Saturday, March 5, 2016

PLL 6x19 Sneak Peek: Lucas & Hanna

Does Lucas still have a thing for Hanna?  Lucas has always been into Hanna and he seems happy when he hears Hanna arguing with Jordan in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 6x19 “Did You Miss Me?”.

Since Aria got burned by the fireplace when Lucas’s smart loft went crazy last episode, Lucas is back in Rosewood running system diagnostics.  He doesn’t know what caused the malfunction.  Lucas listens in on Hanna’s phone conversation with her fiancĂ© Jordan.

Jordan wants Hanna to head back to New York, but Hanna is staying in Rosewood.  Lt. Tanner wants her to stick around.  Besides, Hanna would just spend her time in New York worrying about Aria and her other friends.

Hanna got Lucas some ties as a thank you present for letting her stay in his loft.  She attached Post-it notes telling him which clothes match the ties, which is essentially Garanimals for grown-ups.

Lucas is back in Rosewood to check out some properties.  He might buy an empty factory to give Rosewood some tax revenue.  Lucas decided to give Rosewood a second chance, which Hanna understands.  The Liars all left so fast that they didn’t realize what they left behind.

It’d be interesting to see if sparks fly between Lucas and Hanna.  They seem like they would make a cute couple.  In the past, it was never going to work because of Caleb.  Now that Caleb has moved on with Spencer, maybe there’s a chance for Hanna and Lucas?  Are you rooting for Haleb or do you want to see Hanna with Lucas or Jordan?

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