Monday, April 17, 2017

PLL 7x11 Sneak Peek: Haleb

Here’s an adorable Haleb sneak peek from Pretty Little Liars episode 7x11 “Playtime”.

Hanna wakes up in bed with Caleb. She pinches Caleb to wake him up in the morning. “I’m just making sure you’re real” she says before they kiss.

Caleb is ready to spend the day in bed with Hanna, but Hanna has other ideas. She wants to track Jenna down.

Caleb promises that they will find Jenna, but he doesn’t want to lose Hanna. Last time he let Hanna out of his sight, he lost her down a rabbit hole.

Caleb encourages Hanna to focus on her fashion career again. They broke up before because of Hanna’s career. He knows that won’t happen again. He thinks Hanna will regret not pursuing her dreams. Caleb tells Hanna to leave Jenna to him.

Are you happy Haleb is back?

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