Friday, September 25, 2015

Reason Behind Julian Morris’s (Wren) Break from PLL

Did you ever wonder why Julian Morris, Wren on PLL, suddenly disappeared from PLL?  Turns out Julian was looking for roles that would provide more of a challenge for him as an actor.  He’s willing to make a return to Pretty Little Liars, though.

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Dr. Wren Kingston, the sexy British doctor on PLL, hasn’t been in that many PLL episodes lately.  He played a large role in season 1-3 of Pretty Little Liars, where he flirted with Spencer while he was engaged to her older sister Melissa.  He also shared a kiss with Hanna after he helped keep Mona from being transferred from Radley.  The last time we saw Wren he was acting creepy at Radley.  He colored in a red coat on a drawing.  Then he suddenly went back to England and ended up sharing a flat with Melissa, although we never actually saw Wren and Melissa when Spencer went to London.

Julian Morris explained to MTV why he decided to walk away from PLL.  “I had been [on] ’PLL’ and ’Once Upon a Time’ and some other stuff, and I was really enjoying it,” he said. “I was loving everyone that I was working with. But I realized that I was settling into what I knew I could do, and I started to think about why I got into acting in the first place. It was because of the directors, people like Marc Forster [’Monster’s Ball’], and the challenge that it presented. So I made a break with ‘PLL’ and ’Once Upon a Time.’ And I felt like I needed to do that to give myself the opportunity to give myself these other challenges.”

Julian found the challenge he was looking for when he joined the British movie Kelly + Victor, which ended up winning a BAFTA.

Although Julian wanted to pursue other challenging acting roles, he is still interested in returning to PLL and getting some closure for his character.  Julian has already spoken to showrunner Marlene King about returning to the PLL.

Julian is aware of the disappointment that some PLL fans had with the reveal that CeCe was “A” in “Game Over, Charles” episode 6x10.  He knows a popular fan theory was that Wren was “A”.  “I know there was some disappointment with the reveal at the end of that episode.  However, it’s not the final season. The season now is the final chapter, and I think that’s going to be the big reveal. So it could still be Wren,” Julian said.

Until Julian returns to the role of Wren on PLL, you can catch him on Amazon’s show Hand of God.  Julian plays Reverend Paul Curtis in the show about a corrupt judge who has a breakdown.

Are you excited to see Wren return to Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars?

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