Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Mona’s Mom in “Taking This One to the Grave” PLL Episode 5x12

The Liars may think Mona is the devil, but she has a family that we will finally get to meet.  Mona’s mom, Leona Vanderwaal, will be played by Sydney Penny.  You may recognize Sydney Penny from the soap operas “All My Children” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on PLL, seems happy with the casting choice.  She tweeted “Mona finally gets a mama.  The beautiful @sydney_penny”.

And the feeling goes both ways.  Sydney Penny tweeted “Lucky me!  Love my ‘daughter’!”

Janel isn’t the only PLL cast member psyched about the casting choice for Mona’s mom.  Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL) posted this picture of her with Sydney Penny and captioned it “Can’t believe we are working together @sydsshots been in the family for a longgg time”. 

What do Ashley Benson and Sydney Penny have in common?  They’ve both been on the soap “Days of Our Lives”.  Ashley Benson played Abigail Deveraux on “Days of Our Lives” from 2004-2007.  Sydney Penny has guest starred on “Days of Our Lives” as Dr. Norman.

We haven’t heard much about Mona’s family on Pretty Little Liars so far.  On “She’s Better Now” PLL episode 3x14, we learn that Mona’s parents didn’t want her to return to Rosewood High after her stint in Radley Sanitarium, but Mona begged them to let her come back.  However, we never got to actually see her parents. 

Sydney Penny will appear as Leona Vanderwaal on PLL in the summer finale “Taking This One to the Grave” episode 5x12.

Do you think Mona's mom will be exactly like Mona?  Can’t wait to see a little more about Mona’s home life.  And wouldn't it be awesome to see Hanna interact with Mona's mom, given Hanna and Mona's history?

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