Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vanessa Ray Thinks Aria is Uber "A"

Vanessa Ray’s Pretty Little Liars character, Charlotte (aka Cece), was revealed as “A” in the season 5 finale of PLL. Who is the Uber A that will be revealed at the end of season 7, though? Vanessa Ray thinks Uber A is Aria, which has always been a popular fan theory.


“I think it’s going to be Aria. I think like early in the early days, she just kind of had the most to lose. She was hurt the most by the antics that ‘A’ put her through, so that’s why I think she might be the one that’s coming back to get them all”, Vanessa told US Weekly.

Lucy Hale, who plays Aria on the show, would probably be happy to hear Vanessa’s theory. In past interviews, Lucy has frequently said she would love to be “A”. “As an actor, everyone wants to play the bad guy”, Lucy explained. Lucy also said that she thinks “A” is one of the four main girls.

Lucy and Vanessa also agree on how PLL should end. They both rooted for a dark ending. “I hope they burn Rosewood down. I hope they just take a match. I really hope there is a slo-mo montage of them walking away with sunglasses on or something”, Vanessa said.

Lucy Hale has also said she wants Pretty Little Liars to end tragically. (Though she later changed her mind and wished for Aria and Ezra to get married and have kids).

PLL executive producer Charlie Craig has brought up the possibility that one of the Liars is Uber A. All of the Liars have the potential to be Uber A, especially when you consider the five year time gap. We don’t know everything that happened to the Liars during that time.

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