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PLL Cast at PaleyFest 2017: Highlights & Photos

The Pretty Little Liars cast attended PaleyFest 2017 and shared tons of photos and videos from the panel. The PLL cast talked about Haleb as endgame, Emison kissing scenes, Troian Bellisario’s directing debut and the show coming to an end. Unfortunately, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario couldn’t attend PaleyFest. They did, however, film videos expressing gratitude for the PLL fans and love for their co-stars.

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn talked about Haleb.

"I do feel like #Haleb was meant to be” Tyler Blackburn said. Looks like Haleb will be endgame!

Tyler Blackburn also discussed the on-screen chemistry he has with his co-star Ashley Benson. "We just both have the ability to create romance with each other" he said.

And Ashley Benson thinks Tyler Blackburn is hilarious. "Everything you're doing right now is making me laugh!" she told him.

Ashley Benson also talked about the steamy Haleb sex scene in episode 7x10 “The DArkest Night”. "We just sweat by the fire" she said.

The adorable duo Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell took lots of ButtahBenzo photos and discussed their friendship.

"I never had a sister but when I met @AshBenzo, it felt like I had a little sis" Shay Mitchell said.

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell both said "we had the best time" when they filmed that memorable dance scene in episode 5x20 “Pretty Isn’t the Point”.  

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During the panel, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson read a scene and swapped roles. Watch the video below to see Shay Mitchell playing the role of Hanna and Ashley Benson playing the role of Emily. The scene is when Emily was getting ready to move to Texas in episode 1x22 “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

And did you know that Sasha Pieterse almost got the role of Hanna? It only seems fitting that during the panel Sasha read a Hanna scene with Janel Parrish. They read the scene from episode 3x15 “Mona Mania” where Hanna thinks Mona is still “A”.

The PLL guys also got in on the action. Ian Harding read a scene as Aria and Tyler Blackburn read a scene as Spencer.

Unfortunately, Lucy Hale couldn’t attend PaleyFest this year. She was in Atlanta, Georgia filming the pilot for her new television series Life Sentence. However, Lucy did film a sweet message. She apologized for not being at PaleyFest and thanked fans for the constant support. She said that she misses her Pretty Little Liars family. Lucy can’t wait for PLL fans to see the seventh and final season of PLL. Some of her favorite Aria moments will happen this season.

Troian Bellisario also couldn’t make it to Los Angeles for PaleyFest this year. She’s having a great time filming Clara with her husband actor Patrick J. Adams (Troian got married to Patrick last December). Troian expressed her love for the PLL cast and crew. She also thanked PLL fans for seven incredible years.

Pretty Little Liars executive producer Oliver Goldstick also missed PaleyFest this year. He was actually in Georgia with Lucy Hale. He joked that they were in witness protection.

Shay Mitchell talked about the impact of her character Emily Fields. "To play a character that has an impact on a lot of people's lives in a meaningful way has been huge." She went on to say "Love is love. It didn't matter. There needed to be characters like Emily from the beginning".

Sasha Pieterse talked about the Emison kissing scene. "We were excited," she said.

During the panel, Sasha also said "We don't know who the father is really". Alison just found out that she is pregnant. Is Sasha talking about Alison's baby’s father?

And Sasha also talked about Troian Bellisario’s directorial debut. (Troian Bellisario directed PLL episode 7x15 “In the Eye Abides the Heart”). "Not only is she an incredible actress, but she's an incredible director" Sasha said about Troian.

Although Troian wasn’t at PaleyFest, she responded on Twitter. “Thank you @SashaaPieterse directing you and the ladies was a dream come true” Troian tweeted.

Janel Parrish plays the delightfully complex character Mona. Janel is proud that she got to be the first “A”. "I do have pride that I was the first one to wear that hoodie"  she said during the panel. She also said that it is a really fun dynamic playing both the good and bad sides of Mona.

"We believe they can overcome anything" Ian Harding said during the panel. Maybe he was talking about Ezria?

Andrea Parker is in the unique position of playing both Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis. "It made it incredible that I could have a scene with myself" she said. Marlene King told Andrea Parker to “embrace your death”.

The panel addressed the fact that Pretty Little Liars is ending this year.

"The final table read was so bittersweet" Janel Parrish said.

"I got the hardest line, but I can't tell you" Sasha Pieterse teased.

Ashley Benson talked about "the last time when they said cut that's a wrap."

Shay Mitchell’s favorite Pretty Little Liars scenes are "the scenes when all the cast was together."

Tyler Blackburn added "When we're all together - we're a family."

Looking back, Ian Harding said “"I have a lot of embarrassing moments filming."

Ian also acknowledged how lucky the cast was. "We've all lucked out big time."

Marlene King also talked about the show coming to an end. "The moment of filming the pilot and the moment of filming the final episode was so full circle" she said. "We really wanted these last 10 episodes to be a love letter to the fans."

That doesn’t mean the Liars will get their “happy ever after” ending easily though. PLL producer Joseph Dougherty told the fans "Without hurdles, the prize is not worthy . . . You have to earn your happy endings." Marlene King agreed, saying "All the end games will be the end games, but no one will get there super easily."

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell took photos of the fans.

Love seeing all these photos and videos, but it's sad that this is the last PaleyFest the PLL cast will ever attend together.

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