Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PLL 6x09 Sneak Peek: Toby Suspended from the Rosewood Police Department

Spencer freaks out when she hears Toby is suspended from the Rosewood police force in this sneak peek of PLL 6x09 “Last Dance”.

Spencer knows Toby’s suspension is her fault.  She was the one who asked Toby to go after Charles at the arcade.  And Lorenzo never would have gotten hurt if Toby hadn’t eaten her pot candies.  She should have told Toby how messed up she was after the dollhouse.

Surprisingly, Toby doesn’t seem that upset at her anymore.  Toby chose to go after Charles because he wanted to catch him.  Maybe what happened was for the best.  The police will catch Charles even if Toby isn’t on the force.

Lorenzo tells Toby that his suspension is for an indefinite amount of time.  There will be an investigation and a hearing.  Spencer wants to help Toby by speaking to the police, but Lorenzo harshly tells her that no one is interested in what she has to say.

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