Friday, March 4, 2016

Lucy Hale Thinks Aria & Ezra Should Marry & Have Kids

Lucy Hale may have said that she wants Pretty Little Liars to end tragically, but she still wants a happy ending for Aria.  Lucy stopped by CBS’s The Talk to talk Ezria, marriage and babies.

The Talk asked about Lucy Hale’s recent comments on PLL ending after season 7.  Lucy wanted to clarify that she isn’t quitting the show.  As far as Lucy knows, they are going to wrap things up after season 7.  Seven years is a good run, so Lucy thinks they should end the show with a bang.

Lucy offered some major hope for Ezria fans.  Lucy said that Aria is still in love with Ezra.  Before Pretty Little Liars ends, Lucy wants Aria to get married and have some babies with Ezra.  Lucy joked that Rosewood should be burned down, since the town has cursed their lives.  “Walk away with two babies on each arm,” Lucy said.

How do you want to see Pretty Little Liars end?  Tragically?  Which couples do you want to see together by the end of the show?

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