Wednesday, March 2, 2016

PLL 6x19 Sneak Peek: Mona was Ready to Kill Charlotte

Seems like Mona wasn’t as ready to forgive Charlotte as she claimed to be when she told the court to release Charlotte from the hospital.  In this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars 6x19 “Did You Miss Me?”, we find out Mona was ready to kill Charlotte.

Emily tells Spencer and Aria about her conversation with Mona.  Mona said that she was ready to kill Charlotte, but she didn’t do it.  Charlotte never showed up to meet her.

Aria doesn’t care if Mona is innocent or guilty of murder.  Mona admitted to being the brunette on the phone at Two Crows Diner.  Aria wants to tell Lt. Tanner and get herself off the suspect list.

Spencer thinks Mona is telling the truth about Charlotte not showing up to meet her that night.  She wants to hold off on telling the cops about Mona.  Mona might lead them somewhere, especially if she thinks the Liars believe her. 

Uber “A” wants the Liars to turn over Charlotte’s killer before election night.  The Liars are running out of time to figure out who really killed Charlotte.  Based on the promo of PLL 6x19, it looks like Hanna has a plan.

Do you believe Mona?  Or do you think she killed Charlotte?

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