Sunday, March 6, 2016

PLL Spoilers: Return of Wren Kingston

Wren Kingston, the British hottie doctor who left Rosewood and was living with Melissa in London, is coming back to Rosewood soon.  

PLL showrunner Marlene King recently had dinner with Julian Morris (the actor who plays Wren).  “Got a little zhush for werk and oh yeah dinner w @julianmorris tonight. Thanks @melissa.hurkman for the glam.#MyFaveBrit #WrensReturn #prettylittleliars” Marlene wrote on Instagram.

Credit: Instagram

Julian Morris originally left Pretty Little Liars because he wanted roles that would challenge him as an actor

A popular fan theory was that Wren was “A”, so some PLL fans were disappointed when it turned out Charlotte/CeCe was “A”.  Afterwards, Julian expressed an interest in appearing on PLL again.  He also brought up the possibility that Wren could still be Uber “A” in the final season of Pretty Little Liars.

So what has Wren been up to since we last saw him?  Melissa and Wren were living together in a flat in London, but they broke things off after Wren got a call from Charlotte.  According to Melissa, after that phone call Wren started staring at Melissa like he thought she should be locked up.  What did Charlotte tell Wren?  Did she tell him that Melissa buried Bethany Young alive?

It’ll be interesting to see Wren on PLL again.  He has a complicated past with the girls.  He dated Melissa, was involved with Spencer and even kissed Hanna.  Wren also worked at Radley Sanitarium as a doctor and knew Charlotte/CeCe.  Remember when he let CeCe visit Mona at Radley?  And we saw Wren coloring a red coat in an illustration.  Wren has always been mysterious.  Perhaps he has some secrets of his own?

Are you excited to see Dr. Wren Kingston return to Rosewood?

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