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Janel Parrish Matte Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Check out this Janel Parrish matte smokey eye makeup tutorial done by makeup artist Samantha Altamura.  Samantha Altamura shows how to do a dark brown matte smokey eye, bronze cheek and nude natural rosy pink lip on her best friend and PLL star Janel Parrish.

More PLL Makeup:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

PLL 6x09 Synopsis

Synopsis for PLL episode 6x09 “Last Dance”:

“It is prom time at Rosewood High, except for Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer who have been banned due to “security” concerns. As the girls see this as the final humiliating blow to their high school careers, the girls’ mothers try to make the best of a bad situation by offering a home prom in Spencer’s barn. At first reluctant, the PLLs agree and try to make the best out of a bad situation. But one to never miss a formal, Charles has other plans in store to make this a night they will never forget. Meanwhile, Veronica, Pam, Ashley and Ella use prom night to touch base on everything that has happened to their daughters.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PLL 6x09 Sneak Peek: Toby Suspended from the Rosewood Police Department

Spencer freaks out when she hears Toby is suspended from the Rosewood police force in this sneak peek of PLL 6x09 “Last Dance”.

Spencer knows Toby’s suspension is her fault.  She was the one who asked Toby to go after Charles at the arcade.  And Lorenzo never would have gotten hurt if Toby hadn’t eaten her pot candies.  She should have told Toby how messed up she was after the dollhouse.

Surprisingly, Toby doesn’t seem that upset at her anymore.  Toby chose to go after Charles because he wanted to catch him.  Maybe what happened was for the best.  The police will catch Charles even if Toby isn’t on the force.

Lorenzo tells Toby that his suspension is for an indefinite amount of time.  There will be an investigation and a hearing.  Spencer wants to help Toby by speaking to the police, but Lorenzo harshly tells her that no one is interested in what she has to say.

PLL 6x09 Sneak Peek: Emily Asks Sara to Prom

Emily asks Sara Harvey to prom in this sneak peek of PLL 6x09 “Last Dance”.  Emily doesn’t get the answer she wants, though.  Sara’s old school has prom on the same night.  Sara already has plans to go to that prom with Claire and some of her other friends.

PLL 6x09 Promo: Alison Wants to Confront Charles

Alison decides to track Charles down in the PLL promo for episode 6x09 “Last Dance”.  She is determined to look him in the eye and confront him.

Spencer looks like she is talking to someone in a black hoodie.

Someone is a black hoodie grabs Alison.  “It’s you”, Alison says.

Who do you think Spencer is talking to?

Recap of PLL 6x08 "FrAmed": Who is Rhys Matthews?

In Pretty Little Liars episode 6x08 “FrAmed” Red Coat returns and it looks like Red Coat is “A”’s ally.  Alison has sympathy for her long-lost brother Charles, so she unapologetically betrays Lorenzo to get some answers.  Aria’s new friend Clark acts suspicious, the Liars discover a Carissimi Group employee named Rhys Mathews who looks just like Jason DiLaurentis and “A” destroys Aria’s big art gallery moment despite heavy police presence.

Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Alison watch a news report about Charles DiLaurentis.  The media speculates that Charles killed Jessica DiLaurentis.  Spencer hopes the police will make an age progeression sketch of Charles based on the home videos of Charles as a child.  Maybe they can finally put a face to the name. 

Hanna is glad everyone now knows how vicious Charles is, but Alison isn’t ready to condemn her brother just yet.  At Charles’s birthday party, he gave Alison his birthday cake frosting.  He also cried when it was time to leave.  He said it was the best birthday he ever had.  Alison can’t understand how that kid could become so vicious.

Hanna can’t believe Alison has pity for Charles after everything he did to them.  Alison only went to the arcade with Charles one time.  That isn’t exactly family bonding.  Hanna isn’t going to give Charles the benefit of the doubt and she's going to say what her friends are too afraid to say to Alison.  She hopes the police catch him.  There’s nothing the police can do to him that would be worse than what he did to them.

Hanna suspects the Carissimi Group scholarship money came from Charles DiLaurentis, so she wants to hand it over to the police.  Maybe it will help them track down Charles.  Her mom refuses to let go of the money that easily.  Hanna deserves to go to college after everything she’s been through.  Hanna’s mom thinks they should talk to Kenneth DiLaurentis about the money, but the press outside Mr. DiLaurentis’s office is out of control.  They’ll have to talk to him another time.

Clark, Aria’s photography friend, heard about the Liars trying to catch Charles.  He has tons of questions for Aria.  He wants to know how they figured out Charles would be at the arcade.  Aria doesn’t really want to talk about it.

They switch topics and talk about Aria’s creepy doll photographs.  The photos will be shown at an art gallery, but Aria can’t go.  Her mom is acting super protective after the run-in with Charles at the arcade.  She’s making Aria go to Mike’s sports banquet instead.

Clark leaves and Ezra expresses his concerns to Aria about Clark and his numerous questions.  Clark isn’t a blue-eyed and blond haired DiLaurentis, so Aria isn’t concerned.

Lorenzo got hurt when they tracked Charles to the arcade, so Alison goes to his place to take care of him and make him some soup.  Alison explains that her friends and her dad are upset with her.  Alison’s dad is shutting her out, but he’s been talking to Lt. Tanner about Charles.  She deserves to know about Charles, too.  Lorenzo has a buddy on Lt. Tanner’s team, so he calls in a favor to get some information for Alison.

Spencer and Hanna do some sleuthing to find out more about the Carissimi Group.  Spencer initially wants to intern there to get some inside info, but the application deadline passed two weeks ago.  The only other option to get in the door is to close Hanna’s account and return the scholarship money to the Carissimi Group.

Aria asks Lt. Tanner if she can get a police escort to the art gallery.  Lt. Tanner is impressed with Aria’s declarative and succinct photos.  Lt. Tanner is more than happy to station officers in unmarked cars at the gallery.  She assures Aria’s mom that there will be enough manpower there to keep Aria safe. 

Meanwhile, “A” uses surveillance cameras to watch the art gallery.  Red Coat joins “A” in his lair and sits next to him.  Is Red Coat the friend that sent “A” his birthday present?

Emily gives Aria fashion advice for her big night at the art gallery.  Emily, Spencer and Hanna will all be there to support Aria, but Alison isn’t coming.  Aria already has a prom dress in her closet, but she doesn’t want anyone to see it yet.  Emily tells Aria about a memo Principal Hackett sent to their parents.  Rosewood High is trying to ban the Liars from attending prom.  Apparently there are safety concerns.

Aria doesn’t have a date for prom, so she suggests that Emily be her prom buddy.  She’ll even slow dance with her.  Emily wants to slow dance with Sara Harvey, though.  Emily tells Aria about the kisses.  Emily never told Sara about the tracking devices, though.  She didn’t feel a tracking device on Sara’s neck.

Prom is a huge deal, so Emily isn’t sure how to ask Sara.  Aria suggests that they make it a group thing.  They will all make sure Sara has an amazing time.

Aria is probably going to go to prom solo.  She’s sure Toby and Caleb will throw her a bone and dance with her.  Aria doesn’t want to ask Clark to prom.  He asks her so many questions it’s as if he’s interviewing her.

Spencer and Hanna get into Rhys Matthew’s office at the Carissimi Group.  Hanna gets paranoid while they are waiting.  She suspects that a mirror is actually two-way mirror and that the room is bugged.  Hanna goes crazy and thows a crumpled piece of paper right as Matthew Rhys enters the room.

Matthew Rhys sort of looks like Jason DiLaurentis.  Spencer asks a bunch of questions about the scholarship while Hanna takes a photo of Rhys with her phone.  Rhys isn’t exactly forthcoming and doesn’t answers all of Spencer’s questions.  He’s surprised that Hanna is returning the thirty thousand dollar scholarship money.  They’ll wait until the next round of applicants comes in and then decide who will get the money.

The Carissimi Group offers scholarships selectively.  Candidates are recommended through personal recommendations.  His employer chooses who will be awarded the money.  The private trust exists to provide his employer with discretion, so it’s unlikely that the girls can meet him.  He’ll tell his employer about Hanna’s change of heart during the weekly conference call.

Lorenzo is able to get some information for Alison.  Lt. Tanner has been recording her meetings with Alison’s father.  It seems like her dad is cooperating with the police.  Lorenzo isn’t able to access the transcripts of the meetings, but he does know that the police called in a profiler to determine who Charles has become. 

Lorenzo has to take some pain medication for his arm, so he’ll be completely knocked out for a while.  He tells Alison that she should take off, but Alison offers to stay to do the dishes and the laundry.  As soon as Lorenzo falls asleep, Alison steals his police key card.

Spencer and Hanna show up late to the art gallery, which is crawling with undercover police.  Spencer doesn’t want to ruin Aria’s night, so they agree not to show her the photo of Rhys.  They do show the photo to Emily, though.  Emily immediately thinks it is a photo of Jason DiLaurentis.  Hanna is sure that Rhys Matthews is actually Charles DiLaurentis. 

Aria is pleasantly surprised that Ezra came to the art gallery to see her work.  Aria spontaneously decides to ask Ezra to prom, but he doesn’t immediately answer.  Before he can explain his hesitation, Emily’s Habitat for Humanity friend Nicole shows up.  Aria is completely thrown by the fact that Ezra invited Nicole to the show.  Aria sees Clark and makes a quick getaway before things get really awkward. 

Aria tries to talk to Clark, but he’s acting a little strange.  Aria makes a reference to Clark having experience showing his work, since he supposedly was up for an award before.  Clark doesn’t seem to know much about that, though.  And his parents aren’t at the show, even though they live close by and Clark is up for an award.  Clark cryptically says that he respects Aria no matter what happens.  Then he quickly disappears before Aria’s big moment.

It is time for the finalists to be announced for the photo contest.  The winner gets five thousand dollars in cash and a summer internship at a travel and leisure magazine in Los Angeles. 

It’s time for Aria’s photos to be revealed.  Instead of Aria creepy doll photos, there are even more creepy photos hanging on the gallery wall.  “A” put up photos of the Liars looking like they are dead in a morgue.  The work is titled ‘Stolen Dolls’.

Lt. Tanner thinks “A” is sending a message to her.  He left a message in Spanish that translates to “They are pretty”.  It’s also a play on words, since it can also mean “They are Linda’s”.  Lt. Linda Tanner took the girls from “A” when they were rescued.  Tanner grew up in a bilingual household.  She thinks “A” is proving he can uncover her identity as much as she is uncovering his.

Aria’s mom is understandably furious at Tanner.  Tanner said there wasn’t a threat, yet “A” did this to the Liars and put it on display for everyone to see.  When are the police going to catch this lunatic?

Lt. Tanner has hours of security footage to examine and will dust the whole gallery for fingerprints.  This is just another piece to the puzzle.

Alison uses Lorenzo’s key card to break into the police station and looks at Lt. Tanner’s room filled with evidence.  There’s a board with the DiLaurentis family tree.  Alison picks up a baby rattle in an evidence box just as Lt. Tanner comes in.

Alison sees ‘superficial charm’ written on the whiteboard and asks if that is what the profiler thinks of her brother.  Alison recognized the baby rattler because it was hers.  It was part of a christening set.

Lt. Tanner explains that it was found in the bunker.  Alison doesn’t think it is a big deal.  She thinks Charles took it because he feels bad about trying to hurt her when she was a baby.  Alison thinks the home movies were Charles’s way of staying connected to the family.

Lt. Tanner has a more sinister explanation for the mementos Charles kept.  Murderers can be sentimental.  They keep mementos of their victims.  Charles may view that baby rattle as an intimate piece of Alison.

Lt. Tanner is prepared to use lethal force if necessary to bring Charles to justice.  He is a predator who put six girls through absolute hell when he kidnapped and tortured them.  Lt. Tanner takes Lorenzo’s key card from Alison before she leaves.

Hanna, Emily and Spencer spot Rhys Matthews across from the gallery.  He’s in his car talking on the phone.  The girls wonder if he’s the one who screwed Aria out of her internship.  They watch as he goes into an abandoned doll warehouse.  Moments later, Clark shows up and also goes inside the warehouse.  The girls don’t follow them in the dollhouse, though.  They don’t think it is safe.

Outside the art gallery, Ezra explains that he wasn’t on a date with Nicole.  He’s been talking to her because he is interested in Habitat for Humanity.

Aria tells Ezra that Charles wants them back.  She was drugged when Charles posed them for those morgue photos.  She was so cold when the drugs started wearing off.  She thought she was back in Iceland with her family.  Her family used to watch for the Northern Lights in the sky.  They’d sit in the freezing cold waiting for something magical to happen.

Instead, Aria woke up to feel a cold metal table under her bare skin.  Aria has been freezing cold ever since then.

Alison returns to Lorenzo’s apartment to find him awake and waiting for her.  Lt. Tanner already called him.  He’s going to be disciplined when he goes to work in the morning. 

Lorenzo can’t believe Alison manipulated him like that, especially after he called in a favor for her.  Alison made his soup and did his laundry just for the opportunity to steal his key card.

Alison isn’t that apologetic about her actions and she doesn't seem concerned that she got Lorenzo in trouble with Lt. Tanner.  She’s more concerned with the fact that the police might kill her brother when they find him. 

Lorenzo wishes Alison would have asked for his key card instead of manipulating him, but it wouldn’t have matter.  Alison admits that she would have stolen the key card even if Lorenzo said no.

Aria’s mom visits Hanna’s mom to talk about their daughters.  Aria’s mom doesn’t think the police are doing enough to protect their girls.  They need to do something, but they don’t know what to do.  Red Coat stands outside the house and watches them talk.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily go to Aria’s house to break the bad news about Clark.  They also talk about Rhys Matthew’s eerie resemblance to Jason DiLaurentis. 

Lt. Tanner examines the security footage from the art gallery and zooms in on a guy who is handling the photos.

“A” puts six syringes in the trunk of his car.  Red Coat, who is driving the car, hands “A” tickets to Rosewood High’s ‘The Enchanted Forest’ Senior Prom.

What did you think of "FrAmed"?  It’s hard to believe Alison has sympathy for the person who kidnapped and tortured her friends, especially when she only has one childhood memory of him.  Who do you think Red Coat is?  Do you think Rhys Matthews is actually a DiLaurentis?  And what do you think of the syringes?  The Liars plus Alison are five girls, so who is the sixth syringe for?

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PLL Season 6 Spoilers: Blake Berris Joins PLL Cast

Blake Berris is joining the PLL cast for the second half of season 6.  It’s a Days of Our Lives reunion for Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL).  Both Ashley and Blake know each other from their time working on the soap Days of Our Lives.  Blake played Nick Fallon and Ashley played Abigail Deveraux.

This isn't the first Days of Our Lives guest star on PLL.  Mona's mom is played by Sydney Penny, who is known for her work on the soap opera.  Ashley was happy to work with Sydney Penny and she posted a photo of the two of them on the PLL set.

Ashley Benson is excited to be working with Blake again.  Ashley posted this photo of Blake Berris on the PLL set and captioned it “Sooooo excited this guy is here @blakeberris haven't worked with him since I was 17 ❤️❤️❤️ #friends”.

Ashley Benson and Blake Berris on PLL Set
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

Can’t wait to find out what role Blake Berris will be playing on PLL.

Monday, July 27, 2015

PLL Season 6 Spoilers: New Character Yvonne Stirs Up Trouble

Yvonne is a new recurring character that will be introduced in the second half of PLL season 6.  E! describes Yvonne as “smart and sleek”.  She’s also a politician’s daughter.  Yvonne will “cause some major drama for one of the Liars”.

Which Liar do you think will clash with Yvonne?  Are you excited to see new characters introduced after the time jump or do you think there are too many new characters being introduced?

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Ashley Benson's Craziest PLL Fan Encounter

Ashley Benson was on Late Night with Seth Meyers and she talked about her craziest PLL fan encounter. (Other PLL stars have also had crazy fan experiences.  Lucy Hale's funniest PLL fan experience was when a fan gave her a drawing of Selena Gomez.  Ian Harding has been mistaken for James Marsden).

Ashley Benson was at a spa showering.  She didn’t have clothes on and a PLL fan came into her shower stall and tried to have a conversation with her.  Ashley tried to hide behind her friend while the PLL fan asked to get a picture with her and asked who “A” is.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ashley Benson's Public Speaking Anxiety

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) seems so natural in front of the camera and in interviews, but she is actually terrified of public speaking. 

Ashley was promoting her new movie Pixels on Live with Kelly and Michael when she talked about her panic attacks and public speaking anxiety. 

Ashley also talked about her strenuous filming schedule while she simultaneously worked on PLL and Pixels.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ashley Benson Talks 'Pixels' on GMA

Ashley Benson was on Good Morning America to talk about her new movie Pixels.  Here’s the video of her interview:

Lindsey Shaw in ‘Love You to Death’ on Lifetime

Watch Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL) on Saturday night when Lifetime airs Love You to Death (originally titled Love Me).  Lindsey plays Sylvia Potter in the movie.  The movie also stars Jamie Johnston and Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Love You to Death Synopsis from Lifetime:

“Sixteen-year-old Melissa Kennedy has been missing for almost three months and the town of Ridgedale is coming unhinged. Sylvia Potter wants so badly to be in love. Then sexy, quiet, rich kid Lucas Green transfers to Hampton Prep and the sparks fly - despite the warnings of almost every friend in her circle. But what seems like a love story hits a major twist when the police begin an investigation into Lucas' involvement in the Melissa Kennedy case. What really happened to Melissa and how long can Lucas and Sylvia's relationship last in the face of this mystery?”

Love You to Death (previously titled Love Me) was released in 2012, but Lifetime will show it on their channel on Saturday July 25 at 10PM.


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PLL 6x08 Sneak Peek: Alison Confides in Lorenzo

Lorenzo and Alison talk in this sneak peek of PLL 6x08 “FrAmed”.

Are the Liars upset that Alison called the police and told them about Charles?  Lorenzo thinks Alison can make it right with her friends, but Alison doesn’t think her friends understand.

Alison’s dad is upset with her, too.  He’s shutting her out.  He only talks to Lt. Tanner about Charles.

Alison feels bad that Lorenzo got hurt at the arcade.  She made him soup to thank him for helping, but a kiss is all the thanks he needs.

PLL 6x08 Sneak Peek: Clark Asks Aria Lots of Questions

Clark has lots of questions for Aria in this sneak peek of PLL 6x08 “FrAmed”.

Clark, Aria’s photography friend, heard about the Liars trying to catch Charles.  He can’t imagine the girls facing “A”.  He wants to know how they figured out Charles would be at the arcade.  Aria doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Aria’s photography work is being shown at an art gallery, but Aria won’t be able to go.

PLL 6x08 Synopsis

Synopsis for PLL 6x08 “FrAmed”:

“After their latest run-in with Charles, tensions are at an all-time high with the PLLs and the town of Rosewood. Aria’s big moment of seeing her work displayed in an art gallery is in jeopardy as Ella is determined to keep her safe at home. Hanna is still uncomfortable with the unexpected scholarship money and is determined to give it back, even if that means ruining her chances at going to her school of choice. And to top it off, the one normal high-school rite of passage the girls are looking forward to is in danger as Rosewood High is considering not letting the PLLs attend prom due to security issues.

Meanwhile, the more Alison learns about her brother the harder she finds it to connect a deranged murderer to the young blonde haired boy she sees in the photos and in her memories.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PLL 6x08 Sneak Peek: Hanna Thinks Carissimi Scholarship Came from Charles

Hanna and her mom argue about the Carissimi scholarship money in this sneak peek of PLL 6x08 "FrAmed".

Hanna suspects the scholarship money came from Charles DiLaurentis, so she goes with her mom to talk to Kenneth DiLaurentis.

Hanna’s theory is Mrs. DiLaurentis gave money to the Carissimi Group to support Charles after Mr. DiLaurentis abandoned him.

Hanna’s mom doesn’t understand why Charles, the person who kidnapped and terrorized Hanna, would give her scholarship money.  Hanna knows “A”’s games all too well.  “A” gives so “A” can take away.  She wants to turn over the money to Lt. Tanner.

Do you think Hanna should keep the money or give it to the police?

PLL 6x08 Promo: Charles Wants the Liars Back

In the promo for PLL 6x08 “FrAmed”, Aria tells Ezra that Charles wants them back.  Hanna thinks Charles is out for their blood.

Recap of PLL 6x07 “O Brother, Where Art Thou”: Charles’s Birthday Party

In Pretty Little Liars “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, Charles tries to have a birthday party and Jason wants to see his long-lost brother. Mike and Mona have a tearful reunion and Alison asks the Liars to protect Jason from Charles.  Spencer has a plan to catch Charles, which involves cutting out the microchips in their necks.  Unfortunately, a pack of pot gummy bears ruins Spencer’s plan to catch “A”. 

Aria and Spencer try to call Alison to tell her that Charles chipped them, but Alison isn’t picking up her phone.  They watch a video of a microchip being removed from a pet.  Spencer thinks they should keep the microchips in until they find a way to use it to their advantage. 

Kenneth DiLaurentis, Alison’s dad, finally realizes that Charles is alive.  His response is to grab Alison and flee.  He packs a suitcase and drives off.  Alison sees the birthday card from Charles.  She realizes that her brother is alive and coming after them.

Hanna’s mom surprises Hanna with $30,000 dollars of scholarship money for college from the Carissimi Group.  Jason DiLaurentis suggested that group to Hanna’s mom.  His mother use to donate to the group.

Emily runs into Sara’s friend Claire at The Brew.  Emily remembers meeting Claire before.  Claire didn’t have nice things to say about Sara at that time.  She said Sara wasn’t a good friend.  Every time she gave you something, she would take two things away.  Before Sara left, Claire wished Sara would die.

Claire wants to see Sara, but Emily is cold towards Claire.  Claire admits that she and Sara had some hard times, but they were still friends.  No one deserves to be kidnapped and held in that underground bunker.  Emily reluctantly agrees to set up a meeting between Claire and Sara.

Toby is back from his police seminar and ready to spend some time with his girlfriend.  Unfortunately, Spencer has to meet her friends.  She gets a text from Aria asking where she is.

Toby doesn’t believe that Spencer is meeting with Aria to work on her graduation speech.  He doesn’t want them to keep secrets from each other.

Aria, Spencer and Hanna meet up at Mona’s house.  Lesli Stone promised she’d be there, but she’s a no-show.  Mona gets a text from Lesli, who decided that a confrontation might set her back. 

The Liars are ready to track Lesli down and demand answers, but Mona refuses.  Lesli is one lost marble away from a major breakdown.  She’s sure Lesli doesn’t know anything about Charles, anyway.

Without Lesli, the Liars only have Mona left to interrogate.  Unfortunately, Mona doesn’t have any information that might help.  Mona was with Alison the night Alison disappeared, but Mona didn’t see any suspicious guy around.  Although Mona said someone stole the “A” game from her when she was in Radley, she’s pretty hazy on the details.  She was on so many drugs.  Half the time she thought she was being haunted by Alison.  The rest of the time she thought she was auditioning for American Idol.

Lorenzo comes by the DiLaurentis house looking for Alison, who hasn’t returned his calls.  Jason tells him Alison won’t be back for a couple of days.  Their dad took her out of town.  After Lorenzo leaves, Jason looks at a small blue frog next to a red balloon on the porch.  There is also a birthday party invitation from Charles.  It says “Come alone or not at all”.

Aria dolls may be good subjects for her photography, but she’s starting to get creeped out by them.  She purges her room of all the creepy dolls.

Aria’s brother, Mike, asks if she told Mona not to call him.  He hasn’t heard from Mona since the girls were rescued from the dollhouse.  He’s left hundreds of messages and stopped by her house, but Mona refuses to see him.  Aria swears that she isn’t keeping Mona away from him.

Emily comes with Sara for her lunch with Claire.  Sara was nervous about seeing Claire, but it’s just like old times for them.  They bond over photos of Claire’s dog, but Emily isn’t happy watching them catch up.  She seems jealous of Claire’s bond with Sara.  Emily cuts the lunch short and tells Sara that they have to go back home.

Claire offers Sara a place to stay at her house, but Emily immediately jumps in and tells Claire that Sara already has a safe place to stay.

At The Brew, Hanna does some research on the Carissimi Group.  Turns out that is the same group that paid for Radley Sanitarium to be shut down.  Spencer tells Hanna that ‘carissimi’ means ‘beloved’ in Latin.  Mrs. DiLaurentis had ‘Beloved Son’ engraved on Charles’s tombstone.  What if Mrs. DiLaurentis’s favorite charity is Charles’s bank account?  When Spencer steps away to take a phone call from Alison, Sabrina slips some pot candy into Spencer’s bag as a present.

Alison calls Spencer from a hotel to tell her that Charles is alive and is coming home for his birthday.  She called Jason and begged to run away, but Jason is determined to see Charles.  Alison’s dad hid her cell phone and car keys, so she can’t get back to Rosewood.  She begs Spencer to talk to Jason and keep him safe.

Alison’s dad catches her on the phone.  Alison knows he is trying to protect her, but her friends and Jason are in danger.  She wants to go to the police, but her dad refuses.  He lied about Charles for two decades and was wrong about Charles being dead.  He needs time to figure things out.

Sara decides to move in with her friend Claire.  Emily, not wanting Sara to leave, tells Sara that Claire didn’t have nice things to say about her in the past.  Sara admits that she didn’t like herself back then, either. 

Sara wants to move out so she can go on a real date with Emily without Emily’s mom around.  Sara kisses Emily again.

Hanna, Aria and Spencer bang on Jason’s door, but he refuses to come out.  As they leave, Spencer spots the red balloon in the window.

Mike waits for Mona in her bedroom with a creepy present.  He gives Mona the dolls Aria threw out.  Mona tells Mike to leave, but he refuses.  He thought Mona was dead the whole time she was missing.  He covered for her and did everything she asked him to.

Mona knows that and she feels guilty for putting Mike through all of that.  Mike begged her not to fake her own death, but she didn’t listen to him.  Hell is a very lonely hole in “A”’s dollhouse.  Mona thinks she deserves to be in that hell.

Mike knows Mona was stupid and he’s pissed off, but all that doesn’t matter anymore.  All that matters to him is that Mona is alive.  He tells her that she has to forgive herself.  Mike kisses Mona and it looks like all is forgiven.

The Liars discuss Charles’s birthday party.  Hanna put a GPS on Jason’s car, so they can follow him and catch Charles.  That means they need to remove the microchips.  Otherwise, Charles will know the Liars are setting a trap.  Aria and Emily are against going after Charles, but Spencer promises they will be safe.  She’ll get Toby to protect them.  If they succeed, “A” won’t be able to hurt them or the people they love ever again.

Toby comes over and Spencer tells him that “A” is Charles DiLaurentis.  Toby is upset that Spencer didn’t go to the police, but Spencer begs him to keep quiet for one night.

The rest of the Liars come downstairs.  Their necks are still bloody from the amateur surgery they did on each other to remove the microchips.  The GPS shows Jason is on the move, but Toby won’t let the girls go after Charles.  He agrees to go without telling Lt. Tanner.  Before leaving, Toby swipes Spencer’s pot gummy bears as a snack.

At the police station, Toby stuffs the pot laced gummy bears in his mouth.  He asks Lorenzo to come with him without telling anyone else where they are going.

Meanwhile, Spencer freaks out when she doesn’t hear from Toby.  Worried that he’s hurt, she decides to go to the arcade where Charles is throwing his party.  Aria almost calls the police, but reluctantly goes off with her friends to catch Charles.

Alison drugs her dad’s coffee with sleeping pills.  That doesn’t really come as a surprise, since Alison drugged the Liars the night she disappeared.  Alison’s friends aren’t calling her back, so Alison gets Mona to come pick her up.  Mona’s glad she could help Alison.  She knows she owes Alison for getting her locked up on fake murder charges.

Alison calls 911.  She tells the operator that her brother, Charles DiLaurentis, is “A”.  The police find the birthday invitation and the address for the arcade in the DiLaurentis house.

At the arcade, Jason calls out for Charlie.  He came alone just like Charles asked.  Charles and Jason are about to finally see each other when Toby and Lorenzo come in.  Charles is able to escape, partly because Toby is hit with the effects of the pot gummy bears. 

The Liars arrive to find Toby on the floor.  Jason saves Spencer’s life by pushing her out of danger.  Unfortunately, Charles escapes.  Jason is furious at Spencer for ruining his reunion with his brother.  The Rosewood police storm the arcade, but Charles is already gone.

Hanna, concerned that the scholarship money came from “A”, tells her mom that they shouldn’t cash the check.  The money may be tied to the DiLaurentis family.  Hanna’s mom thinks Hanna deserves every last cent after what that family put her through.  Besides, Hanna’s mom already deposited the check.

Mike checks in on Aria, who is crying in her room.  Mike tells Aria that she is brave, but Aria admits that she is scared all the time.  Mike gives Aria a letter that came in the mail, which is actually good news for a change.  Aria is a finalist in the photo competition. 

At the police station, Spencer apologizes to Toby.  They were so close to catching Charles.  They would have got him if Toby hadn’t eaten those gummy bears.  Still high, Toby tells Spencer to leave.  He can’t get caught in the police station like this.

Emily comes home to her empty bedroom.  Missing Sara and angry at “A”, Emily takes the microchip and smashes it to bits.

Jason drowns his sorrows in a glass of scotch.  Alison begs him not to ruin his life over Charles.  Charles isn’t the person Jason remembers. 

Jason didn’t have many memories of Charles and his parents tried to erase every memory that he had.  Jason was going to tell Charles to turn himself in.  He just wanted one moment alone with his brother.

Jason and Alison hear a kid saying ‘Jason, come play with me’.  They go upstairs and see a home video of a birthday.  They both remember that day.  Their mom took them to the arcade for a second cousin’s (Freddie) birthday party.  She made them promise not to tell their dad.  In the video Alison, Jason, and Charles play with blue frogs next to some red balloons. 

“A” left Jason a card that says “I wAnted to trust you.”

“A” does get one present on his birthday.  The birthday card reads “Happy Birthday – Your friend and ally”.  The present is a portrait of himself, Jason and Alison as kids at his birthday party.

What did you think of “O Brother, Where Art Thou”?  Who do you think sent “A” the birthday present?  Any theories on who this ally is?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Possible Season 8 for PLL?

Will there be a season 8 of Pretty Little Liars?  It hasn’t been officially decided yet, but there may be some hope for all the PLL fans hoping that Pretty Little Liars never ends.

Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell Cast of PLL
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

William M. DeBiasio, set decorator for PLL, sent out a few tweets regarding the possibility of a season 8 of PLL.  When asked by a fan about the possibility, William tweeted back “We are hopeful! Please keep watching & it may happen!”

He later tweeted “It's just a possibility, but possibility is always better than not!”

He sent out a final clarifying tweet that said “Nothing to elaborate on-just a possibility! For that the #PLL crew is eternally grateful!”

Does the PLL cast want to do season 8 of PLL?  Lucy Hale has previously said “seven seasons will definitely end the show”.  And Troian Bellisario told Buzzfeed “This is the beginning of the end.  But the best part about these last two years is that, because it’s the beginning of the end, we can actually start telling the story I think we’ve been waiting to tell for a long time. It’s exciting because it feels like we can kick into a different gear instead of spinning wheels and biding our time.”

PLL showrunner Marlene King also talked to BuzzFeed about the end of PLL and said “It’s going so fast. Like, those next 30 are going to be gone so fast, and then we’ll have that final, final big ending, and it’s going to be extremely emotional.”

However, back in February Marlene was asked by a fan on Twitter if there would be a season 8 of PLL.  Marlene responded “you never know. But it won't be ‘this story.’”

Are you hoping for a season 8 of PLL?  And would you still watch even if the main cast left the show and new characters were introduced?

Monday, July 20, 2015

PLL Cast Shares Favorite Disney Villains

The Pretty Little Liars cast shared who their favorite Disney villains are.

Lucy Hale (Aria):  Maleficent.  She’s super fierce, but Lucy mainly picked Maleficent because Angelina Jolie played her.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison):  Evil Queen from Snow White because she’s the original badass villain.  Sasha plays Alison on PLL and she likes playing the villain sometimes.  It’s fun and definitely not boring.

Shay Mitchell (Emily):  Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Ian Harding (Ezra): Scar from The Lion King.  Scar has the original teardrop tattoo, so he’s that much of a stud.

Wonder which villains Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer) would have picked.  Which Disney villain would you choose?

PLL 6x07 Canadian Promo

Here’s the Canadian promo for PLL 6x07 “O Brother, Where Art Thou”.  The Liars want to deal with Charles’s birthday in different ways.  Hanna wants to fight back against Charles, but Emily thinks it is another trap.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lucy Hale & Brendan Robinson Attend PLL Co-Star Janel Parrish’s 'Cruel Intentions' Performance

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) and Brendan Robinson (Lucas on PLL) attended Janel Parrish’s performance in the musical Cruel Intentions.  Janel Parrish played Kathryn.

Lucy Hale was blown away by Janel Parrish's performance.  “This little bunny killed it in the #cruelintentions musical ...seriously is there anything @janelparrish can't do?!” Lucy tweeted.

Janel tweeted back “Thanks for coming pretty girl!!!”

Janel posted this photo of Brendan Robinson at the show.

Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram
Brendan also posted a photo.  He captioned it “This girl KILLED IT tonight in #CruelIntentionsMusical! If you get the chance to see it, GO!! ”.

Janel Parrish and Brendan Robinson at 'Cruel Intentions'
Credit: Brendan Robinson's Instagram
Janel responded with “Love you Brendy! Thanks for NEVER missing a show!!”

Brendan has always shown his support for Janel’s projects.  Brendan Robinson and Brant Daugherty (Noel) both went to see Janel when she was on Dancing With the Stars.

So nice to see the PLL cast supporting each other in their projects outside of Pretty Little Liars.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

PLL 6x07 Sneak Peek: Mike Talks to Aria About Mona

Mike accuses Aria of keeping Mona away from him in this sneak peek of PLL 6x07 “O Brother, Where Art Thou”.

Aria gets rid of all her dolls.  She wants a new subject for her photography.  The dolls are starting to creep her out.

Mike asks Aria if she told Mona not to call him.  He hasn’t talked to her since the girls were rescued from the dollhouse.  He’s left hundreds of messages and stopped by her house, but Mona refuses to see him.  He didn’t tell Aria earlier because he thought Aria was the reason Mona was avoiding him.

Aria swears that she didn’t say anything to Mona.

Poor Mike.  Hopefully Mona will stop shutting him out.

Friday, July 17, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x07: Toby Knows Spencer is Keeping Secrets

Toby calls Spencer out on keeping secrets from him in this sneak peek of PLL “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” episode 6x07.

Spencer is excited that Toby is back from his police seminar.  She doesn’t have time to catch up with him, though.  She has to meet her friends.  She gets a text from Aria asking where she is.

Toby knows Spencer is lying about meeting Aria to work on her graduation speech.  Toby doesn’t want any secrets between them.  They practically fell apart when they kept secrets before.

From the promo of “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”, it looks like Spencer won’t be keeping secrets from Toby for very long.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

PLL 6x07 Sneak Peek: Alison’s Dad Runs from Charles

Alison’s dad packs a suitcase and flees from Rosewood in this sneak peek of PLL 6x07 “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”.

Mr. DiLaurentis wants to take Alison somewhere safe.  Alison opens the Happy Birthday card Charles left her father.  Alison and her dad both think Charles is alive and coming after them.

Alison’s dad wants to run and protect Alison.  Wonder what he found when he dug up Charles’s grave at the end of “No Stone Unturned”?

PLL 6x07 Synopsis

Synopsis for PLL 6x07 “O Brother, Where Art Thou”:

“There are mixed emotions in the DiLaurentis household when Charles declares he is coming home for his birthday. Mr. DiLaurentis wants to quickly get out of town to hide Ali and Jason from their brother, while Jason sees this as an opportunity to finally validate all of the early childhood memories he has of “Charlie.” The PLLs are just as split with Spencer and Hanna seeing this as the best chance they have to capture Charles, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far from him as possible. Will Jason be reunited with his brother, or is this just another of “A’s” traps?  Meanwhile, Mona is shutting Mike out and Hanna gets an unwelcomed surprise.”

Mona and Mike were such a cute couple and Mike was devastated when he thought Mona was dead.  Hopefully, they’ll get back together soon.

Can’t wait for Jason and Charles to come face-to-face, although this probably is a trap.  Jason is the only one who really remembers Charles (besides their dad).

Since we see Toby get hurt in the promo for PLL 6x07, maybe Emily and Aria were right about staying far away from Charles.

Do you think Charles will actually make it home for his birthday?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PLL 6x07 Promo: Toby in Danger?

Spencer finally comes clean and tells Toby that Charles is “A” in the official promo for PLL 6x07 “O Brother, Where Art Thou”.

Now the Liars think Charles is alive, after all.  Alison looks at the Happy Birthday card and realizes that Charles is coming after them.

Is Toby in danger?  Toby point a gun at “A”, but he gets injured. 

Do you think Toby will be okay?

Recap of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”: Charles DiLaurentis is Alive?

The Liars continue their investigation into Lesli Stone in PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”.  Sara makes a move on Emily and Caleb finally kisses Hanna.  The Liars realize “A” chipped them, they break into an animal research lab to investigate Lesli Stone and the girls realize Charles DiLaurentis may be alive after all.

Spencer is completely convinced Mona’s friend Lesli Stone is “A”, now that they know Mona and Lesli met in Radley.  In the dollhouse, Mona was the only one who got a gas mask from “A”.  Mona was also passing out juice boxes while the Liars were making sure they still had their kidneys.

Emily doesn’t think Lesli is “A”.  “A” jumped off a building and set up an underground bunker with more spy equipment than the CIA.  It doesn’t seem like Lesli could have done all of that. 

Spencer uses Mona as an example of what people are capable of.  Mona maintained a 4.0 GPA and perfect hair while she was tapping the Rosewood’s police.  Plus, Lesli has a motive.  She thinks the Liars killed Bethany Young.

Hanna was supposed to bring Mona over to talk about Lesli.  Hanna arrives without Mona, despite her attempts to shimmy up Mona’s drain pipe.  Mona is on total lockdown.  Her mom busted her for sneaking into Radley, so Mona can’t even leave her room now.  Hanna is determined to catch Lesli in the act, but her friends are busy.  Emily has a session with Dr. Sullivan and Aria is returning Clark’s negatives.

Alison’s dad finds a birthday card on his car, but he isn’t happy about this upcoming birthday.  He asks Emily, who happens to be biking by, if she saw anyone around his house.  Emily doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Clark catches Aria putting his negatives back.  He isn’t mad at her, though.  He assumes she wanted to destroy the photo he took of her.  She could have told him instead of going klepto, though.

Clark nicknames Aria ‘Morning Bandit’ and asks her to have breakfast with him.  She can’t, but she knows she owes him.

Hanna does some research and finds out that Lesli is a T.A. at Harwich University.  When Hanna’s mom and Caleb come in, Hanna hides what she was doing.

Hanna is still feeling smothered by Caleb.  Hanna’s mom offers to make Caleb breakfast, so Hanna makes a quick escape.  She’s going to meet Spencer and she doesn’t want to get a ride from Caleb.

Caleb notices a notices a lump on the back of Hanna’s neck, but Hanna brushes off his concerns.  She thinks it is just lint.  Hanna is too annoyed at Caleb to spend any time around him.

Things are starting to heat up between Emily and Sara.  Sara is nervous about her first day working for Caleb’s web design company.  She asks Emily for fashion advice and takes her shirt off in front of Emily.  Emily ends up helping Sara put cream on her new tattoo.

Spencer’s sober coach, Dean, stops by to give Spencer a book and brownies.  Spencer gets a text from Melissa.  Spencer’s mom recruited Melissa to help convince Spencer to give the commencement speech at graduation.  Spencer isn’t interested in being the poster girl for trauma.  Everyone expects her to give a moving speech about surviving, but she can’t do that when “A” is still out there. 

Dean doesn’t think Spencer needs to give the speech.  Just walking across the stage and accepting her diploma is a pretty impressive accomplishment.  Spencer promises to see Dean later at the support meeting. 

Caleb starts teaching Sara about web design.  He makes a joke about Kimye, but Sara has no idea what he is talking about.  She missed a lot while she was trapped in the dollhouse.

Sara asks Caleb about Alison DiLaurentis.  “A” forced Sara to pretend to be Alison for so long, so she’s curious about her.  Emily shuts down whenever Sara asks about Alison.  Sara wonders if Alison knows who kidnapped them.  Caleb doesn’t have any answers for Sara.  He’s on the outside, looking in.

Hanna follows Lesli to Onamazu Sushi, where Lesli has a faculty lunch meeting.  She watches Lesli leave her car with the valet.  Hanna goes to the valet and pretends to be Lesli.  She claims that she lost her ticket, but her car has a Harwich bumper sticker and smells like cinnamon toast.  The valet is reluctant, but all it takes is a little bit of flirting for Hanna to steal/‘borrow’ Lesli’s car. 

Nicole Gordon, a girl with an Australian accent, comes to The Brew looking for Emily.  She knew Emily from her summer habitat trip.  Emily changed her email address and phone number, but never sent her an update.  Ezra explains about the trial, but Nicole has no idea what he is talking about.  She’s been in India for the last eight months.

Aria and Emily go back to the junkyard to search for clues.  “A” must have followed Aria to the junkyard before, so someone must have seen “A”.  Emily isn’t doing much searching, though.  She’s too busy texting Sara Harvey.

They run into Clark, who came back to take some more photos at the junkyard. Aria pretends she is looking for her tripod and Clark offers to help her look.  Emily gets a text from Nicole and immediately bails on the search with Aria.  Since Emily abandons Aria, Aria has no choice but to reluctantly accept Clark’s offer to drive her home after they find her tripod.

Spencer and Hanna meet up in an alley to search Lesli’s car.  They find a key card in the car.  If Caleb makes them a copy of the card, then they will be able to search her lab.  Hanna doesn’t want Spencer to involve Caleb.  She hates that Caleb thinks she’s weak.

They find a hairbrush that smells like a litter box, wire cutters, and a box filled with ten pairs of grandma glasses.  Hanna tries on a pair and thinks she can see better with them.  Spencer tries them on and realizes they don’t have a prescription.  Lesli is driving around with multiple pairs of fake eyeglasses.

In the trunk of Lesli’s car, they find four unassembled extra large animal cages.  Spencer jumps to the conclusion that Lesli plans to stuff the Liars in the animal cages.

Clark asks a few too many questions at the junkyard.  Aria lets it slip that “A” will be caught soon.  Clark asks how she knows.  They split up and Aria finds another present from “A”.  It’s an Aria doll with pink streaked hair. The doll has a needle stuck in the eye.  Hope "A" doesn't plan to actually do that to Aria.

Emily is excited to catch up with Nicole.  Nicole is now a supervisor and she’s setting up a team for an eight week project in Thailand.  The project starts in mid-June, so Emily can fly over right after graduation. 

Emily isn’t jumping at the opportunity, but it’s not because of the bugs the size of her head.  She’s still adjusting to being back at home.  Her mom has her in intensive therapy and she is helping a new friend deal with everything. 

Nicole remembers Emily’s last habitat trip.  Emily was a mess when she arrived, but within weeks she had a light back in her eyes.  Emily helped herself by helping other people.  Inspired, Emily decides to go on the trip.  She wants to bring Sara with her, though.

Spencer heads to Caleb’s place to ask about Lesli’s key car, but she’s stuck with Sara.  Caleb is out grabbing food.  After a little awkward silence, Spencer talks about the commencement speech.  Sara says that her mom is pushing her to talk because reporters offered her money.  Sara changes Spencer’s mind about the speech.  Sara would want everyone to hear her speak if she had a chance to explain what it felt like to be in that underground bunker.

Caleb looks a the book When Love Goes Toxic at The Brew.  Hanna’s mom sees him and has a heart-to-heart about Hanna.  Caleb isn’t trying to smother Hanna, but he feels like he is losing her.

Hanna’s mom knows Hanna is complicated.  During her divorce, she and Hanna would stay up late watching movies together.  Hanna would laugh at the sad parts and sob at the jokes. 

She doesn’t want Caleb to give up on Hanna.  She saw a glimpse of the old Hanna last night.  Hanna left the freezer door open and defrosted eighty dollars of groceries.  She went up to yell at Hanna and Hanna was thrilled. 

Hanna’s mom isn’t suggesting that Caleb yell at Hanna.  She just wants him to remember that the old Hanna is still there.

Ezra comes over to Aria’s house to drop off the photo competition application she left at The Brew.  It may be presumptuous of him, but he already wrote her a letter of recommendation.  He embellished a little in the letter, stating that Aria had a solo exhibit at The Brew.  He did have Aria’s self-portrait hanging over his desk, so that sort of counts as an exhibit. 

Ezra spots the Aria doll “A” left at the junkyard in Aria’s bag.  Aria lies and tells him that she made the doll for her photos.  Ezra thinks the doll is disturbing.  He wouldn’t want that hanging over his desk at The Brew.

Spencer comes home to find Dean waiting for her.  Dean is pissed that Spencer missed the meeting and didn’t call him.  In his life, someone not showing up could mean that person is lying in a gutter somewhere. 

Dean can’t keep seeing Spencer anymore.  He wants to kiss her and he doesn’t care that she has a boyfriend.  So he has to cut her out of his life.

Caleb shows up in Hanna’s bedroom.  Hanna’s mom made him a key to the house.  Hanna is annoyed that he showed up for no reason, but Caleb is tired of getting pushed away.  He kisses Hanna and they end up making out on Hanna’s bed.

Emily comes home to find Sara Harvey scrubbing blood off Emily’s bedroom floor.  Sara has a cut on her head and her arm is bloody.  Sara was walking home when she felt like someone was following her.  A car suddenly sped up and the side mirror smashed into her elbow.

Emily shows Sara a photo of Lesli’s car.  Sara thinks it's the same car.  Emily promises that they will figure out who “A” is.  In three weeks, they can both leave for Thailand. 

Sara isn’t ready to head to Thailand.  Her mom would never let her leave the country.  And her case worker can’t help her.  Emily promises to help Sara.  She won’t let anything happen to her.

Aria, Hanna and Spencer break into Lesli’s lab to search her desk.  “A” furnished an underground bunker, so they should be able to find receipts.

Aria tells Spencer about Ezra finding the Aria doll.  She almost told him the truth.  Aria hates lying to him.  Spencer doesn’t get why Aria feels like she owes Ezra.  They aren’t even dating. 

It isn’t about owing Ezra.  Ezra is the person Aria turns to in times like this.  Ezra makes her feel safe.  Spencer doesn’t think that is fair to Ezra.

The Liars finally realize “A” chipped them when Hanna’s head beeps every times she passes a machine in the lab.  “Why am I beeping?  I haven’t even stolen anything yet”, Hanna asks.  They realize “A” drugged them and chipped them in the bunker. 

Emily meets up with Nicole at The Brew again and tells her that she can’t go to Thailand.  She can’t leave Sara behind.  Sara is trying to figure out how to stand on her own and Emily is the only thing holding her up.  It’s not one sided, though.  Being around Sara helps her.  She forgets about her own problems when she’s with Sara.

Hanna wanders into the room where they keep caged animals for experiments.  She has a flashback to being locked in the dollhouse and decides to set all the animals free.  She lets out a raccoon and some rats.

Not a good idea, Hanna.  The girls freak out when the raccoon isn’t acting like a cuddly animal.  Who knows if the lab injected it with something like anthrax.  They don’t have fruit to distract the raccoon with, so they toss the raccoon some of Hanna’s cheese sticks.  Not all of them, though.  Those cheese sticks are Hanna’s dinner. 

A rat crawls on Aria’s shoulder.  Freaked out, she pushes it off just as the lights go out.  The desk lamp turns on and we see Mona in the lab.  Guess she’s not locked in her room, after all.

The Liars are upset that Mona followed them.  They accuse her of working with Lesli.  Mona says she came to keep them out of trouble.  The college will prosecute the Liars if they are caught in the lab.

The Liars tell Mona that Lesli was Bethany’s friend and is tormenting them to get revenge for Bethany’s death.  Mona sheds some light on the Bethany situation.  Lesli hated Bethany.  Lesli is only trying to protect herself.  She’s pretending that she’s stable.  That’s why she had Mona steal her file.

Lesli only heard Charles DiLaurentis’s name once.  Charles snuck out of Radley the same night that Bethany did.  That was the same night Alison went missing.  Radley went on lockdown because of the two missing patients.  That doesn’t make sense to the Liars, since Charles should have been dead by then.

The Liars show Mona the paperwork proving that Charles’s organs were donated after his death.  Mona takes one look and immediately realizes the papers are fake.  Charles was taking medication.  He wouldn’t have been eligible to be an organ donor.  Charles is alive.  He faked the documents to keep the Liars distracted. 

The Liars bring up the photo of “A” that Clark took.  “A” looked like a girl in those photos.  Mona thinks “A” was playing the Liars.  If they caught “A” in a photo, then it was because “A” wanted to be caught.

Alison’s dad is doing some investigating of his own.  He makes a bunch of calls and crosses names of doctors off his list one by one.  The last name he crosses off is Andrew Grand.

Aria stops by The Brew to see Ezra, but she is unpleasantly surprised to spot Ezra and Nicole chatting.  Ezra looks like he’s having fun.  Aria leaves without talking to him, perhaps because of what Spencer said earlier.  Is it unfair for Aria to confide in Ezra in order to feel safe?

Emily comes home and finds Sara asleep on her bed.  Sara wakes up when Emily checks the back of her neck for a chip.  Before Emily can explain about the chip, Sara kisses her.

Alison’s dad starts digging up Charles’s grave in Aunt Carol’s backyard.  We finally see the message written inside the birthday card.  It says “Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday.  You should plan a party to die for.  Just you.  Love, Charles”.  Is Charles planning on killing his father?

Do you trust Sara Harvey?  She told Emily that Lesli’s car looked like the one that ran her down, but it seems like Lesli has nothing to do with “A”.  Glad Mona is helping the Liars.  She immediately noticed the organ donation papers were fake.  How did Spencer miss that?  The Liars better include Mona in their investigations from now on.  What did you think of “No Stone Unturned”?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn’s Acceptance Speech at MTV Fandom Awards

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn flew by helicopter to accept an award at the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards.  PLL won Feels Freak Out Of The Year for ‘Pretty Little Liars Reveals 'A' Is Charles’.

Ashley Benson wore a floral Valentino dress to the award show.

Here’s a video of Ashley and Tyler’s acceptance speech.  Love how Ashley Benson told fans to scream louder.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn Take Helicopter to Comic-Con 2015 for MTV Fandom Awards

Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) went to Comic-Con 2015 together.  They flew to Comic-Con (held in San Diego, CA) in a helicopter.  Ashley posted this awesome photo of the two of them mid-flight.

Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram

She also posted this cute photo of them at Comic-Con.

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn Comic-Con
Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram
Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn went to Comic-Con to attend the MTV Fandom Awards.  PLL won the Feels Freak Out of the Year for ‘Pretty Little Liars Reveals 'A' Is Charles’ as the most shocking fandom moment. 

PLL beat out ‘Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Here’, ‘Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story: Hotel’, ‘Nina Dobrev Announces She's Leaving The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer’ and ‘Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction’.

Did anyone go to Comic-Con this year?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x06: Emily and Sara

Are Emily and Sara going to hookup soon?  This sneak peek of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned” seems to hint at a romantic connection between the two of them.

Sara Harvey is nervous about her first day working for Caleb’s web design company.  She asks Emily what she should wear.  Sara takes her top off in front of Emily.

Emily offers to help put cream on Sara’s new tattoo.  Are they both into each other?

What do you think of Emily and Sara?  Do you want them to hook up or would you rather see Emily with someone else?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Teen Choice Awards 2015 Wave Two PLL Nominees

Pretty Little Liars racked up some more nominations in the Teen Choice Awards 2015 Wave Two!  Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and Ashley Benson (Hanna) are up against each other for Choice Summer Star: Female.  (Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding and Keegan Allen were nominated in Wave One).

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell at ABC Upfronts
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons
We won’t know which actor or actress plays “A” until “A” is unmasked on PLL, but “A” is up for an award, anyway. “A” is nominated for Choice TV Villian.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) is nominated for Choice TV: Scene Stealer and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) is nominated for Choice Summer TV Star: Male.

Here are the categories that PLL is nominated in and all the actors they are up against.

Choice TV Villain - #ChoiceTVVillain
"A," “Pretty Little Liars”
Tom Cavanagh, “The Flash”
The Dread Doctors, “Teen Wolf”
Terrence Howard, “Empire”
Matt Nable, “Arrow”
Chris Wood, “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice TV: Scene Stealer - #ChoiceTVSceneStealer
Trai Byers, “Empire”
Kat Graham, “The Vampire Diaries”
Dylan O'Brien, “Teen Wolf”
Sasha Pieterse, “Pretty Little Liars”
Bella Thorne, “Scream”
Ashley Tisdale, “Young & Hungry”

Choice Summer TV Star: Male - #ChoiceSummerTVStarMale
Tyler Blackburn, "Pretty Little Liars"
David Lambert, “The Fosters”
Ross Lynch, “Teen Beach 2”
Tyler Posey, “Teen Wolf”
Gregg Sulkin, “Faking It”
Mike Vogel, “Under The Dome”

Choice Summer TV Star: Female - #ChoiceSummerTVStarFemale
Troian Bellisario, “Pretty Little Liars”
Ashley Benson, “Pretty Little Liars”
Laura Marano, “Austin & Ally”
Maia Mitchell- “Teen Beach 2”
Willa Fitzgerald, “Scream”
Italia Ricci, “Chasing Life”

You can vote for the PLL cast on Facebook, Twitter (click your nominee to tweet), IG or vote online.  Teen Choice Wave Two voting ends Friday, July 24 at 12PM PST.

Which PLL star are you going to vote for in Wave Two?  Troian Bellisario or Ashley Benson?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

PLL Sneak Peek 6x06: Sara Harvey Asks Caleb About Alison

Sara Harvey has some questions about Alison DiLaurentis in this sneak peek of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”.

Sara Harvey asks Caleb what he knows about Alison.  “A” forced Sara to pretend to be Alison for so long, so she’s curious about her.

Caleb asks why Sara hasn’t talked to Emily about Alison.  Sara says that she’s tried.  Emily shuts down whenever she asks about Alison.  Sara wonders if Alison knows who kidnapped them.

Do you trust Sara Harvey?

PLL 6x06 Sneak Peek: Trouble for Haleb

Hanna and Caleb are still having problems in this sneak peek of PLL 6x06 "No Stone Unturned".

Hanna’s mom invites Caleb to stay for breakfast, but Hanna doesn’t seem happy to see him.  Hanna decides to skip breakfast.  She’s going to meet Spencer and she doesn’t want to get a ride from Caleb.

Did Caleb notice the tracker “A” put in the girls?  He notices a lump on the back of Hanna’s neck, but Hanna thinks it is just lint.

Poor Caleb.  He just wants to be there for Hanna, buts she keeps shutting him out.  Are you hoping Hanna and Caleb work things out soon?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PLL 6x06 Sneak Peek: Spencer and Emily Argue About Lesli

Do you think Lesli Stone is really “A”?  Spencer and Emily argue about this new theory in this sneak peek of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”.

Spencer tries her best to convince Emily that Lesli Stone is “A”.  Mona’s always been shady about how she met Lesli.  Spencer now knows why.  They were sharing a straitjacket. 

Spencer thinks it all makes sense.  In the dollhouse, Mona got a gas mask and was passing out juice boxes while the rest of them were making sure they still had their kidneys.

Emily is impatient for Hanna to arrive.  Spencer says Hanna probably has to drag Mona there on a leash.

Emily still isn’t convinced that Lesli is “A”.  They saw “A” jump off a building.  And
“A” set up an underground bunker with more spy equipment than the CIA.  How could Lesli be capable of all that?

Spencer thinks people can surprise you.  Mona maintained a 4.0 GPA and perfect hair while she was tapping the Rosewood police.

Emily isn’t ready to accuse Lesli of being “A”.  They all jumped on the Andrew train too fast. 

Spencer thinks this is different.  Andrew didn’t have motive, but Lesli does. Lesli thinks that they killed Bethany Young.

Do you think Spencer is right about Lesli Stone being “A”?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lucy Hale Dating Anthony Kalabretta?

Lucy Hale went to Hawaii with a group of friends, including her BFF Annie Breiter and musician Anthony Kalabretta.

Lucy Hale's Boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Anthony Kalabretta is rumored to be Lucy Hale’s new boyfriend.  (Lucy and Anthony were seen engaging in some PDA on the beach in Maui).  Lucy Hale previously dated Adam Pitt from the British band Lawson.

Check out the video to see photos of Lucy getting cozy with Anthony Kalabretta in Hawaii.

Do you think Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta make a cute couple?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lucy Hale Vacations in Hawaii

Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) made good use of her time off from shooting Pretty Little Liars.  She went with a group of friends to Hawaii and snapped tons of vacation photos.

Lucy Hale in Maui, Hawaii
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

 Here's Lucy Hale with her BFF Annie Breiter.

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram
Lucy Hale and Annie Breiter in Maui, Hawaii Fourth of July
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale, Annie Breiter and Anthony Kalabretta in Maui, Hawaii
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram
Lucy Hale in Hawaii
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy Hale posted this photo with Anthony Kalabretta and wrote “This is before the 4 hour car ride that made us all nauseous but that being said, perfect day with perfect people.”

Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta in Maui, Hawaii
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram
Lucy on the beach in Maui.

Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta in Maui, Hawaii
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy reenacted a scene from Titanic.  She posted this photo and captioned it “Where's Celine when we need her”.

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Lucy captioned this photo “Hands down the best week of my life. Grateful for these people”.

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Looks like Lucy Hale had an awesome time vacationing in Hawaii with her friends!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

PLL 6x06 Sneak Peek: Charles DiLaurentis’s Birthday?

Alison’s dad gets an unpleasant surprise when he finds a birthday card on his car in this sneak peek of PLL 6x06 “No Stone Unturned”.

Alison’s dad is horrified to find a Happy Birthday card under his wiper.  He confronts Emily, who is biking by.  He asks if she saw who put the card there or if she saw anyone around his house. 

Emily, completely confused, tells him that she didn’t see anything.

Ashley Benson (Hanna) has given us the hint that “‘A’ comes home for his birthday.”

Do you think this card is for Charles DiLaurentis’s birthday? 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Maddie Ziegler’s PLL Dance Dream Sequence

Maddie Ziegler (Dance Moms) did an amazing job dancing on Pretty Little Liars in Spencer’s creepy nightmare in “She’s No Angel” 6x05.  (There are some cool behind-the-scenes photos of Maddie with the PLL cast).

In case you missed it, here is Maddie’s PLL dance dream sequence:

Having a creepy dance in a dream sequence was definitely something different for PLL.  PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick explained the decision behind that sequence to Entertainment Weekly.

Maddie Ziegler is a huge PLL fan.  Maddie and Oliver are represented by the same agency.  So the agency asked Oliver if he could put Maddie on the show. 

Oliver Goldstick had to wait for the right time to feature Maddie on PLL.  “After the dollhouse in the last finale I thought, okay, we’re already in a place where we don’t know who was in that bunker besides our girls, so the idea was we would find a way to create, at least if not a legitimate sequence, a fantasy sequence,” Oliver said.

The dream sequence was choreographed by Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance).  They only had six hours of rehearsal time to get the dance down.

What did you think of Maddie Ziegler’s guest appearance on PLL?