Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lucy Hale & Sasha Pieterse Talk PLL Season 7B: Mary Drake Twist, Ezria & Alison’s Pregnancy

Pretty Little Liars actresses Lucy Hale (Aria) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) sat down to talk about the final ten episodes of PLL. They talk about the shocking Mary Drake twist, the Aria-Ezra-Nicole love triangle and Alison’s shocking pregnancy.

PLL actresses Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse

The girls give a quick recap of where we left off. When we last saw the Liars, Spencer had been shot. We found out that Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother (or so she says).

Sasha Pieterse knew about the “Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother” twist for a while, so she was excited to see how it was revealed. Lucy Hale suspected Mary Drake might be Spencer’s mother, since actress Andrea Parker wore a long, brown wig while portraying Mary Drake. Since Mary Drake and Spencer Hastings had similar hair, Lucy suspected they were going somewhere with that.

Sasha Pieterse suggests that fans rewatch some older episodes of Pretty Little Liars. We will be able to pick up some little clues PLL showrunner Marlene King left.

Episode 7x11 “Playtime” will pick up right where we left off in 7x10. The Liars will be at the hospital. None of them will have time to process the shocking events that took place in “The DArkest Knight”.

Lucy and Sasha assure fans that Spencer won’t die. Spencer is the team leader and the glue that holds the Liars together, so they can’t lose her.

The girls also talked about the kiss between Ezra and Nicole. The kiss will create some friction for Ezria. This time, however, it will be about Ezra choosing who he wants. It’s a different love triangle from previous seasons, where Aria was always choosing between Ezra and another guy. Lucy hints that there will be a happy ending for Ezria fans.

Sasha Pieterse talked about Alison’s surprise pregnancy. At first, Alison thinks the baby is Elliott’s. She thinks the fans are really going to like where Alison’s storyline goes. It is really twisted and Alison is shocked at the truth. It has a lot to do with what happens in the last ten episodes.

Can’t wait to get some answers in Pretty Little Liars season 7B!

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