ezra returns. He immediately notices her bag. Aria explains that she wasn’t sure if she should stay. Without saying anything, Ezra grabs her bag and takes it back to the bedroom. Looks like he doesn’t want her going anywhere.

So glad to see Ezra clearly showing that he still wants to be with Aria. Hopefully the wedding is still on.

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PLL 7x11 Sneak Peek: Haleb

Here’s an adorable Haleb sneak peek from Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 “Playtime”.

Hanna wakes up in bed with Caleb. She pinches Caleb to wake him up in the morning. “I’m just making sure you’re real” she says before they kiss.

Caleb is ready to spend the day in bed with Hanna, but Hanna has other ideas. She wants to track Jenna down.

Caleb promises that they will find Jenna, but he doesn’t want to lose Hanna. Last time he let Hanna out of his sight, he lost her down a rabbit hole.

Caleb encourages Hanna to focus on her fashion career again. They broke up before because of Hanna’s career. He knows that won’t happen again. He thinks Hanna will regret not pursuing her dreams. Caleb tells Hanna to leave Jenna to him.

Are you happy Haleb is back?

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

PLL 7x11 Sneak Peek: Rosewood High Reunion Tension Between Emily, Alison and Paige

The Emily-Alison-Paige love triangle is going to get awkward in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 "Playtime", especially now that all three of them work at Rosewood High.

In a surprising turn, both Emily and Paige got hired at Rosewood High. Emily got the job as coach for the varsity swim team. Paige was hired as the new athletic department supervisor.

Things are still awkward between Emily and Paige. (In 7x10 "The Darkest Knight", things were heating up between Emily and Paige until Alison's surprise pregnancy. Paige is convinced that Alison is still manipulating and controlling Emily just like she did in high school). Emily asks Paige if things are going to be okay. "If you say so it is," Paige says.

Alison comes in and she's in a bad mood. She already went to the doctor's office without Emily, even though Emily promised to go with her. "It's my nightmare. Not yours," Alison tells her. Alison says the appointment was humiliating. The doctor told Alison that she was going to have the baby of a perfect stranger.

Alison finally notices Paige in the room and is upset when she finds out Paige was hired to work at Rosewood High. Alison storms off, leaving Emily confused.

PLL Marathon Tuesday, April 18 Before Season 7B Premiere

Need to catch up on some Pretty Little Liars episodes before the season 7B premiere “Playtime”? There will be a PLL marathon leading up to episode 7x11 on Tuesday, April 18 on Freeform.

PLL Marathon Before Season 7B Premiere

Saturday, April 15, 2017

PLL Season 7B Spoilers: Mystery Present from A.D. is Board Game & Another Time Jump

In the sneak peak of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 “Playtime”, the Liars get a gift from Uber “A”. The present is in a black box wrapped with a big red bow, but we don’t get to see what is actually in the box. Turns out it is a game.

Pretty Little Liars
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Thursday, April 13, 2017

PLL 7x11 Synopsis "Playtime"

Here’s the synopsis for the Pretty Little Liars season 7B premiere episode 7x11 “Playtime”:

“Spencer focuses on learning more about her connection to Mary Drake, while Aria and Ezra figure out what their future may hold now that Nicole is back in the picture. Mona helps Hanna get her fashion career back on track, and Emily struggles to balance things between Ali and Paige now that the three of them are working at Rosewood High. Meanwhile, A.D. has a special delivery for the Liars, one that reveals the final endgame. The Liars realize this latest gift pushes things to a whole new level.”

Pretty Little Liars “Playtime” will air Tuesday, April 18, 2017 on Freeform.

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PLL 7x11 Canadian Promo "Playtime": Liars Out of Their League

The Liars are out of their league in this Canadian promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 “Playtime”. (The second half of the promo is for Freeform’s new show Famous in Love, which will premiere right after PLL “Playtime” airs).

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ava Allan Joins PLL Cast as Addison Derringer in Season 7B

Actress Ava Allan joins the Pretty Little Liars cast as Addison Derringer for season 7B.

Actress Ava Allan joins PLL cast as Addison Derringer for season 7B

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vanessa Ray Thinks Aria is Uber "A"

Vanessa Ray’s Pretty Little Liars character, Charlotte (aka Cece), was revealed as “A” in the season 5 finale of PLL. Who is the Uber A that will be revealed at the end of season 7, though? Vanessa Ray thinks Uber A is Aria, which has always been a popular fan theory.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Shay Mitchell Turns 30 & PLL Cast Sends Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to the gorgeous Shay Mitchell! Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, turned 30 today. Her PLL co-stars sent sweet birthday wishes her way.

Shay Mitchell 30th birthday
Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Sunday, April 9, 2017

More iPhone Cases Added to Lucy Hale’s Capsule Collection for Casetify

Back in November, PLL actress Lucy Hale helped design adorable cell phone cases and accessories for Casetify. Some of her phone cases even feature her maltese dog Elvis. Lucy’s line did so well that they decided to design even more phone cases and accessories.

A post shared by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Friday, April 7, 2017

Ian Harding Author of Book ‘Odd Birds’

Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding has portrayed Ezra Fitz for the last few years, but now he can also call himself an author. Ian Harding has written a memoir titled Odd Birds, which is a coming-of-age story.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lucy Hale’s Birthday Message to her Maltese Dog Elvis

Lucy Hale’s maltese dog Elvis recently turned one year old. Lucy posted a sweet birthday message for her dog Elvis.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shay Mitchell’s Coachella Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Anyone planning to go to Coachella this year? PLL actress Shay Mitchell created a makeup tutorial video for a Coachella makeup look. She describes it as a magical unicorn festival look. Shay thinks festival looks are about experimenting and having fun with hair and makeup.

Shay did this festival look with her friend and makeup artist Ariel. The makeup tutorial video has a lot of singing involved. They sang “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Ariel thinks Shay Mitchell could be the next Beyoncé.

Products Used for Unicorn Inspired Coachella Makeup:
Kylie Cosmetics The Royal Peach eyeshadow palette
La Mer Foundation
Iconic London Illuminator
The Original Beauty Blender
Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Intensity One
Nars Concealer in Ginger
Say Me Brush 5.1
Bobbi Brown Pale Yellow Powder
Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow in Mochi
Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette
Ardell Double Wispies
NYX Sugar Glass Lip Pencil
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Pink

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

PLL BTS Photos 7x11 “Playtime”

Here are behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the Pretty Little Liars cast filming the PLL season 7B premiere episode 7x11 “Playtime”. The episode was directed by Chad Lowe (who also plays Aria’s dad Byron Montgomery). “Playtime” was written by both Allyson Nelson and Joseph Dougherty.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) snapped this photo of Lucy Hale (Aria) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer) at the table read for “Playtime”.

PLL table read episode 7x11 "Playtime" Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario

Monday, April 3, 2017

Shay Mitchell’s Smashbox Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Shay Mitchell, Emily on PLL, filmed a Smashbox eyeshadow makeup tutorial. She used her assistant Sammy to show a couple of looks she created with Smashbox's new Cover Shots eyeshadow palettes (Shay Mitchell is the star of Smashbox’s Cover Shots campaign).

Shay Mitchell used the matte palette to create one look on Sammy. Then she used the Ablaze palette (one of her favorites) and mixed in a bit of the metallic palette to create a second look. She finished up the eyeshadow tutorial with a bit of mascara.

Have you tried Smashbox’s Cover Shots eyeshadow palettes?

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

PLL Season 7B Spoilers: Is Emison Endgame?

Is Emison endgame? At PaleyFest, PLL actresses Shay Mitchell (Emily) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) talked about the fan response to Emison and if the fans will be happy with the ending.

Shay Mitchell (Emily) said she loves that fans are passionate about the relationships they are fans of.

Sasha Pieterse pointed out that Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King has always had a soft place in her heart for Emison. Sasha also thinks the fans will be happy with what happens with their characters. They know how passionate the fans are about Emison. She thinks the fans will be really glad with the outcome.

Looks like there will be a lot of Emison scenes in Pretty Little Liars season 7B. Do you think Emison is endgame?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sasha Pieterse Loves EOS Lip Balm

Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) is a huge fan of eos lip balms.

Sasha Pieterse shared of photo of herself applying eos lip balm. She captioned the photo "Literally my favorite lip balm ever! @eosproducts @eos #love #summer #lips".

Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse applies eos round lip balm