Sunday, April 16, 2017

PLL 7x11 Sneak Peek: Rosewood High Reunion Tension Between Emily, Alison and Paige

The Emily-Alison-Paige love triangle is going to get awkward in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 "Playtime", especially now that all three of them work at Rosewood High.

In a surprising turn, both Emily and Paige got hired at Rosewood High. Emily got the job as coach for the varsity swim team. Paige was hired as the new athletic department supervisor.

Things are still awkward between Emily and Paige. (In 7x10 "The Darkest Knight", things were heating up between Emily and Paige until Alison's surprise pregnancy. Paige is convinced that Alison is still manipulating and controlling Emily just like she did in high school). Emily asks Paige if things are going to be okay. "If you say so it is," Paige says.

Alison comes in and she's in a bad mood. She already went to the doctor's office without Emily, even though Emily promised to go with her. "It's my nightmare. Not yours," Alison tells her. Alison says the appointment was humiliating. The doctor told Alison that she was going to have the baby of a perfect stranger.

Alison finally notices Paige in the room and is upset when she finds out Paige was hired to work at Rosewood High. Alison storms off, leaving Emily confused.

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