Thursday, April 27, 2017

'Pretty Little Liars': Ian Harding Talks Ezria Season 7B

Things were looking good for Ezria, the first PLL ship to get engaged, up until Ezra’s old girlfriend Nicole returned. Actor Ian Harding talked about Ezria’s future and the struggle Ezra will go to in season 7B. Things will not simple for Ezria just because they are engaged.

Ian Harding says there won’t be an easy fix for Ezria. Ezra is really torn and not sure what to do. People expect it to be black and white distinction. Since Ezra is engaged to Aria, he shouldn’t be involved with Nicole. However, Ian warns that it is not that simple.

It has been wonderful for Ian Harding to watch Ezria’s growth. They feel like such an equal partnership. Their communication seems great (ignoring the whole ‘lying to Aria for years and secretly writing a book about her and her friends’ plot twist).

Lucy Hale and Ian Harding are close in real life. They are like an old married couple. Lucy tunes Ian out when he is talking to her.

Ian Harding’s favorite Ezria scene to film was from the pilot episode. Lucy and Ian cared about each other’s feelings terms of worrying about bad breath, flossing three times and chugging half a bottle of Listerine.

It definitely isn’t like that anymore. Ian recently filmed a scene for PLL season 7B where he leans in and kisses Lucy on the cheek. He knew he had some salad stuck in his teeth, but he just left it there. When we watch the episode, Ian is pretty sure we will see Lucy’s eyes go wide at the moment in the scene where she sees the salad stuck in Ian’s teeth.

It’s hard for Ian to pick his favorite PLL scenes to film because they had so much fun blowing up houses and fighting on a train while dressed in Halloween costumes.

Are you rooting for Ezria?

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