Thursday, March 3, 2016

Janel Parrish: PLL Season 7 “Crazy & Dark”

Janel Parrish, Mona on PLL, briefly talked to The Real about Pretty Little Liars season 7.  (The girls will start filming season 7 of Pretty Little Liars in March). 

Janel Parrish sort of knows where the show is going to go, so she can tell us what to expect for the upcoming season.  “It’s just gonna get crazy and dark,” Janel said.  Just like previous PLL seasons, no one can be trusted.

Janel promises that the show will get even crazier for season 7.

Janel also talked about what she did on Valentine’s Day, her puppy, and what she was like in high school.

Janel’s boyfriend is from Napa, so she and her boyfriend went there for Valentine’s Day. 

Janel posts lots of adorable photos of her dog, Kleo, on Instagram.  Janel rescued Kleo a year ago.  Janel also explained how she came up with the name Kleo for her dog.  She and her BFF were laughing about the name Cleopatra for her dog, but they thought Kleo would be a cute name.

What was Janel like in high school?  Was she anything like her PLL character Mona Vanderwaal?  Janel can relate to “Nerdy Mona”.  When Janel was in high school, she was a huge nerd.  She wasn’t that popular.  She doesn’t relate to Mona in the running-people-over-with-cars way, though.

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